How to Bring Lifestyle Changes to Prevent UTI

how to bring lifestyle changes to prevent uti

Most infections include the lower urinary tract – bladder and urethra. Most UTIs are ascending bacterial infections that colonize the vaginal wall and eventually the urethra. From the urethra, bacteria can travel upward and infect the bladder (lower tract infection) or continue from the bladder to the ureter and infect the kidney itself (upper tract infection). Effective preventive measures are absolutely capable of blocking this bacterial migration.

There are several general guidelines and tips that will help women avoid UTIs.

Flush out the bacteria

You drink more fluids. If the urine appears any darker than when it is very pale yellow, it means that not enough liquid is being ingested; Increase fluid intake. But cut back on caffeine and alcohol, which can cause bladder irritation. When awake, try to empty the bladder at least every 4 hours during the day, even when the need or zero urge is absent. If you avoid using the toilet for a long period of time, you risk the growth of bacteria. Also, urinate immediately after sex to remove any bacteria entering the urine.

Practice good toilet hygiene

Always wipe from front to back after a bowel movement so that bacteria can be pushed near your urethra. Do not wipe twice with the same tissue. If you have young children, remind them of the importance of proper wiping and check how often they go to the bathroom. UTI can also occur in children.

Prevention dress

Breathable clothing and loose-fitting clothing allow a woman’s vaginal area to remain dry, which is harmful to bacterial growth. Skip the skin-tight jeans and opt for natural fiber underwear and don’t wander around in a wet swimsuit. This leads to blots of skin and bacterial overgrowth adjacent to the opening of the bladder. Also, using a mild detergent threatens to wash off.

The medicines

An estrogen vaginal cream can help increase resistance to bladder infection. An estrogen cream for the vagina can be suggested for women after menopause, even if an oral estrogen supplement or patch has already been prescribed. The cream helps to keep the tissues around the bladder healthy and more resistant to infection.

Hygienic toilet seats

Most UTIs are caused by using unhealthy toilet seats. I would recommend that you use RunBugz products such as toilet seat sanitizer spray. Which help you kill 99.99% germs on the toilet seat. RunBugz products are portable and can be taken with you anytime and anywhere for a safe toilet experience.

Next steps

The preventive measures listed above help most women to avoid infections during the bladder most of the time. If an infection develops despite these precautions, seek medical attention immediately. A urine sample must be provided for examination.


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