How to Express Love

Love is a beautiful feeling, and while many of us get to feel it, we often can’t find ways to express it and make the other person feel loved. This results in creating a distance and communication gap between you and your partner. Every one of us has a different love language which might not always be the same as our partner’s.  

“Love is the one thing we are capable of perceiving that transcends time and space.” 

Love is patient and kind, yet it can be selfish. It is beautiful, yet there are days when it can be ugly. It can be fought and screaming. You can never determine what love is “the one.” You have to take the leap and follow your heart because even if it’s selfish, ugly, and can be fighting and screaming, it’s a safe place. It stands and stays patient despite it all. Sometimes it becomes really hard to share or express love, for that Love Quotes might help you. True love is the love that stays no matter what happens, no matter how ugly and rough things become. It always stays and preserves.

There are ways to express your love and appreciation towards your partner if you find it hard to say or show it sometimes. 

Ways to express love

  • Spending quality time together

Spending time together is a great way to express your appreciation and love towards your partner. You can do it by doing activities that your partner likes or both of you like and try to enjoy it. 

You can even try doing new things together, like going on new adventures. Don’t let the spark and the thrill die. Keep surprising each other, and don’t be too stiff and rigid. Be flexible and don’t settle in a monotonous routine. 

  • Gifts 

You can buy each other little gifts, even small cards or keychains as a token of appreciation for each other. The size of the gift is not important. The feelings behind it matter the most. Try surprising your partner. 

It isn’t the size that matters, and it’s the action. 

  • Acts

Little acts of kindness speak volumes. You can try helping your partner with their job work or maybe help them with an assignment or the housework, can even bring groceries for your partner or clean their house when they are too busy or stressed. You can give massages or take them on small dates. 

Except that, please stand up for your partner and support them whenever you can. Always listen to each other instead of arguing. 

  • Touch

Touch is a great way to express love too. Some people have physical touch as their love language and are unable to feel loved. Try holding your partner’s hands or giving them hugs and cuddles. Give them little kisses whenever you can. You can try giving massages or having little spa days. These are great ways to express your attachment too. 

  • Words

When we are sad or upset, we need the kindest words to bring us up. Words can change a lot for a person. Try expressing yourself to your partner in words. Keep reminding them that you love them. You don’t need big paragraphs to make them feel loved. Sometimes in the toughest situation, all you can say is “I love you,” and it makes them feel lighter. 

Be kind to them. Don’t show or express anger towards them. Try to rationalize things with each other instead of arguing and getting mad. 

  • Share your ups and downs.

Your partner is supposed to be your other half. You both are supposed to be with each other in your every up and down. That’s what the relationship is all about, whom you are comfortable with. It’s someone whom you can talk to about anything. You share your joys and your pain. 

You celebrate every little happy moment or every little success with them and every little sorrow, even during their happy and sad moments. Be there, be available for them. Don’t shout, get mad or get jealous. Give each other your full attention and your support. 

  • Give each other space when required.

You two are different individuals, and both of you need space and time of your own. You both need alone time of your own to rationalize things and to understand what each of you needs. 

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