How Does Field Force Management Software Help Attendance Management
How Does Field Force Management Software Help Attendance Management

Managing a team of field executives is not an easy task without a field force management software system. After all, when all the employees are in different locations, how do you accurately know who is on the field and who isn’t? 

With advancing technology, the only logical thing to do is make use of technology to track your field team’s attendance. At the end of the day, you do not want to over or underpay anyone based on faulty manual attendance records, right? 

If you are wondering why field force attendance management is difficult to begin with, and how you can make it simpler, this is the right article for you! So, continue reading to find out! 


Challenges Faced in Field Force Attendance Management 

Much like anything on the field, the challenges you are likely to face on the field are multifold. Most of these challenges are a huge threat to productivity since they are extremely time-consuming. In this section, let us talk about some of them! 


  • In-Office Attendance Waste: For executives to go to the office to mark attendance is a huge waste of time. After all, why should they travel extra just to make sure that their presence is known in the company? 
  • Faulty Attendance Record: Be it mistakes or downright fraudulent activities, the possibility of having faulty attendance on the field can cost you too much. Executives can forget or jump the GPS system to play with the company’s attendance records. 
  • Fooling the GPS: Regardless of how advanced technology can be, fooling the GPS system is always possible. All executives have to do is download a VPN service and everything is a cakewalk since then for them. 
  • Forgetting to Mark Attendance: Yes, it is a genuine mistake that many executives tend to make. However, this is cause too much trouble both for the executives and the company. 


How Field Force Management Software Helps 

Now that you are aware of the problems on the field, let us look for ways to get rid of them. When using a field force management software, these are a couple of things that you can expect to improve: 

  • Remote Attendance: With the right field force management software, your executives will get to mark attendance remotely instead of visiting the office. 
  • Geofence-enabled Attendance: Through geofencing, you can check off attendance issues through geofence alerting. This means that only when executives are on the field will they be able to mark attendance. 
  • Attendance-Task Linking: With the help of strong employee management software, you can link attendance and task. Therefore, unless the employee is in one field, they cannot mark attendance, and unless they mark attendance, they cannot commence a task. 


TrackoBit Improves Field Operations 

Once you are able to manage attendance for your employees on the field, everything (except task management) becomes easier. Therefore, managing attendance on the field only with field force management software is important. 

Once attendance management is made simpler, all operations in the organization can become simpler. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best fleet management software system out there!


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