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Every child is an individual with their own set of skills and abilities. It’s no surprise that each child learns at their own rate. Some people pick things up quickly, while others have a harder time learning. However, we at Brain International Best School in Vikaspuri, one of India’s top ten institutions, think that your child’s learning issues should not be viewed as a major disadvantage. Every child can excel in all aspects of learning with a little help and encouragement. Let’s have a look at some basic do’s and don’ts for dealing with your child’s learning issues in this article.

Determine your child’s learning speed.

Every child has a unique learning style. However, a few children fall below the average and are diagnosed with learning disabilities. These children learn at a slower pace and have a hard time remembering what they have learnt. Because of their short attention spans, these children are unable to connect one idea to the next, and as a result, they frequently remain underachievers. However, we believe that every child may learn quickly if they taught according to their aptitudes and abilities at BIS, one of the leading schools in Delhi. As a result, it’s critical to assess your child’s abilities and provide appropriate support so that they don’t fall farther behind.

Make advantage of the appropriate methods.

It’s critical to recognize that there are alternate learning approaches strategies, and resources that can assist students with learning disabilities attain their full academic potential. However, parents must keep in mind that their impact is quite important. You must learn what works for your child and put it into practice as best you can. Your youngster will undoubtedly overcome the obstacles with hard work, positivity, and a play-based learning style.

Use the praise and reward system.

Even if your child is having some learning issues, make sure you discover and appreciate his or her skills to keep him or her engaged. If youngsters encouraged, it will go a long way toward assisting them in overcoming their learning issues. As a result, praise your child’s efforts rather than the end result. Applaud your youngster for all of his or her achievements, no matter how minor. Also, reward them for achieving difficult goals.

Break Down Your Objectives

Break down a difficult objective in your child’s learning into smaller activities if you’re working toward it. Allow the youngster to see his or her own growth and praise the child for each activity done. So that your child does not feel overburdened, sandwich easier assignments between harder jobs. Instead of forcing him to concentrate at a high level, take breaks and enable the youngster to rest and refocus so that he may better deal with his learning issues.

Refrain from comparing yourself to others.

Never make the mistake of comparing your child’s talents to those of other youngsters as this will only breed resentment and tension lowering his or her self-esteem. As a result, even if your child has learning issues compare his or her accomplishments to his or her own growth rather than those of his or her peers.

We think that being a slow learner or behind in academics has nothing to do with how intelligent a child is at Brain International School one of the best convent schools in Gurgaon. As a result, it’s critical to set age-appropriate and realistic expectations for children. Rather than being concerned about the learning challenges, parents should recognize that each child learns differently, and that struggle implies that the child stands out and learns in a unique way. And we at BIS want to reassure you that what counts most is how consistent and gradual their progress is.

We at have always believed in each child’s individuality as well as their inherent insight and imagination. Our goal is to help our young buds grow into their full potential. This is why at BIS we have incorporated a variety of learning methodologies into our pedagogy in order to promote holistic development in our students and assist them in overcoming all of their learning challenges.


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