Gun sanitizing fogger
Gun sanitizing fogger

Is cordless disinfectant fogger gun helpful to house cleaning? What to do when it comes to household cleaning?

When most people clean their homes, facing messy spaces and dirty areas, they are often in a hurry or perfunctory, so that the seemingly neat space is full of loopholes that are not clean.

In fact, as long as you use the right methods and tools for home cleaning, and then clean it regularly, you can reduce a lot of trouble, improve cleaning efficiency, and make your home space tidy and comfortable.

As the central hub of the whole space, the living room is not only a place for family entertainment and relaxation, but also an important area for entertaining and gathering. In terms of cleaning, these two aspects are as follows.

Gun sanitizing fogger
Gun sanitizing fogger

Question: The fabric sofa is mainly used. During the long-term use of the fabric sofa, it is easy to get dander and dust, and the sofa cover will be accidentally stained with sweat and stains. How should I clean it?

Cleaning method: It is relatively simple to clean the dust and dander on the fabric sofa. You only need to use a hand-held hair sticker to first clean the hair on the sofa surface, and then use a handheld disinfectant fogger to clean the surrounding area.

For sweat and stains, if the fabric sofa is covered with a sofa cover, the easiest way is to remove the sofa cover for cleaning.

If it can’t change, you wipe it with a towel dipped in warm water at the first moment of being dirty. You then clean it with a cordless disinfectant fogger gun. Finally you dry it with a hair dryer.


Question: During the long-term use of the wind-blown and sun-baked curtains, the dust accumulates and the yellowing is serious. It cannot clean every time. What should I do?

Cleaning method: The curtains are full of dust. There is no need to remove them for cleaning. If there is a steam vacuum cleaner at home, you can directly use the steam vacuum cleaner to clean it up and you can restore the basic beauty.

However, if it is contaminated with water vapor and turns yellow, it is still necessary to remove the curtains and soak them in water with salt for 20-30 minutes. You then put them in the washing machine and wash them with washing powder. So that they can be fresh and elegant.



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