No matter what containers your candles packed in, whether they are candles tins, jars, or cups, they are all fragile. They need to be packed carefully. The last thing we want is that the customer does not receive damaged candles. What do you think are the chances that a customer will make his mind to order from you again? Although with the help of strong candle boxes, the shipping becomes cheap and convenient. Although, the brands pack candles like we give gifts to our loved ones. It is because they care about the expectations of their buyers. They want them to be loyal and make purchases again and again.

Importance of Paraffin candle wax

Most candles in the world made of paraffin because they smell wonderful and are easily accessible. It is a by-product of petroleum refining, which produces all kinds of waxes, including edible waxes, which apply to apples. However, this is part of an ongoing global reliance on fossil fuels, which causes climate change and is unsustainable. This scented candle packed in candle packaging. Which give them presentable look.

However, the biggest problem with paraffin wax is that it releases toxic chemicals into your home. Anything that burns, including a gas stove or wood stove, releases toxins. The key is to minimize them and always have a source of fresh air.

Importance of Paraffin soy wax

High quality organic coconut and soy wax candles are much better for the environment. These candles are also beneficial for our health. It burns cleaner and is a renewable resource. Although soy wax made from soybeans grown in the United States and supported by American farmers. It is biodegradable and non-toxic, made with ingredients of plant origin. And the soybeans burn at a lower temperature, which makes the candle cleaner and more durable.

Experts have worked hard to create the most durable and Eco-friendly candle wax that smells so good. The smell of soy is refreshing and calming. However, after many years, experts have created an all-natural blend of organic and odorless coconut and soy wax that makes the best candles. More expensive than regular soybeans, but has a pleasant aroma and burns clean with a lower carbon footprint. Our recipe is completely herbal, without colorants or enhancers. To pack them, experts recommend best candle boxes. So that they do not lose their originality.

Importance of Bee wax

Beeswax is amazing. Not only is it renewable, but the unbleached yellow type requires minimal processing and emits negative ions that bind to pollutants. In addition, effectively removing them from the air in your home. The crucial question is how the beeswax collected, whether it is sustainable in a way that protects the herd or not. We only use beeswax from well-managed sources. The slightly sweet aroma of yellow beeswax honey is perfect for a relaxing evening by candlelight.

Further, collection includes two beeswax candles: Riverstone tealights, Eco-friendly products made by Haitian artisans using Haitian beeswax, and o Pioneer Valley beeswax candles made from refugee women relocated from shelters in the United States. Candle packaging boxes make these candle presentable and the buyer can easily reachable.

Wicks and Fragrance increase candles sales

Whatever goes to make the candle comes out into your home.  That is why manufacturers handle all the ingredients with great care. For this reason, quality candles have no dyes or perfume enhancers. They are more preferable and environmentally friendly. Although, they have moderate scents which make the room nice and cozy.  All of these things are in the air you breathe. Scented candles looks more alluring when packed in candle boxes.

It is important to choose perfumes that do not contain harmful ingredients. There are many scented candles that contain phthalates, a wide class of chemicals, including BPA, the harmful material we do not want in water bottles and baby toys. While many companies swap one bad phthalate for another when people protest, we believe none of them should be a clue. All our fragrances are phthalate free and meet the strictest requirements for indoor air quality – California Proposition 65. These candle need to be packed in candle packaging boxes.

They also do not contain other things that you do not want and cannot pronounce (it is a long list and we do not use any). All fragrances are made with essential oils and non-toxic ingredients such as soaps and lotions. In addition, brands offer pure essential oil candles and scented candles (100% odorless), always optional with a prosperity candle, which we supply on request. Therefore, most of today’s candles made of pure cotton wicks or cotton woven from paper and presented in candle box packaging. But there are still some who have a metal core that keeps the wall stiff and burns hotter.


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