How to Choose a Storage Company in Trivandrum For Your Goods

Whether you are moving to a small house, renting for a short time while your new home is building up, or moving abroad for a few months or a year, well there could be several reasons for requiring a goods storage facility in Trivandrum. And to store your goods you will have to take the help of packers and movers in Trivandrum that provides warehousing and storage services in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Choosing the right company in Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram ensures you don’t pay over for the storage spaces in their warehouse while ensuring your belongings are safe in their well-maintained and temperature-controlled warehouse. Hence, it’s very much important to hire the best and most trustworthy warehousing and storage service provider in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Here are some important things that you must consider while choosing a storage facility near you in Trivandrum.

How to Choose A Goods Storage Company in Trivandrum?

What Type of Goods Do You Want to Store?

Knowing the type of goods you want to store can actually help a lot in choosing the right storage facility. You may get a company that has a big warehouse to store your commercial or residential belongings but what if you have anything that’s temperature-sensitive. Will the same storage company with a large warehouse be able to help you?

No, because they won’t have a temperature-controlled warehouse, where your belongings can be stored safely as per their requirements.

Also, if you have any antique pieces or you want to store some premium goods then you will have to check the security offered by the storage facility to know how they protect and monitor the goods during the storage period.

Will You Need the Access to Your Goods?

Most companies provide a particular time to access the stored goods or items while some other allows free access round the clock. You may have to give proper notice to the company so that they can arrange the visit for you. This happens because logistics companies in Trivandrum store your goods safely packed in a wooden container and then the container is stored in a dedicated warehouse. And opening the container to access your goods will take time. What if you need to add some goods to your storage? Will the company allow you to do so? All these matters when you hire a storage company in Trivandrum for storing your commercial or household goods.

If you don’t require access to your goods then this is the most convenient and cost-effective method to store your belongings. In the terms of convenience for transporting the goods, containerized storage is often cheaper than self-storage.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Considering the size and quantity of your goods is important in order to choose the right storage facility. Because you would like to store all your belongings in the same container and if the warehouse is not big enough or has the big sizes containers then you would not like to store your goods there. Based on the number of your goods, you will know how much you need.

How Long Will You Need Storage Facility For?

For one week, one month, or maybe a year you will need the storage facility in Trivandrum. But, what if the service provider doesn’t offer a long-term storage facility. You will be in a problem if they won’t allow you to store your belongings for more than a month or a year in their warehouse. Thus, it’s helpful to have an idea of how long you will be needing the storage facility so that you can inform your service providers about that and book their storage service.

Get Quotes from Different Service Providers

Getting quotes from different service providers will help you to know the services included in the package and the total cost of the warehouse and storage facility in Trivandrum. By comparing the facilities and storage service charges in Trivandrum, you can book the right service provider that fits your budget. Because your budget is something that you cannot ignore no matter how best and commendable service provider you find, you cannot hire them if your budget doesn’t allow you for it.

Check Online Reviews of the Company

When hiring a logistics and transport company in Thiruvananthapura, Kerala considers the company’s online review. Customers that have already availed of their services and seen their behavior share their experience with others. This way they help to find a reliable service provider and identify who are the fraud ones.

Check Security

Make sure you check the security system the company offers. When choosing a service provider, we often check the size or area of the warehouse. The security system is the one thing that people forget. But this is an important consideration while hiring a storage facility. Check what fire protection measures are in the storage place. Also, check water and weather-proofing measures the service providers take in the warehouse.

Check the Facilities The Company Provides

Does the company provide amenities during the storage period? If yes, what type of facilities do they provide. Can you inspect your belongings while they are stored? Many companies do not allow owners to inspect the goods and this happens mainly when they opt for a containerized storage facility. They don’t give you access to your goods in the store. Ensure you are hiring a company that offers good facilities to you.

So, these are the things that you need to check and consider while hiring a storage and warehousing service in Trivandrum. Besides, read their terms and conditions before signing any documents. Ask about their minimum contract period. What if you will break that contract? Ask everything before hiring them.


These are some of the most important factors that are needed to be considered while choosing a reliable goods storage facility in Trivandrum, Kerala. If you will follow this we can guarantee, you will hire the best company in Trivandrum.

Author Bio:- Vishal


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