How to Dress Right According to Your Pregnancy Shape

How to Dress Right According to Your Pregnancy Shape

As a teenager, you’ve all filled in the glossy magazine’s quiz to discover whether you are apple, pear, hourglass, or athletically shaped. But what happens when pregnant? Do we all become apples? If not, how do you know which maternity clothes will look best on your new baby bump?

Let’s start by throwing out the fruit. Secondly, your pregnancy hormones will dictate what of the four typical shapes you’ll adopt over the next nine months, and there ain’t much you can do to change it!

So rather than fight the inevitable, take a more innovative approach and choose the right maternity clothes to keep you looking chic. Let’s get started!

1) Big All Over

Style Goal: Elongate your silhouette

There’s often a phase in everyone’s pregnancy when you look more like you’ve had too many pub lunches instead of a glowing mama-to-be. For some, a puffy face and pair of swollen ankles will see you right into the delivery suite but don’t despair. Looking fabulously fecund is just the proper matching of maternity clothes away!

Head to toe one color, which is so totally “in” right now, is an easy way to make you look taller and leaner. Chose a flowy top and plain pants in the same color (black is always an easy option), then draw the eye up to fabulous jewelry near your face. Opt for slim or point shoes – any heel height, from flats to stilettos, are fine – rather than a rounded toe, which can look a bit frumpy.

When wearing jeans, go for a dark wash and make sure they are the correct length for the shoe you are wearing. Sometimes this means buying two pairs of jeans in the same cut and having one tailored slightly shorter for when you’re wearing flats and leaving one longer for when you’re in heels. Also, avoid capris and cut-off jeans, which will destroy the elongated illusion.

Add color to your monochrome ensemble through your accessories and layers. Long scarves, pretty pastel jackets, long-line cardigans, and over-the-top statement necklaces will give your look a contemporary edge.

2) Looking Like the Baby’s Already in Launch Position

Style Goal: Draw attention away from your low rider

You may not have seen yourself as a “legs and breasts” kinda gal before, but now you should! A low-lying baby can make your legs appear stubby to create the illusion of longer legs; go for a pencil skirt that falls to the knee. The fash-pack has ditched mini skirts this season in favor of long lines, which works perfectly for you. Dark-colored bottoms paired with easy-to-wear wedge-heeled shoes are just the thing. Boot-cut jeans will also ensure your legs look long, especially when paired with a slightly pointy-toed shoe.

On the top, look for V-necks in eye-catching colors and make sure they are long enough to cover your belly. Add a pop of interest with big earrings or a statement necklace to highlight your bosom. Add an unbuttoned cardigan with a hemline that’s shorter than your top’s, a pair of glamorous sunnies, and go rock that bump of yours.

3) Round as a Melon

Style Goal: Add definition between breasts and bump

You probably feel like your breasts and bump have merged into one! You’re probably also suffering indigestion because the baby has left so little room for your stomach. While most women can’t offer much help on the second count, at least you can do something about reclaiming some shape in your torso.

Choose clothes that have a visual break under your bust line. For example, a color-block dress that contrasts top from tum or a wrap dress that ties above your bump is both good options. You can also add a stretchy belt to create an empire line silhouette, or the other option is a top with gathers under the bust line defining your chest.

4) Bean Pole with a Beach Ball

Style Goal: Accentuate your new roundness

Now is the time to play up the curves you’ve never had before. Look for tops and dresses with ruching (aka gathers) on the sides and shirts with some embellishment. You want to draw a little attention to your top half, and a softly tied bow, flowy scarf, or ruffles will all work well. You can also pull off horizontal stripes for that Parisian-inspired look that never goes out of fashion.

To balance out this fullness, pair back your tops with body-skimming bottoms. Go nuts with skinny maternity jeans when casual or slim-fitting pants for dressier occasions. You want to show off your lovely athletic legs, which means staying away from baggy or wide-leg pants, which will make you look dumpy.

Pull your look together with some pointy flats, eye-catching bling, and a big pair of shades. You’ll never want to be not pregnant again!

Be careful with skinny bottoms when you’re top half is voluptuous because you can end up throwing out proportion. Instead, go for boot-cut denim or slightly flared pants to add counterbalance.

Top Fashion Trends to Follow During Pregnancy

Let’s debunk the myth and say this together, “Being on-trend and pregnant do go together!” If you have all your pregnancy staples – leggings, maternity jeans, tanks, a wrap dress, and super-chic cotton maternity kaftans – then it’s time to add in trends! Treat yourself to this season’s statement necklace or add in the ‘It’ color.


Jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses are guilt-free additions to your maternity wardrobe. (Do I really have to say why?) So, if flipping through Ruush or Vogue is wondering if those sunglasses or earrings are for you, the answer is Y-E-S!

As a woman, nothing can change an outfit like a handbag. So are you going to try quirky clutches or stay in love with a black fringe tote?

Implementing the season’s essential accessories into your wardrobe turn your basics into an on-trend ensemble.

#Colors & Prints

Once you have your blacks and neutral colors, see what other hues are hot this season. Go bold with a blouse. Try a printed legging. Or, take a page from my book and add in a colored coat. Coats work well post-pregnancy as long as you ensure that the shoulders are a tailored fit before you buy. That’s the trick of looking tailored in an oversized jacket or coat.

As a rule of thumb with colors, be sure that whatever color you’re adding looks good on you. Not all blues are the same, and that is true for each color. Hold the item next to your cheek to gauge whether it’s the most flattering hue for you.

#Shapes & Textures

Shapes & TexturesWe have to be honest here; you’re going to be limited with what shapes you can wear. When oversized tops, flowy maternity dresses, and oxford shirts are in, you’re good. Yet, for other figures, you might want to hold off until post-pregnancy.

On the other hand, textures – shearling, lace, leather, silks, and embroidery – are great additions. As a pregnant and fashion-minded woman, you can add a lace blouse and a lace pencil skirt to your maternity wardrobe.

So, I think we’ve said it pretty well together. “Being on-trend and pregnant do go together!” And, if ever you meet someone who doubts, flaunt your handbag or new lace blouse!


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