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It’s quite hard to understand why environmentalists keep on insisting why we should shift to better energy resources. After all, we humans haven’t experienced its worst effects yet. Though we haven’t seen the worst yet, it’s quite alarming that the worse is starting to happen.

Humans are one of the living things on Earth that are adaptable to change. We are so adaptable that sometimes, we fail to notice how much our environment has changed over the years. Only professionals are the ones noticing how alarming the changes that we’re experiencing are. 

One of the most efficient ways of clean energy consumption is through the use of solar panels. Currently, there are a lot of factors that are needed to consider before you can use one. Solar panel installation, roof size, budget, and inverters are just some of the critical factors that you must consider.

Though it is costly, it does contribute to a big improvement in the quality of life here on Earth. To understand better how beneficial clean energy is not only to the environment but also to us, humans, here are some of the reasons to get you started. 


1. Reduces air pollution

One of the problems that almost every developed country or city in the world has is air pollution. Using gas for vehicles is one of the top causes of air pollution. Gas is a type of fossil fuel. To produce gas, fossil fuels are burned. 

If you ask, ‘what exactly do fossil fuels do that causes air pollution?’ The answer is their components. Once you burn fossil fuels, they emit air pollutants such as sulfur oxide. This emission contributes to the formation of acid rain as well as harmful matters that are suspended in the air. 

These air pollutants are not only harmful to the environment but as well as to our health. Have you noticed how other countries are considering electric vehicles? Some electric vehicles that are used and introduced to some countries use solar panels. 

Public trains are one of the transportations that can use solar panels. In China, they have a bus terminal where their electric buses can recharge. Their buses use solar panels to operate. Also, their bus terminals are covered with photovoltaic cells (also known as solar panels) which makes their public transportation 100% clean and sustainable. 


2. Eliminates greenhouse gases that are trapped in the atmosphere

Fossil fuels don’t just cause air pollution. They also trigger greenhouse gases that are trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. By far, the most evident change that most of the world’s population experiences is an extreme change in the weather.

As we continue to burn and use fossil-fueled energy, the greenhouse gases that are trapped in the atmosphere increase. Greenhouse gases don’t just cause extreme weather. It is also one of the causes why the world’s supply of food production changes constantly. 

Heard about forest wildfires? Surprisingly, greenhouse gases contribute to the uncontrollable wildfires that kill hundreds of trees on the planet. If we are to start using solar panels for energy use, these unfortunate disasters will be lessened.


3. Help restore wildlife and arctic beings’ habitat and fight endangerment 

Concerning point number 2, greenhouse gases help keep the planet warm. However, since the number of gases trapped in the atmosphere keeps on increasing, it causes wildlife and arctic beings’ extinction. 

One of the animals that are being affected the most are arctic beings such as polar bears, foxes, penguins, and more. As the planet’s climate continues to be warm, low-temperature places on Earth are starting to get warmer as well. 

Icebergs are slowly melting and slowly taking away the home of arctic beings. Unfortunately, once these beings go extinct, it’s hard for them to reproduce. And once they’re gone, then they’re gone. They’ll just be a part of the world’s history and beings seen in pictures by future generations to come. 

If we consider using solar panels for energy use, just imagine how much life we can save. Also, the greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere will be lessened and surely, the Earth’s climate will be better. 


4. Promotes well-being for all living things

Have you ever tried hiking? If you have, did you notice how at first, when you’re at the starting point, it’s hard to climb up? But, as you are in the middle and reach a higher point, it gets easier. The secret to that is the quality of the air that you breathe.

The reason it’s hard at first is that the air that you breathe is the typical city air that you are used to. Air that is polluted. But, as you reach a higher point, you start to breathe in the fresh air. Isn’t it relaxing and comforting? 

Imagine, what if the quality of the air that we breathe daily was fresh? I can picture how human beings will be healthier. We surely wouldn’t sweat and mind going up a couple of stairs. We surely wouldn’t gasp for air as we tried to run hurriedly to the bus stop. 

Try to picture, how better could it have been if only public transportation in cities used clean energy? We surely wouldn’t have to wear masks and cover our faces when a vehicle’s smoke gets too much. How fun could it have been to just enjoy the sun and make use of its power sustainably?


5. Clean energy never runs out 

One of the strongest points of solar energy is that it will never run out. As long as our sun exists, we are free to maximise its energy. The only problem that we have is how to utilise it. One obvious and most common way is through the use of solar panels.

Solar panels are designed to last for a maximum of 30 years. Imagine, if the majority of the world uses solar panels for energy use, the quality of air that we can breathe will surely be fresh. Also, by then, the planet’s climate will be better than now. 

One downside to solar panel installation is that it has a lot of requirements. Important requirements that will ensure your panels will provide you with the right amount of energy you need. Unfortunately, our developed cities are not yet ideal for solar panel use.

If you’re eager to shift to clean energy, we can start with huge businesses. High-rise buildings can benefit from it the most as long as their property receives enough sunlight throughout the day. Then, the government can work on how to implement clean energy usage in transportation. If we successfully do these, there’s no doubt that after a decade, a lot of good changes will come through. 


These are just some of it; there are more benefits than we can imagine

Currently, clean energy options are slowly being integrated by some countries and businesses. Hopefully, when the time comes, that solar panels and other clean energy resources are more affordable and accessible to everyone, we all choose to do our part in building a sustainable planet.

Right now, it’s hard to be convinced how beneficial clean energy is. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait and experience the worst before we appreciate and choose better energy resources. Remember, we are in charge of the planet, and it’s on us to take care of it and make it a better place to live in.


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Penrith Solar Centre, an Australian solar company that advocates better energy resources to improve the quality of life on Earth. 


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