Custom Cereal Boxes
Custom Cereal Boxes

Have you thought about finding some secret ways to save cash on Custom Cereal Boxes packaging? In the past, it wasn’t an issue for cereal makers. Today companies are eager to reduce their packaging costs since transportation and warehousing costs continue to rise.
Despite the widespread acceptance of the concept that cereal companies struggle to determine ways to reduce the cost of Packaging by staying clear of the more significant issues that may arise later on. According to experts from The Legacy Printing, an ideal place to begin is by making minor adjustments that can lead to significant changes.
Here are some effective methods to cut costs on Custom Cereal Boxes.

Custom Cereal Boxes
Custom Cereal Boxes

Review Your Packaging Size

Consider making smaller what you are using for your Packaging. Sometimes, even a minor alteration to your Packaging leads to a substantial decrease in the overall cost.

For example, the cereal company decided to change its Packaging so that the length and height of the box were cut to 2/8th, 1/16th, or one-quarter of an inch. It’s a hardly noticeable modification; however, the tiny reduction in size allows the company to utilize pallets more effectively and pack a significant portion.

This will eventually lead to reduced transportation costs, which will lower prices on your customized cereal boxes each year.

Modify the size of secondary Packaging

The dimensions of your shipping container could also enable you to get huge savings. For instance, by altering the size of your secondary Packaging, a well-known retailer was able to put an additional layer of product Custom Cereal Boxes to the pallet.

The additional layer enabled them to send more products through a reduction in shipping.
The Product Count should be increased.

Yes, altering the size of your Packaging may make a difference for a cereal company. However, there are times when you don’t have to change the dimensions of your Packaging. All you have to do is modify the number of products to add more items.
A well-known beauty and health brand were able to save nearly one million dollars through the modification of the Packaging that enabled the company to pack more products and reduce the profile of the package. The new Packaging allows the brand to increase its product density by 50.

A higher density of products results in a ripple effect that increases efficiency in storage and transport.

Make smart changes

Sometimes, you don’t need to alter the Packaging dimensions for your cereal boxes. For example, an executive of a cereal company began to consider whether they could use fewer materials to create additional Packaging to go with cereal boxes.

At the time, the company was delivering its cereal boxes in fully-covered slotted containers constructed by gluing the flaps together. This created an open space between the two, allowing the company to transport playing card boxes bulk.

This one change only helped the company save approximately 20 percent on shipping case materials, which means that the firm has saved just a little more than 1 million dollars regarding material costs throughout a year.

They only moved the nozzles one millimeter on the case erector, and the company saved an enormous amount of money.


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