How to Check Dubai Visa Status Online

Dubai is one of the most fascinating and luxurious cities in the world, renowned for many things. This emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an international tourist hub, and every visitor for once wants to visit it. To travel to Dubai and other emirates of the UAE, you will need a UAE visa if you do not belong visa-exempt country. You can apply for 3 months UAE visa for a longer stay in the UAE.

Depending on your nationality or origin, you will need a visa to enter the UAE. For example, the citizens of GCC nations do not want a Dubai visa. More than 30 nations in the Americas, Europe, and Far East issue visas on arrival to visitors to Dubai. GCC citizens with great professional status, with families and own staff, are also eligible for this type of visa.

Tourists who do not fit into one of the above categories will need a visa in order to enter Dubai. The sponsor of your Dubai visits, like a travel agency, airline, hotel, or a relative, apply Dubai visa on your behalf. Various kinds of Dubai visas involve 14 days UAE visa, 30 days UAE visa, 30 days multiple entry visa, 90 days UAE visa, and 90 days multiple entry visas.

Here Know How To Track the Status Of Dubai Visa

  • You can check the status of your Dubai visa online

Upon choosing the most suitable visa for your Dubai visit and lodging an application, you will get a different Application No. A Dubai visa application is typically processed in four to five days. If you want to track the status of your Dubai visa, you may contact the company where you are enrolled or visit the GDRFA – Dubai directly online.

The GDRFA is a division of the UAE’s Ministry of Interior. Its primary function is to control entry and exit methods for individuals who visit UAE by air, sea, and land ways. Through strict border control and residency rules, its core purpose is to help UAE’s status as a safe destination.

GDRFA offers a range of user-friendly and advanced options that make it easier for everyone to use its services. All transactions related to UAE visas or residency are covered. GDRFA’s website ( is an online platform that enables you to handle your visa request more efficiently.

How to track the status of Dubai visa online.

  • Visit and log in.
  • Click here to Query GDRFA A–D App
  • The page will then be displayed.
  • From there you can select from the drop-down list by clicking on the “Select Service” button.
  • Insert eDNRD Application No
  • Fill in fields like Gender, Date, Birth, and First Name in English.
  • Insert Captcha code
  • Tap on the Submit Button

The status of your UAE visa request will be one of the following:

  • The Entry Grant Application has been Processed

Your application has been received by the Immigration Department of Dubai and is undergoing necessary government processes. Any information they need to process or approve your visa will be communicated to you by your service provider.

  • Inability to complete your application with provided information

It is most likely to be when details entered on the GDRFA inquiry form are incorrect. Prior you offer the details, make sure to verify all fields and confirm that they match the information on your application form of Dubai visa. This is essential to ensure accurate results.

  • Approved

If it shos ‘Approved’, it means that your Dubai visa has been approved. You will receive it via email shortly. You’ll find information about the status and details such as the last date you can enter Dubai.

  • Rejected

This means your visa request was canceled for one of these reasons:

  • If you’re a woman under 25 and want to travel alone to Dubai or the UAE
  • According to passport, your occupation qualifies as an unskilled job
  • Have a criminal record or have been expelled from the nation
  • A handwritten passport is available.
  • You can still apply for a tourist visa if you have previously applied
  • You can still apply for employment visas if you have previously applied
  • You have left the UAE but did not cancel your residency visa
  • You have the same name, birth date, and other details as other applicants
  • Blur photographs in the copy of your passport.
  • Typo errors on the visa request form

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