How Smoke Eaters are Essential for Living.

smoke eaters

Inhaling smoke eaters of any type damage the respiratory malaises and cause long-term health problems, ranging from lung, cancer, and heart disease. cigarette smoke eater is, as the name indicates, eat smokes, well not literally but the toxic fumes of tobacco smoke and other air pollutant that roam in the place are filtered and eliminated by them. This helps the people living in the place to get rid of unnecessary toxic fume, thus helping them to breathe better.

What is A Smoke Eater?

A smoke eater is an appliance designed to eliminate smoke from the air by drawing in and capturing cigarette smoke eater particles and fumes before re-circulating the filtered air back into the room. They work far better as compared to regular air purifiers. Just be sure to get one or several that have a large enough capacity for your space.

Why You Should Have a Smoke Eater?

Installing a smoke eater is an excellent option for helping to eliminate smoke. This option can work to help get rid of cigar smoke in the surroundings with more occasional smoking, along with other allergens, odors, and harmful chemicals.

Even if you don’t smoke, passive smoke can still expose you to toxic fumes. Over time, it can also cause damage to furniture and other material goods. Luckily, there are ways to help alleviate the dangers of smoke to protect yourself and your indoor environment.

Air Cleaning Technologies:

Smoke eaters use different technologies of purifying the air, and some units use compound methods. Units with media filters use a filtering process to capture particles, the other side is for the electronic smoke eaters, which helps you benefit more efficiently.

Media Type Smoke Eater:

Media type smoke eaters are an air cleansing system that draws harmful particles and smoke through a carbon, HEPA, or other filtering material before discharging fresh, odorless, clean, air. It uses a fan or blower mechanism and disposable filters in order to achieve a high level of air purification, making commercial and home media type smoke eaters relatively low maintenance.


A media smoke eater will be able to remove about 95% of smoke on each pass through the filter. The major feature of media smoke eaters is they have disposable filters that need regular replacement, rather than filters you can wash and reuse, but it is very easy to change the filters.

How did They work?

Carbon and HEPA air filtration systems work together to remove indoor pollutants and odor from cigarette smoking areas, cigar bars, welding facilities, cannabis and marijuana shops, bingo halls, and homes.

Home/commercial HEPA and carbon filter air purifiers are low maintenance and available in a variety of cabinet sizes and styles to meet your specific clean air requirements.

Electronic Smoke Eaters:

Electronic air purifiers are wonderful for removing smoke from your kitchen, cigarette areas, welding shops, cigar bars, marijuana facilities, smoking rooms, and more. Electronic smoke eaters remove small air pollutant particles including pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, fumes, and very fine dust excellently.

How do they work?

Dangerous particles are drawn into the electronic smoke eater and given an electronic charge. Then these pollutants pass through electrically charged metal plates called collection cells. These collection cells capture the charged particles and pass the pollutant-free air through a carbon filter to eliminate odors. As a result, fresh and clean air circulated throughout the room.


Activities such as smoking, welding, sweeping, and cleaning produce airborne particles. Particles can also enter your indoor environment from the outside. Instead of filters, electric smoke eaters have electronic cells. These cells have needed regular cleaning but do not need to be replaced like a media type filter needs. This electronic type of smoke eater generally operates silently as compared to media types.

Installing the Right Smoke Eater:

Cleaning your house from the unwanted particulates helps you breathe more smoothly, eradicating the suffocation right away. The asthmatics and allergic people take harm to health when they are exposed to such toxic fume from tobacco or any other source.

In order to settle on the best grade smoke eater for your home, the desired airflow and room size are two important features you should consider—as for the purpose, our experts have researched out the universally suitable models of cigarette smoke eater to certain aesthetic

cigarillo eaters;

Top 8 Smoke Eater for Home—Buying Guide

Now, as for the concerned features, you should consider these;

Air Flow:

The airflow of the smoke eaters is categorized with CFM “cubic feet per minute”—the pace at which air flows into or out of said space. Smoke eaters come with a variety of CFM


Ranging from 175 CFM to 2,100 CFM.

The amount of smoke fumes roaming in the place requires relevant sized airflow of the smoke eater, as for instance, if the extent is larger then go for the one with larger airflow capacity and vice versa.

Room Size:

You can figure out the square footage of your space, by multiplying the length and width of your area. Different models of smoke eaters are available for different room sizes;

Ranging from about 250 sq. ft. up to 2,000 Sq. ft.

Some spaces may need multiple cigarette smoke eater to efficiently and properly remove smoke from the polluted indoor air. If you don’t estimate your unit carefully, you run the risk of compromising your indoor air quality.


Smoke invasion to anyone’s lungs causes disruption to the health, the most prevalent damages are lung cancer, pneumonia, suffocation, and other breathing disorders, thus, for the elimination of these risks from the lives, the smoke eaters bump in for help.

As the name induces the fact that they eat smoke, well exactly they do, in literal—the device filters the air by ventilating it thru the filter set—whilst the capacity, airflow, technology, size, and the installation convenience are the main things one need to consider before getting their hand to any of the best smoke eaters.

The relevancy of airflow and size of the room is likewise important to notice, as the capacity of the smoke eater proportional to them has a tendency over the working efficiency.

Breathing in smoke eaters of any kind harm the respiratory discomforts and cause long-haul medical issues, going from lung, malignancy, and coronary illness. tobacco smoke eater is, as the name demonstrates, eat smokes, well not in a real sense but rather the poisonous vapor of tobacco smoke and another air toxin that meander in the spot are sifted and killed by them. These aids individuals living in the spot to dispose of pointless harmful smoke, hence assisting them with breathing better.

Introducing a smoke eater is a magnificent alternative for assisting with disposing of smoke. This alternative can attempt to help dispose of stogie smoke in the environmental factors with more periodic smoking, alongside different allergens, smells, and destructive synthetic compounds.

Regardless of whether you don’t smoke, detached smoke can in any case open you to poisonous exhaust. Over the long haul, it can likewise make harm furniture and other material merchandise. Fortunately, there are approaches to help ease the perils of smoke to ensure yourself and your indoor climate.

Smoke eaters utilize various advances of cleansing the air, and a few units utilize compound techniques. Units with media channels utilize a separating cycle to catch particles, the opposite side is for the electronic smoke eaters, which assists you with profiting all the more proficiently.

Media type smoke eaters are an air purging framework that draws unsafe particles and smoke through a carbon, HEPA, or other sifting material prior to releasing new, scentless, clean, air. It utilizes a fan or blower instrument and expendable channels to accomplish an undeniable degree of air filtration, making business and home media type smoke eaters generally low upkeep.

Productivity A media smoke eater will actually want to eliminate about 95% of smoke on each pass through the channel. The significant component of media smoke eaters is they have dispensable channels that need an ordinary substitution, as opposed to channels you can wash and reuse, yet it is exceptionally simple to change the channels.

Smoking has innumerable results, going from the effect on your wellbeing or the soundness of everyone around you to the expense of each pack and surprisingly the harm it can never really home. It takes my breath away that smoking is still so far-reaching. While the ubiquity is on the decay, it is as yet assessed that 35% of men and 22% of ladies actually smoke around the world.

Some alarming smoking realities:

Tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 synthetic compounds including in excess of 40 malignancy-causing specialists and 200 known toxic substances.

Nicotine is viewed as practically identical to champion as far as enslavement.

The nicotine in a consuming cigarette is delivered in a gas structure that is effectively assimilated through the lungs and into the circulation system. Nicotine adjusts the science in the cerebrum promptly after inward breath, which creates a transitory euphoric uproar. Nicotine is like another road medicates in that over the long run, it takes increasingly more to feel the impression of elation.

The carbon monoxide found in cigarettes disables the capacity of platelets to convey oxygen all through the body – including fundamental organs like the cerebrum and heart.

Smokers are in a steady condition of oxygen hardship in light of the great measures of carbon monoxide in their blood (4 to multiple times more than nonsmokers).

The normal cigarette has in excess of multiple times the focus that is viewed as protected in modern plants, where carbon monoxide harming is a steady peril.


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