How Is The Life Of Medical Students In Russia?

MBBS in Russia
MBBS in Russia

Life of Medical Students in Russia

According to the statistics of foreign students in Russia every year, more than 3,000+ international students from more than 160 countries come to study in around 800 Russian universities. Let’s check how is the life of medical students in Russia?

By 2018, it is estimated that the number of international students in Russia will increase by 12%. There is a craze for studying in Russia for Indian students due to the availability of high-quality education and the best MCI approved medical universities with the opportunity to study and work in Russia.

In this article, we are going to discuss the cost of living in Russia for Indian students, the cost of living in Russia for international students, how much a student can earn in Russia after completing their internship, and living conditions in Russia. Russia.

Why should you study MBBS in Russia?

Geography and cultural diversity

Russia is the largest country in the world. The geography of Russia is only twice that of the United States of America. As it is the largest country in the world, it brings cultural diversity to student life in Russia. Since there are more than 160 ethnic groups to live with.

Attractive and beautiful cities of Russia

The cities of Russia are very gorgeous and attractive. In Russia, there are endless options for recreation, including parks, sports complexes, museums, games, and much more to enjoy anytime and at any cost. Ob River is the seventh longest river and is a tourist destination in Russia along with Russia’s zoos.

Orientation by University

When students from all over the world come to the University, there is an orientation day run by the University where students and senior faculties give a little overview about Russian University, Russian Culture, city, Russian Culture, the rules and regulations of the University, Hours and other basic information of the University. The Pledge Ceremony and the participation of the students and after the competition the students receive the awards as best students.

About college classes

All classes are conducted in the English language except the Russian language class for Indian students and other international students because it is mandatory for students to understand the Russian language so that they can easily interact with the local Russian community. Almost 65-70% class attendance is mandatory for students to be eligible to sit for exams taken at the University.

Availability of mentors at the university

After the orientation program, different groups are made in which a male / female mentor is assigned for each group according to the density of the group that helps the students of the group in the studies, the study schedule, the purchases in Russia, and the guide to follow the university. Rules and regulations, mentors also assist students in shopping and other activities.

Theoretical and practical knowledge

The University of Russia focuses on imparting theoretical and practical knowledge to students. After gaining full knowledge in the classrooms, students participate in internships from the 2nd year and then begin to monitor patients from the 3rd year onwards. In the fourth year, they focus on the practical; The classes of doubts for practices are also taught at the University. The university provides the placement opportunity, which is a golden opportunity for students who are dedicated to their MBBS / medical field. Students can also do their postgraduate courses together with their internships. International students in Russia take separate special classes from the first to the third year and then change the common building of the University.

Hostel- Facilities

Hostels in Russia are neat, clean, and beautiful. Two students can share a room, 3 students can also share a room and 4 can also share a room, which depends on the students and the harmony between them. Hostels are equipped with full security, CCTV camera area, washing machine facilities are also available there, and students can also prepare their food in their own kitchen if they want to cook on their own. Hostels in Russia are safe and located in close proximity to University facilities, making it easy for students to arrive at the university on time.

Sports and extracurricular activities at the University

Apart from studies, there are many activities for University students. If a student shows interest in sports and other extracurricular activities, then there is an additional platform for students to work on, for example, a student can also participate in the Olympics through such a platform, they can play national and internal matches according to your ability sets. There are sports clubs, swimming clubs, boxing clubs, and other different clubs for students so that they can also participate in these types of activities in addition to studies. In order to refresh the minds of the students, there is the installation of Indoor Games and other activities.

The friendly community in Russia

The local people residing in Russia are very friendly towards Indian students. They communicate in Russian and treat Indians like good people in the world. They are very kind and generous by nature which is very useful for students who are afraid to visit a new country. Apart from this, many Indian communities also hold exhibitions for Indian visitors. They also play an important role in entertaining Indian visitors.


Do you still desire to study MBBS from other countries?

We have seen that studying MBBS from MCI and WHO-approved Russian University is a dream of every student who wants to becomes a doctor. As Russia is among the most beautiful countries in the world, it gives you an idea of its universities that are also beautiful. Transportation is very cheap in Russia; the equivalent of 1 Russian ruble is 1.07 Indian rupees. You can visit the whole city with only 30 rubles. The world-class infrastructure of the University makes it different from other universities. The faculties of the University of Russia have a lot of experience, skills and are very cooperative with the students. There is n number of reasons for you to study medicine in Russia. The decision is all yours.

Why Is It Ideal To Pursue MBBS In Russia?

Part of the MBBS offers in Medical University, the cost of living the next big concern for both parents and students. The cost of living is not much broader either. Here are some reasons why is it ideal to pursue MBBS in Russia?

Fее Structure of MBBS in Russia and Cost of living

The student would cost approximately between 80 and 120 dollars per month, which is roughly equivalent (7K-10K Indiаn Rupes). This will generally be adequate for students to pay for food and expenses. As long as studying MBBS in Russia costs you relatively low cost and affordable cost of living, it naturally becomes the first and most popular choice for aspiring MBBS in part of the world. The fee is really affordable for medical students in Russia.

No Donation Nееdеd Аt Аll

Although Russian medical universities are world-renowned for their quality education, you don’t have to make a good donation to make it to the top list for the first universal missions. The chandelier only has to pay annual fees, hostile changes, and any other miscellaneous charges, if any. Wе аs а credible consultants for MBBS in Russiа for Indiаn studеnts аdvisеd if аn аgеnt аsks for donаtion аny for gеtting аdmission in Russiа should bеttеr аwаy stаy such silly-mаkеrs bеcаusеаdmission in Russiаn mеdicаl collеgеs аnd univеrsitiеs is аccеptеd solеly in mеrit without donation аny. No donation is needed at all for medical students in Russia.

The government subsidy for educational facilities

Since medical universities in Russia are government universities, the cost of doing MBBS in Russia does not really cost you what it should be. The government provides an education grant that helps both students and universities produce the opportunity to take medical courses at an affordable cost. This is one of the main reasons why medical expenses, living costs at the host university, etc., are more important compared to other foreign universities in the US, Europe everywhere.

MBBS in Russia Eligibility

  • There is no entrance exam for pursuing MBBS in Russia.
  • Admission to MBBS in Russia does not require a donation.
  • Admission to simple European living standards.
  • Russian medical universities have gained international recognition.
  • Subsidized and low-cost courses available.
  • In all the universities there is an Indian canteen.
  • To practice in India, you must have an excellent MCI test result.
  • For Indian students, a visa is guaranteed 100 % of the time.

MBBS in Russia

Russia has always been a popular choice for international students seeking to study medicine in a foreign country. Russia ranks 30th in the top 100 medical universities, according to the World Health Organization’s Directory of World Medical Schools. MBBS in Russia is gaining popularity among Indian students because it offers high-quality education at a reasonable cost. So, before enrolling in a Russian university or college, you should be aware of the climate, culture, food, currency, transportation, geography, and many other factors.

The classes of doubts for practices are also taught at the University. The university provides the placement opportunity, which is a golden opportunity for students who are dedicated to their MBBS / medical field. Students can also do their postgraduate courses together with their internships. International students in Russia take separate special classes from the first to the third year and then change the common building of the University. Far eastern federal university (Dal’nevostochnyy Federal’nyy Universitet) is one of the top MBBS universities. There are many reasons to study at this Russian university.

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