cow milk in Chennai

Everyone should drink pure milk to take advantage of its numerous health advantages. It was once thought that if water was introduced, the substance was becoming ‘impure. However, it is not the only statistic that paints milk in a negative light. Another factor that causes it to become infected is the usage of hormone injections. Milk that is chemical-free is produced by cows that are methodically fed on organic fodder and a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables. These animals produce milk that is designated as pure. Since a few years ago, Pride of Cows has developed a reputation for providing only good milk. Milk company in Chennai business is committed to providing customers with rapid delivery of its products and high-quality milk.  

Various elements can affect the quality of cow milk:

Consumption of green elements by milk cows – Organic feed, such as vegetables and grass, should be given to cows. This will significantly impact the quality and cleanliness of a milk produced if they are given the opportunity to roam on a length of open, green space and graze on pastures free of dangerous pesticides. Additionally, a lot of milk is produced.                      

Chemical injections should stop – Harmful hormones are injected into cows to boost the amount of milk they provide. Hormone injections should be prohibited since they are toxic to cows and have a negative impact on quality milk. Customers should avoid drinking the hormone-injected milk produced by these cows.

Low bacterial count – Milk that is ingested should not have an excessive amount of bacteria in order to maintain optimum health. It must have fewer than 1000 CFU of bacteria per millilitre to be considered safe for ingestion. This is yet another crucial element that highlights its greatness.     

Best breed of cows – Cows are considered to have been of great breeds when they consistently produce milk with high nutritional value. The top breeds of cows kept in dairy farms include Friesen cows, Gir cows, and Swiss Holstein cows. Since the purity of cow milk largely depend on such high-quality breeds, many farmers milch them in order to reap its many advantages. The above-mentioned cows’ milk and byproducts have greater health advantages.

Control of Hygiene – When attempting to classify milk as “pure,” hygiene is one of the most crucial aspects to be examined. Cleanliness is required on the dairy farms where the cows are housed. Cow farm in Chennai supplies fresh milk at an affordable range. 



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