How Do You Choose Anti-Aging Night Cream That Meets Your Needs?

Facial Creams in Pakistan

The use of anti-aging night cream is one of the facial skin care methods that are popular with women today. There are many famous brands that have unique aging-aging products. Not only does it help lighten the skin, but also many other additional nutrients to maintain your beauty, youthfulness, neutralizing the formation of black spots.

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However, for amateur women/girls, it is difficult to choose the right product. Don’t worry, let’s find out how to choose the best night cream for the face with the following article!

How To Choose The Best Night Cream For The Face?

Choose A Night Cream For Skin Care By Age

Choosing the right age range is the deciding factor in deciding which skin care product is right for you. It is a judicious process of professional beauty care. Each age will have different care. Skin in your twenties is usually at puberty. This age is prone to acne, so you should choose products that are gentle, moderate and not causing pores.

With age, this skin will appear many problems such as skin aging, freckles, dark skin, lumpy, dry, itchy … So, in addition to bleaching, it is necessary to add ingredients to help the skin to heal. upper lesions. You can refer to the division below:

At the age of 18 to 20 years and over: you should favour the choice of natural night creams or with simple and benign chemical elements.

30 years old: You should choose a night face cream with additional ingredients that support antioxidants, retinol, vitamin C, amino acids, ceramides, glycerin, niacinamide, vitamin B1 derivatives….

At 40: The night cream for the face at this age should have more ingredients for nourishing and anti-aging. They will improve the whiteness of the skin. Limit dark spots but also help the skin to increase collagen, reduce wrinkles … Essential components such as Vitamin E, peptides, AHA, BHA, Hyaluronic acid, Idebenone, rosehip oil, curcuminoid, retinol, ceramides …

How To Choose Night Cream For The Type Of Skin?

If you have dry skin, choose a moisturizer for the face. Bright medium white skin, both moisturize the skin, remove wrinkles, maintain the skin balance. If your skin is oily, it is best to use products that are low in nutrition. Able to control oily skin secretion and does not cause pores. Using the wrong products can cause other problems.

Choose to Face Night Cream By Age

Dry skin: choose a very hydrated night face skin. Derived from butter or natural oils, such as almond oil, rosehip oil, lard butter, olive oil, etc.

Acne Oily Skin Care: Choose an oil-free and oil-free cream that does not cause pores, does not create an oily feeling when used and has the best oil controlling ability.

Sensitive Skin: Sensitive skin care requires a lighter formulated lotion and avoids the use of scented products. Certain natural ingredients may be the best option for you. However, you should always test the product before using it.

Currently, there are many cosmetic brands that are launching night creams for the skin of the face. However, be sure to cleanse your face well before applying the cream and stick with the cream you like, changing too much will prevent it from working as well as it should. Use for a long time to feel the change more pronounced. And in this post, we also suggest over 12 anti-aging night creams for you at’s explore why thousands of customers love to use them to maintain their beauty.

How To Choose The Shade Of The Foundation According To The Skin Tone?

The wrong shade of foundation causes a lot of problems, omg why am I glowing like a light bulb? Why is my face and neck color so different from each other? God doesn’t this makeup make me look dull and gray?

Here Is Our Guide On How To Choose A Perfect Foundation Shade For You Ladies!

Skin tones are divided into three main categories: light, medium, and deep. As Asians, we mainly have a medium complexion.

Medium skin tone can be subdivided into beige, tan, honey and more. Refer to the infographic below and find the skin tone closest to yours.

There are three types of skin tones: warm, neutral and cool. Here are the two ways to identify the undertones of your skin.

  1. The wrist test: check the color of your veins. If they’re purple or blue in color, you’re cool. If they’re green or olive in color, you’re hot. But if you are unable to determine the dominant color, you are neutral.
  2. The Sun Test: If your skin turns red when you are in the sun, you have a cool undertone. Conversely, if you can easily in the sun, you have a warm undertone.

Once you know the color and undertone of the skin, start by selecting three shades that seem to match well. Then dab part of each shade as short lines on your jawline (keep some space between each). Consider not only your face when making the final decision, but also your neck. The foundation you choose should blend in perfectly with your face and neck.

Of the three samples, delete the two that do not suit you. Now, spread the finished shade over your jawline and sweep a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover right in the middle. If you don’t notice any difference between your foundation and your bare skin, then this is the foundation for you. But, if you see a difference between the two, this shade is not for you. Repeat the cycle until you find the shade you are looking for.

In the list below, we’ve sorted out some of the best brands for your skin tone.

Natural shade

BIOCOSPK Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation: natural, soft beige, beige

Sand shadow

BIOCOSPK Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation: Nude, Vanilla

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