Every year, a large number of high school students submit their applications for the CBSE board exams as a way of solidifying their chances at university admission and future career choices. Students under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum can take these board exams at grade 10 and grade 12. The board exams test the knowledge of all the students under this curriculum.  The students need to show their ability to apply the concepts that they learn in school. The students who excel in these exams increase their chances of securing university scholarships by a large margin. Therefore, you need to put in the effort as a way of adequately preparing your child for these crucial exams.

How to prepare your child

  1. Regular revision

When you enrol your child in a CBSE school in Pune, you need to encourage them to keep revising what they learn in class every day. The exams are vast and do not focus on one area of the subject. Therefore, knowledge in all the topics is fundamental. You can come up with an at-home schedule, which will set aside time for revision. It is easy to forget about a topic once the teacher proceeds to the next chapter, but when you are regularly reviewing your work, you absorb information on all the subjects.

  1. Hire a tutor

Every student has a unique learning method; some absorb information when they study on their own, and others require guidance to absorb the information. Both learning methods are effective as long as the student is consistent. However, if your child has a hard time concentrating when they study on their own, you can hire a tutor for them. A tutor has training and knowledge on each of the topics and can simplify the information for your child. In most cases, they are older and have already gone through the board exam process themselves. They can train your child on how to handle the questions and the dos and don’ts.

  1. Nutrition and sleep

Preparing for an exam is not just about focusing on the books; your child’s diet and sleep patterns can affect his/her performance. When preparing for the board exams, most students eat poorly and sleep late so that they can have more time to go through their work. You need to ensure your child gets adequate sleep and maintains a healthy diet so that they can stay healthy and alert. When the student is well-rested and healthy, it is easier for them to concentrate and absorb information.

  1. Encouragement

CBSE board exams can determine the trajectory of your child’s future. This fact puts a lot of pressure on the parent and the student. However, it is beneficial for you to be a source of comfort and encouragement for your child. Let them know that you are proud of them no matter what the outcome may be. When a student does not feel pressured, they are bound to excel.

If your child scores highly in the CBSE exams, they will gain access to reputable universities in India and around the world. They can pursue the undergraduate programs of their choice and amass several scholarships. The teaching staff at GIIS Pune provides extensive tutoring programs to prepare the students for these exams.


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