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The outbreak of the global pandemic has caused many deaths; the ones that got caught under the wrathful wings of covid-19 recovered but with traces of deterioration of health. People with chronic heart diseases suffered the most. In such cases, many ran to their healthcare providers with numerous complaints about their heart health. Doctors recommend an ECG test for diagnosing the functioning of the heart. This test helps doctors find out the heart’s pumping strength or if there are any blood clots in the chambers of your heart.

For people to find out their heart health is no more a concern. Star Home Care Diagnostic Center is all equipped to offer you ECG test at home services at a reasonable cost. Now, you can avail this test at the comfort of your home.

ECG test at home in Delhi will be a life saver for many, that cannot walk all the way to diagnostic centers and stand in long queues to get their test done and wait for their results.

Let us Know in Detail About This Test?

An echocardiogram test, abbreviated as an ECG test, uses high frequency sound waves or ultrasound to create images of your heart. This test can also be termed as diagnostic cardiac ultrasound or echocardiography.

Some quick facts for a clear view:

  1. An ECG test uses high frequency sound waves to create pictures of the chambers of your heart, valves, walls, and blood vessels, which include the aorta, veins, and arteries attached to your heart.
  2. A probe that is also called a transducer is passed over your chest area. This probe produces strong sound waves that bounce off your heart and “echo” back to the probe. These waves then are changed into clear images on a computer or video monitor for a physician to understand.
  3. An echo test does not cause any harm to you.

Star Home Care diagnostic centers help you conduct the ECG test seamlessly. Their ECG at home service is un-compared to many.

Why Do People Need an ECG Test?

Your doctor, who has recommended this test, wants to look at your heart’s structure and closely check how well your heart is functioning. The test helps your physician find out:

  1. The shape and size of your heart and the thickness, size, and movement of your heart’s walls.
  2. In which direction your heart is moving.
  3. The pumping strength of the heart.
  4. If the heart valves are working properly.
  5. If blood is seeping backward through your heart valves, also known as regurgitation.
  6. If the heart valves are too narrow in size, also called stenosis.
  7. If there is a tumor or any infectious growth around the valves of your heart.

The ECG service at home will also help you find out if there exists a problem with:

  1. The outer lining of your heart or the pericardium.
  2. Problems with large blood vessels that enter and leave the heart.
  3. Clots of blood in the chambers of your heart.
  4. Abnormal formation of holes between the chambers of the heart.

How Do You Know if Your Heart is OK?

To have a random check-up for your heart health is definitely no harm. You can always go up to your preferred healthcare provider, asking them to take a thorough study of your heart health. If they suggest you an ECG test, then look nowhere else and connect to Star Home Care Diagnostic Center for availing your ECG test at home service, and get your results within 48 hours from the completion of the test.

What are the Few Risks Attached to the ECG Test?

  1.     An echo test cannot cause any harm to you.
  2.     An ECG test doesn’t harm and has nil side effects.

How Do You Prepare for the ECHO Test?

You do not have to prepare anything, especially before the test. You can carry on with your regular diet.

What Happens During an ECG Test?

Echo tests are performed by specially trained lab technicians. You can have the test done in your doctor’s office, in the emergency room, in the operating room, in the hospital clinic, or in the hospital room. The test takes about an hour.

  • First, you are asked to lie down on the table, and the technician places small metal disks (electrodes) on your chest. The disks have attached wires hanging from an electrocardiograph. The electrocardiogram (ECG or ECG) monitors the rate of your during the test.
  • The room is kept dark, so your technician can clearly see the video monitor better.
  • Your technician will apply a non-invasive gel to your chest to help the sound pass through your skin.
  • Your technician may ask you to move or hold your breath for a while to get better images of your heart.
  • The probe (transducer) passes through your chest. The probe produces sound waves that bounce away from your heart and “echo” back into the probe.
  • The sound waves are converted to clear images and displayed on a video monitor. The images from the video monitor are then recorded so that the doctor can view them later and come up with further suggestions.

What Happens After the ECG Test?

  • Your assisting lab technician will ask to remove the gel from your chest.
  • The doctors, after seeing the images, will talk to you about your heart’s condition and discuss what the pictures display.
  • The doctors will let your know about any persisting abnormalities in your heart and what further test or medication you have to go for.

What Can an ECG Test Tell You?

An ECG test can help in detecting problems with your heart rate or heart rhythm. It can also help doctors tell if you can have a heart attack or if you’ve had a heart attack in the past. An Echocardiogram test is usually one of the first heart tests you will have to detect your heart health. It does have some limitations, so often, you will have one or more other tests too.

How Can You Learn More About an ECG Test at Home?

Have a conversation with your doctor, and ask him in-depth:

  1. What exactly is he looking for in your heart?
  2. Why have you ordered an ECG test instead of other tests?
  3. What measures do you need to follow before getting ready for this test?
  4. When will you get to know the results?
  5. Does he expect to undergo other tests?

These questions are simple in nature yet complicated to understand for a patient.

At Star Home Care Diagnostic center, you can have all your questions answered by expert lab technicians and can get all your doubts clear about the importance of an ECG test.


Your heart health is your responsibility; never ignore any tests related to the heart. If you feel anxious to come to a diagnostic center to take your tests, a diagnostic center can definitely come to you.

Yes, you read it right; Star Home Care Diagnostic Center has skilled technicians that can offer you an ECG test at home service at pocket-friendly rates.

ECG test at home in Delhi has now become the most preferred choice for the elderly generation who cannot always visit a diagnostic center. Star Home Care has got your back!


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