We are constantly hearing and sharing necessary and unnecessary news regarding the Covid 19. This exposure is tackling our minds and making us more stressed.

The whole situation of the pandemic is affecting our brains in negative ways. We are captured in our own house restricted to go out and maintain our daily schedules.

In this very stressful situation, where we are forced to stay home, there are some habits that we should adopt. The habits that can help us relive the stress and uphold an optimistic attitude towards our lives.

The morning medication is something that can give you positive vibes to start your day. And the requirement of it increased due to the traumatic pandemic situation.

There are too many ways meditation can relax our brains.

Meditation helps to boost the immune system

At this time of pandemic having the perfect immune system is as necessary as any other thing. The constant state can trigger negatively towards your immune system and make you sick. The immunity may be harmful due to constant stress and cause body inflammation. But meditation and other mind-body activities like yoga, tai chi, etc. can reduce the chances of the influence of the virus.

Scented candles reduce the anxiety

The study has found out that 60 minutes of meditation sessions can reduce anxiety. Taking care of the house and kids, work and other stuff with the additional stress of pandemic in mind can definitely cause anxiety. You can use scented candles and lit them up when meditating. There are many scented candles you can find at Catch that are being used to reduce the anxiety level. Lavender, Clary Sage Cinnamon, Orange and Lemon are some of them. These candles have the power to lower anxiety and help the brain to be relaxed. The best thing is that you can get them at low prices by using Catch coupon code.

Your mood will be improved

Not being able to go out and spending all day at home can be a certain mood deceiver for many of us especially the outgoing and extroverts. Spending one hour of soulful meditation can literally cause the mood to be flourished. Several studies show that mediation can help to relieve stress and boost several hormones that are related to mood.

Keep your mind more organized

Your mind can become a mess within seconds on normal days so the chances are double in the current situation of pandemics. There is no doubt that you have so much in your brain and it becomes very hard to you to organize the plan of the day. So before doing anything make a plan and even before planning keep calm and take breaths, this mini-meditation session can help you to relive the pre-planning stress and your brain can be more organized.

Help you to fight insomnia

If you are going through rough days the most common problem is insomnia. The lack of sleep can lead to tiredness all along the day. This can make you lazy and our daily tasks have to wait longer. Simple morning meditation and before-bed meditation routine can help you to solve this problem of yours.


So going through this can be hard for you but some minutes of mediation can help you relieve the stress and coping the situation. Meditation can’t only help you mentally but it also has a physical effect on you. Some minutes for yourself can give you a better kick to start the day.


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