Property Value

The value of the property is directly proportional to the location of the property. Here we shall explain how location impacts the worth of a property.

Table of contents

  1. How does location affect property value?
  2. How to find a property for sale near you?
  3. How much does location Add to house value?
  4. What factors influence property value?
  5. Why is location so important in real estate?
  6. What brings down property value?
  7. How is property value determined?

How Does Location Affect Property Value?

Properties are bought to make an asset so that they may be used for various purposes in the future. It follows a common notion that invests today and earns tomorrow. A piece of land has much more important than anything else in today’s scenario. The reason behind this is, it can be used for residential, commercial, and rental purposes according to its location and worth. 

The experts stress that the location is the central point to determine the worth of the property in the future. Having said that, the property located in some rural areas has a different impact, whereas a property located in an urban area has a different impact in terms of its value. So, whenever you look for properties for sale, you need to be well aware of the location and site.

How to Find a Property for Sale Near You?

Conventional and online are the two widely recognized methods for searching for a property near you. Both types have different pros and cons due to some reasons. The traditional or conventional way is a somehow old method to find properties for sale. According to this method, you need to visit a real estate agent or developer physically to discuss your demands. 

The real estate agent shows you different listings and you have to choose one according to your budget. Using this method, the agent helps you to visit the property you are intended to buy before you make the deal. By visiting the property, you can clear your mind and ask questions about the facilities and documents of the property. 

On the other hand, many real estate developers have launched websites to facilitate the users. Users can visit many sites available on the internet and can get the maximum listings. In this way, you can choose the desired property very easily.

How Much Does Location Add to House Value?

As mentioned above, the location is the force that can pull or push the property’s worth. Market analysts observe that a property located near a famous highway, Bazar, tower, or market, increased its value so quickly against the one which was located in some unknown places. 

This sounds so obvious that sane people always look for a property which is located in some developed area. Relocation is based on finding better opportunities. So, why would a person shift somewhere with a lower standard of rads, streets, shopping malls, grocery, and education? 

Hence, the value of the property not doubt revolves around the place where it is located.

  What Factors Influence Property Value?

Various important factors influence the property value, for example;

  • Location of the property
  • Security situation
  • Climate 
  • Neighbourhood 
  • Availability of basic needs
  • Quality of education
  • Distance from the highway
  • Locality roads and streets
  • Structure of the area
  • Parking and the landscape
  • Access to the grocery stores and shopping mall

These are some of the factors which add to the value of the property.

Why Is Location So Important in Real Estate?

The location of the house is important due to manifolds reasons. To sum up, in brief, the value of the property is directly proportional to the location of that property. An area with less room expansion tends to remain high in price value as capered to a place with more room. 

The famous logic of demand and supply applies here that the thing with more demand and fewer availability costs higher than the thing available in bulk. Therefore, we see that with the rise in urbanization, the places in cities are getting costly as compared to villages.

What Brings Down Property Value? 

Several key factors bring down the property value. Some of them listed below;

  • Disputed property in the neighbourhood
  • Foreclosure
  • Poor location
  • Size and shape of the property
  • The poor security situation and increased crime rate in the area
  • Economy and per capita income in a country
  • Condition of the property, i.e., damages and leakages
  • Congested rooms, damaged floor, and ceiling
  • Quarrelsome neighbourhood
  • Low storage space and unavailability of a garage.


Whenever a person looks for a property, he looks for this important checklist before he concludes. You can also browse on YouTube for further guidelines. You can find various real estate agents there. Never forget to sort out with YouTube filters. Always browse most popular videos and have a lot of viewers. There is a lot of scammers online. So beware!

How Is Property Value Determined? 

Local assessors and real estate agents determine the value of the property according to the supply and demand method. Ans area where demand is higher, the prices likely to be increased. On the other hand, a place where no one is interested to buy a property will be lower in value. 

So, to conclude in a nutshell, we say that where multiple key factors determine the value of the property, the location is at the top of the list. A better location provides better revenue generation. On the other hand, poor location will degrade the value over the period.


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