Tips on how to check if an IELTS  certificate is genuine, How to buy original IELTS certificate, How to verify British Council IELTS certificate, How to Verify an IDP IELTS certificate.

Once you obtain an IELTS certificate Online, it’s very important to verify if the Certificate is verifiable online, and whether it’s genuine.

Nowadays, many are interested to buy an IELTS certificate online instead of going throug h the normal examination route. It’s obvious you should be worried about how genuine the certificate you bought is. You can’t determine or verify if an IELTS certificate is genuine by just looking at it. There are a lot of scam agencies that claim you can buy this certificate from them, meanwhile what you get after paying your money, comes out not being genuine.

We too do offer these services, and we have encouraged and we keep on encouraging all IELTS candidates to pay attention to the verification rather than just the paper they obtain. Be mindful of the fact that, submitting a fake certificate to an organization or institutions with the intention of using it legally, can bring you problems that money can’t fix. For example you can be banned from using any of the services you had plans to apply for.

The British Council and IDP have put in place great verification Tools that will enable you to verify these Certificates if they are genuine or not. They were smart enough to design these sophisticated tools, to help people verify if the certificate they possess, is active online or not.

Normally you know if your certificate is authentic, when you are able to see the scores on the certificate, and also on the official website of IDP or British Council.

Note: The easiest way to verify your scores online or certificate, is to login to your account on the official British Council or IDP website. If you can’t find your scores on those websites, know the certificate you obtain is fake.

1) How to verify a British Council IELTS Certificate:

One of the best methods to verify a British Council IELTS Certificate,  is to use the link below .

British council candidate portal

Steps to follow:

Go to

Input your email address and password


Go under your test and results section

You will then be able to see your scores as seen on the image below.

The image below shows the result of one of our candidate registration done by us under British Council. This is exactly how you will see your scores, in order to confirm if the certificate you obtained, is genuine or not.

To obtained a registered, verifiable or genuine IELTS certificate, click on the Whatsapp button below, or use the number on the screenshot, or simply click here to register. We shall treat your case and grant you your heart desire.

How to Verify an IDP IELTS Certificate

You can verify an IDP IELTS certificate using this verification tool

Steps to follow:

Go to  

Firstly Given Name

Secondly Passport number or ID number

Thirdly Family name

Fourthly Date of Birth

Lastly Click on the reCaptcha to fill the puzzle to insure you are not a robot

Click on get results

Steps to Buy Genuine IELTS Certificate Without Exam.

1. Firstly Click on Book Now

2. Secondly Choose IELTS Without Exam

3. Thirdly Submit all your personal information ‘

4. Lastly once done, click on the whatsapp button to contact support.


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