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When it comes to setting up an ethernet network, getting the best network cables is a must. Searching for cat6 cable suppliers in Dubai isn’t as difficult as you would assume. The real question though is why cat6 cables are preferred by professionals and how is it better than its previous iterations such as cat5, copper or Cat 5e cables.

In this article, we share the core differences or rather benefits that you get, if you go for Cat6 cables instead of other types for an ethernet network at your office or at your home. Here are 4 significant differences that make it a better choice.

Cat6 Cable Suppliers in Dubai


When Building an ethernet connection or network for your business or any other place, having reliable speed is a must-have. Any loss in transmission or connection could mean significant losses to your business. Further, if you are in the field of dealing with people and offering services, an unreliable connection can damage relations with clients.

Compared to its predecessors, cat6 cables have the ability to offer speeds up to 10 Gigabits for an ethernet connection. Which is comparatively higher than the mere 100 Megabits to 1 Gigabit in Cat5 and Cat5e respectively. But that is not all, Cat6 cables also offer higher bandwidth, so you do not run into issues when handling heavy data.


Cat6 cables offer the highest lengths compared to the others without compromising the quality of connection. Length is crucial for large-sized organizations that need to set up the network in a large area. Cat6 cables can be found as long as 300+ meters in length, while still maintaining speed and reliability.


It would be wrong to say that there aren’t other types of ethernet cables that do not provide speeds at a much higher rate. But you cannot ignore the cost-effectiveness of these cables. Sure you are getting higher speeds, but you would be paying more as well.

Higher costs are never a good thing for businesses who are still growing. That is why cat6 is the best option, as it offers high speeds, reliability, high bandwidth, etc. while being cost-effective during the overall process. You can further reduce the overall cost of the setup if you use other tools that are most compatible with cat6 cables.

Better Applications

Compared to copper, cat5 and other ethernet cables, cat6 cables offer much more applications. This is only possible because cat6 offers lower instances of losing signals and offer better transmission, which in turn, offer better performance in a network. Better performance implies more usability which leads to better applications.

Cat6 Patch Panel


Further, it is also not an old technology, which ensures it wouldn’t become redundant in a few years, which is mostly the case when it comes to network components, as the field is on constant growth and we see new developments every day. 

Though wireless networks are slowly catching up such as 5G that offers speeds from 1-10 Gigabits of speed, they are still dependent on the network reception, which isn’t the case with wired networks. If your aim is to build a stress-free ethernet network for your business, it is crucial to consider all the pros and cons each cable type has to offer. 

It is also important to understand that the application and performance of cat6 cable can be further enhanced with the use of compatible tools. Combine these tools such as cat6 patch panel and keystone jack with a structured cabling system, you get the most control out of your ethernet network.


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