The news of late has been utterly devastating for most parts of the global economy. In fact, such has been the rapid pace of bad economic news, combined with reporting on Covid-19’s spread; there hasn’t much time to reflect on individual industries decimated by the impact of the virus.

You can get more information on all of that as it breaks on this site. However, we would like to take a moment to reflect on how some industries are adapting and working together to fight the impact of Covid-19. From beer companies making hand-sanitizer to corporations donating their supplies to the needy; this is just a small selection of the stories that speak to the can-do spirit we all need to see right now:

“Punk” Beer Company Produces Hand-Sanitiser

The Scottish brewing company, BrewDog, has got an almost cult-following for beer enthusiasts. The company never did things the conventional way, allowing enthusiasts to become stake-holders in the business, and it saw lots of success with its “Punk” brand over the last decade. Recently, BrewDog stepped in to help the UK with its shortage of hand-sanitiser. Best of all, BrewDog is giving it away for free to those who need it. French luxury brand, LVMH, is doing something similar.

Genealogy Giant Donates Tens of Thousands of Swabs to Israel

In order for genealogy companies to offer us DNA testing-based services like how to track your siblings, they’ll obviously hold a lot of the testing stock that governments need right now. For instance, MyHeritage recently donated 66,000 medical swabs to Israel to help with testing. Strangely, perhaps, is that medical television shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy and The Resident, are also donating medical supplies like masks and gowns to hospitals.

Universal Puts Movies Straight to On-Demand Television

The proximity of seating in cinemas meant that they were one of the first to experience a shutdown. Universal was the first to make a move, putting a handful of its current popular movies on to on-demand platforms. Importantly, however, Universal kept the price as affordable as a standard movie purchase. We’d expect other movie studios to follow suit.

Delta Ceo Nick Bilton Donates Salary to Stop Lay-Offs

Airlines have got a lot of criticism recently, especially due to stock buy-backs after the last bailout. It looks like another bailout will come, and many critics are left wondering if the money will go to workers or executives. Nick Bilton, Delta’s chief, has opted to forgo any salary for the next six months in an effort to stop lay-offs. Yes, it’s only a symbolic gesture when you consider the many jobs that will be lost, but a welcome gesture nonetheless.

U-Haul Offers Free Storage to College Students

Coronavirus has disrupted so many people in a myriad of different ways that it is almost impossible to keep track. College students, many of whom have been forced to move out of campus dorms, have switched to remote learning. But there is a logistical problem: What to do with all their stuff that they may have hauled across the country in September? U-Haul is giving students 30 days of free storage for their belongings – a nice gesture.

Uber Eats Delivers 1000s of Meals to Frontline Staff

If we can take one positive from the coronavirus outbreak, then it’s the show of appreciation that individuals and corporations have shown for emergency staff and health workers. Uber Eats has pledged to donate 300,000 meals to first responders and those working in the healthcare industry. Many fast-food chains and coffee stores are making similar gestures.


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