If you have severe knee pain due to walking, standing properly, standing for a long time, bending your legs, or arthritis and have to face difficulties in performing the tasks of daily living, then now you need to panic. Not there. Because better treatment is possible with knee operation ie knee replacement surgery.

Knee arthroplasty, sometimes known as total knee replacement surgery, involves replacing specific knee joint components with artificial ones. Make an appointment right away! Visit official website = knee replacement surgeons

How is Knee Operation or Knee Replacement Surgery done?


Knee replacement surgery is a procedure during which the damaged part of the knee is repaired or taken out and replaced with a prosthetic part. Knee replacement surgery is performed by an experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon i.e. Orthopedic. This surgery is a boon for those people who are not affected by any other method of treatment.

With the help of this surgery, the pain in the knee can be removed forever. Knee surgery can be done in full or in part and it completely depends on the damage done to the knee. Before performing a knee operation, doctors recommend some tests to find out whether the patient is fit for surgery or not.

How is knee Surgery Done?

During knee replacement surgery, the damaged part of the knee is replaced with a prosthetic. The prosthetic portion is prepared by measuring the damaged portion of the patient’s knee. The knee surgery procedure can be divided into three parts.

Give Anesthesia

Before starting the knee operation, surgeons give general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia to the patient. General anesthesia causes patients to fall unconscious, while epidural anesthesia keeps patients awake, but their lower back is completely numb. The patient does not feel anything during this surgery.

Replacement of The Damaged Part with a Prosthetic

After giving anesthesia, the surgeon makes a cut in the patient’s knee to open it. With its help, he is able to see the knee joint well. Then the surgeon takes out the damaged part of the knee and measures it so that a prosthetic of the same size can be prepared. Surgeons also check whether the knee joint is working properly by first placing a clonal joint. Then after that, the final prosthetic part is fitted.

During this surgery, surgeons replace the end of the thigh bone with a curved metal prosthetic. Also, a thin metal plate is applied to the end of the shin bone. In addition to all this, surgeons may use a special bone (cement) to fix the knee so that the bone fits snugly with the replaced parts.

If needed, the surgeon may also place a plastic spacer between the piece of metal to reduce friction. Here the plastic spacer acts like cartilage. Not only this, but according to the need, surgeons can also replace the back of the knee cap.

After the operation is complete, the surgeon closes the cut with staples and stitches and puts on a dressing. But in severe cases, a plaster can also be applied to the knee after staples or stitches. Knee replacement surgery takes around 1-3 hours to complete. The patient’s recovery after surgery is very fast.

Discharge Process

Immediately after the Divino Plastic Surgery death is over, the patient is taken to the recovery room. There their blood pressure, heartbeat, pulse, etc. are checked. In some cases, the patient may also need a blood transfusion and oxygen delivery after surgery. After surgery, depending on the condition of the patient, surgeons suggest a few days to stay in the hospital.

After the patient makes a mild recovery, surgeons discharge them from the hospital after prescribing medicines and providing post-operative care tips.

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