How to Delete WordPress Post Revision Using Better Delete Revision
How to Delete WordPress Post Revision Using Better Delete Revision

Google Chrome may be a super-fast browser developed by Google together with all of our information. Yes, Google Chrome is that the best browser developed by Google. But there’s also some standard quality browser is out there within the market, I’m talking about Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox. they’re probably the simplest competitor of Google Chrome. beat all, chrome is straightforward to possess a task manager, and therefore the better part is that they have an outsized library of extensions and add-ons. Delete WordPress Post Revision

So during this article, I will be able to mention the 5 best google chrome extensions for SEO campaigns. Delete WordPress Post Revision

List of 5 best google chrome extensions:


First, we mention Wappalyzer. To download this attend google Webstore and look for Wappalyzer. When the download is completed you’ll see it within the address bar.

So what does this extension exactly do? or How it works? The way wappalyzer works is it tells you what an internet site is using as in their technology, the content management system, programing language, and far more. This extension is that the best google chrome extension for webmasters to run an SEO analysis of their competitors.


MozBar is that the best google chrome extension for SEO analysis. you’ll do almost everything with this SEO extension. you’ll check your website’s domain authority(DA), page authority(PA) or maybe you’ll check what percentage of links an internet site has. this is often a beat one SEO extension. I even have written about this in details, you’ll check it here:


WhatFont is that the best google chrome extensions to seek out any font sort of any website. Finding well-looking font sometimes consume tons of your time, this tool is best for the online developer. It helps to save lots of precious time and increase the productivity

  • Then open any website to see the font
  • Hit the WhatFont extension on the address bar
  • When it’s activated you’ll see “Exit WhatFont“
  • You will see the font name what they’re using open sans

If you click over thereon font then you’ll see more detail of that font like font size, line height, and color etc. open sans-600

Page Analytics by Google is additionally the simplest google chrome extension for SEO analysis. Page analytics assist you to observe user interaction together with your website.

Without directly log in to your analytics account you’ll see page view, unique pageview, average time on page, bounce rate and entrance etc.

You will see the hit map of user interaction, I mean you’ll see the percentage(%) where the user clicks analytics by google

This insight data assist you to create great user experience

And also you’ll increase your conversion rate if you analyze this data effectively.

Check My Links Google chrome extension is usually developed for the web marketer. it’s the simplest google chrome extension for link building. once you are editing a webpage with many links then you’ll check all links with this extension that each one links are working fine.

Also Check My Links helps to seek out broken links, links with 404 returns, 500 returns etc. once you run this extension it’ll track every link thereon website . you’ll see valid links are green marked and if the page has any broken links then it’s highlighted in result

These extension saves many time and increases our productivity. If you actually find this text helpful then comments below, you’re always welcome.

MozBar is that the best SEO extension for Google Chrome that helps you to ascertain the page and domain authority of an internet site .By using this SEO toolbar you’ll understand the SEO performance of your website. Without SEO people won’t find within the SERP’s. Previously I wrote a post on the importance of program optimization(SEO), you’ll read it to understand moe useful tips.

Page Authority(PA):

Page authority may be a erase of 100 developed by Moz that predicts how well a selected page will rank in search engines.

Domain Authority(DA):

Domain authority may be a erase of 100 that predicts how a whole website will perform in SE.

How to install best SEO extension MozBar?

In March 2006 google removed PageRank from the general public . this suggests that you simply got to use page and domain authority to calculate the standard of a particular website or link. MozBar is that the best SEO extension or SEO addon and at the time of writing, it’s only available for google chrome.

To install MozBar attend and look for MozBar. the primary result that comes up should be the present web store click thereon .

  • Best SEO Extension MozBar search
  • Then click on the increase CHROME button
  • Best SEO Extension MozBar
  • Finally, click on Add Extension
  • Best SEO Extension

Once MozBar has been added you’ll see a replacement blue M icon on your browser. Best SEO Extension MozBar for chrome

How to use the best SEO extension MozBar?

Now open any website you would like and you’ll see a replacement bar at the highest of your browser like the below image. Delete WordPress Post Revision

Best SEO Extension MozBar tool To be ready to use best SEO extension MozBar you’ll got to check in for a Moz account which is 100 percent free.

To create an account click on the yellow Create Account button. create Best SEO Extension MozBar account So after logged in now you’ll see the domain Authority and therefore the page Authority on the MozBar.

DA and PA of best SEO extension MozBar

If you go insight you’ll see what percentage likes shares and comments this page has on Google+. what percentage of likes shares and comments this page has on Facebook.

Moz Score:

Let’s take a moment to speak about the Moz Score for the DA a score between 30 and 40 is average. Anything over 40 is sweet and anything over 50 is superb .

For PA a score between 45 and 55 is average. Anything over 50 is sweet and anything over 60 is superb .

Now let’s continue on page optimization this is often a premium feature. It basically allows you to enter a keyword so you’ll check the way to optimize the pages for that specific keyword.

Highlight links:

This allows you to spotlight certain links on the page. By clicking on Followed you’re ready to see all of the links that are do follow links.

No-followed: this enables you to look at all of the links that are not any follow.

External: this enables you to ascertain all of the links that are linking to an external website.

Internal: This feature finds all the links that are linking internally.

Here I show you only for followed link, I hope you’ll go for others also. this is often the simplest SEO extension on behalf of me it helps me many |to avoid wasting”> to save lots of lots of time and increases my productivity.

Page analysis allows you to ascertain specific data about the page you on. i like to recommend that you simply simply click thereon so you’ll get a thought off the highest of the knowledge that you can get.

On the right-hand side there’s the tools and settings option click thereon . it’ll open a popup box and enable everything in there this may allow you to ascertain more information. Delete WordPress Post Revision

You can change the theme from light to dark this, of course, may be a personal preference. Now you’ll see the toolbar may be a dark color. You can now also see the amount of backlinks a selected page has.

Finally, there’s another feature that i might wish to show you if you attend and do an enquiry . I looked for WordPress. you’re now ready to see the page Authority the amount of backlinks and therefore the domain authority of an internet site directly from the google search results.

Lot of features available during a single SEO addon and this makes MozBar best SEO extension.


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