Many brands require assistance in developing, executing, and adjusting their social media strategies. Many professionals, agencies, and influencers specialize in social media. But how can you select the best one for your company?

We will be discussing how to narrow down your candidate list and make the right business decisions with the help of a Request for Proposal.

What is a social media request for proposals?

A social media Request for Proposal is a document that a company gives to potential partners. It describes the brand’s social media needs and collects information from potential partners on how to solve them.

It allows companies to organize the selection process for an agency and narrow down their options of vendors to achieve their social media goals.

What is the importance of an RFP?

A social media RFP can simplify your life as a marketer. These are just a few:

Focus on your priorities and save time.

Social media allows you to identify your goals and objectives.

For all potential partners, set clear expectations.

Make informed decisions by gathering the right data.

Transparently speed up and optimize the selection process.

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What should you include in an RFP?

Let’s take a look at how an RFP might look. These elements are not necessary, but it’s important to customize the RFP to the needs of your team.


In your RFP, set the right expectations. Include:

Your primary goals

Expected Results

Important deadlines

Potent bottlenecks

Company profile.

You must provide as much information about your company and brand as possible in the RFP section. This will help potential vendors better understand your company and help you create the best solution.

It is helpful to include information about:

Target audience

Potential and existing social media channels

Here are some examples of similar campaigns or projects


Scope of work

This space is for you to describe the project you require assistance with and which competencies are available to complement your existing resources. Please provide details about:

Project goals

Do you want to increase brand awareness and social selling for a product? Depending on the campaign, these are some goals that you could add to your RFP.

Increase in followers

Boost in engagement

Traffic generation via the internet

Growth in social media conversion rate

Project description

You can expect a better match with agencies if you give more details about the project’s scope. You should add details about:

Content creation

What is your brand’s tone of voice? What can this look like on social media? What content is required by your buyer persona?

Content distribution

What social media channels are you using? Is there another network where your target audience is present that you could use? How often should you post to social media? Are you able to create a social media distribution plan?

Management of the community

Which tone of voice should you use when speaking on social media? What is the best way to organize customer service across different channels? Are you using a tool that optimizes your processes?

Platforms like Falcon Engage make it easy to optimize your social media community management from one email. Find out more.

Listening to social media

What can you do to monitor what people say about your brand on Facebook? Are you using a tool that streamlines the listening process? How do you spot and manage a crisis on social media?

Powered by Brand watch help you to easily monitor the web for insights about your brand on social media and beyond. Find out more.

Measurement of social media efforts

What are the most important KPIs that you should measure? How can you track and collect them? How can you use the results to improve your current strategy? How will you report the results?

Management of social media

How can you organize your social media strategy according to resources? What tools do you use for meeting the needs of your team members?

Conditions of the agreement

To set expectations for potential vendors, make sure you have listed all of your requirements. These can be reviewed with your legal team before submitting the RFP. Below is a list of possible terms:

Start and End dates for projects

Non-disclosure agreements

Contract renewal, termination, or modification.

Billing agreements

Budget and timeframes for the project.

A section of the RFP should be dedicated to clearly describing the milestones and deadlines the agency must meet and the estimated project budget.

A price breakdown will help you better understand the situation and make the best business decisions.

Vendor’s information.

Allow your future partner to talk about their expectations and qualifications. Ask questions about:

Agency services and experience

Client testimonials

Overview of team competencies

Refer to samples of work

Contact Point

Financial proposal

Selection criteria

Provide information to potential partners about the selection process and the main criteria.


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