Wedding Decor Ideas: Intimate weddings are the new trend these days. People are surely inclined towards intimate wedding settings more than contemporary grand weddings. And with intimate weddings comes the thousand times more chances of customizing them according to you. It is very easy to add a personal touch into an intimate wedding theme as compared to traditional large weddings. Moreover, with the rising threat of getting caught in this pandemic, people are somehow forced to arrange an intimate wedding to keep themselves and their dear ones safe.

So, when we talk about intimate weddings, there are so many things that you can do to personalize them. There surely are things that need to be bought from some store like jewelry, bridal lehenga, groom dresses, etc.  To begin with, you can ditch the traditional way of getting the wedding food prepared by some external person like a caterer. Instead, if your sibling or your son or daughter or even friend is getting married in an intimate setting you can make them feel special by preparing the wedding food yourself along with other friends or family members. Similarly, to make the decorations of the intimate wedding more personalized and welcoming, you can use scratch or old material and turn them into DIY decoration pieces. Moreover, such decoration techniques are not only very personalized but also help you cut some costs in your overall wedding expenses. So, let’s get started and look into some of the best ways of turning scratch items into cute wedding décor.

Those cute little cups!

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We all have sometimes bought the Dixie cups or the small thermal-based cups while traveling or for a picnic or a house party. And most often these cups fall more than needed and rest in our kitchen closets like forever. So, why not put these cute little cups to some work?

It is very easy to turn these small Dixie cups into cute wedding decor items. According to us, you should start with painting the cups with beautiful vibrant colors that match the theme of your wedding. Once you finish painting the cups in the right colors, tie them up into garlands. To give them a better wedding or dreamy look you can always use fairy lights instead of a simple thread. Hang these cute little colorful cups on doors, around pillars, tents have, or anywhere you feel they will go perfect.

Glass bottles!

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Using empty glass bottles has always been one of the most popular DIY decoration ideas of all time. Well, they surely are popular for a reason. Empty glass bottles decorated and used at the right places look stunning and bring in some good dreamy vibes to the show.

Moreover, we are sure you would have plenty of them at your house. If not, then also it is no problem. You can always ask your friends, family members, neighbors, etc. to give any empty glass bottles they have and you will get enough of them easily.

These glass bottles can be used in a thousand ways in wedding decoration. You can paint them with nice colors that suit your wedding theme. If you don’t want to paint them or if you don’t like painting them you can also use them in the original form.

You can use these glass bottles in many different ways. It can also be used as flower vases and decorate on a stand or at the entrance or on tables. You can use them as stunning c3nter pieces for your tables. Put fairy lights in a few of them and then decorate them here and there or you can simply tie them up as garlands as well. You can also write beautiful messages or hashtags of the wedding or use them as the name of guests on tables.

Tin cans

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Just like glass bottles we all buy stuff that come in tin cans. Once the stuff inside them is finished we make the mistake of throwing these tins into the garbage bin. Well, if you are going to plan a wedding real soon then think before throwing them away. These cute little tins can serve as amazing decoration pieces.

You can either paint them in metallic colors like gold or silver or you can paint them in vibrant colors like pink, yellow, blue, etc according to your wedding theme. These small tins can be used as centerpieces for tables, corner decors, flower vases, etc.

Old fairy lights!

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We all have old fairy lights at our houses from Christmas, New Year, or Diwali. You can use them up again in your wedding decor. Instead of buying more to cover the full wedding area, if you fall short of the lights borrow them from your friends and family.  Use these fairy lights to light up your venue in a different glow. Wrap them around the trunk of any big trees present in the venue. Lay some lights on the tents, corners, decoration pieces, flower vases, etc. it is all up to you and your creativity how you want to decorate everything up.

DIY handmade flowers!

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Many of us love to DIY things as doing it gives a relaxing and happy feeling. So, if you are one of the lovers of DIY, you can surely think of using some cute DIY techniques and make handmade paper flowers for your wedding decor.

Handmade paper flowers used in wedding decor look just lovely and heartwarming. You can use different colors or stick to one. You can make handmade flowers for the centerpieces, flower vases, corner setups, etc. you can also make a decorative backdrop for the bride and groom or for selfie point by tying a few handmade flowers in a thread and hanging these garlands in a row.

Newspaper and origami!

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Origami art made using old newspapers is again an amazing wedding decoration idea. Well, you might be thinking that why use a newspaper for origami instead of bright colorful origami papers. So, the answer is quite simple. Using origami papers might end up being a little costly for you. After all, you don’t need one or two for a school project. Instead, you want many to cover the wedding venue. So, using old newspapers that are lying in some corner of your house is a better option to cut some extra expenses.

Revisit your favorite moments!

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If your bride and groom are lovers of capturing the best moments of life in photographs then you have an amazing DIY décor idea in your hand. All you need to do is gather some of the best photos featuring the bride, groom, parents, family, friends, pets, etc.  Now create a nice stand using some cardboard and hang these photographs on it. If you want something easy and quick to do the same, find out a spare wall. Cover it up with a plain bed sheet of any color that you like and then hang the pictures in front of it. This will become a cute little wall of memories for your special bride and groom and a center of attraction for the guests.

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