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Frontier Airlines may be one of the newest airlines out there, but they’re quickly becoming one of the most popular low-cost carriers in the country, with more than 30 destinations served across the United States and Canada. Because fly Frontier airlines prides itself on offering affordable airfare to everyone, their frequent sales make it even easier to get cheap flights on Frontier Airlines. Read on to learn how you can book Frontier Airlines flights at discount prices anytime you want.

Always check all available airports

By checking multiple airports you can sometimes shave an hour or more off your flight time. Since airlines price their frontier airline tickets by supply and demand, there is sometimes a pretty large discrepancy in price between two different airports that are actually quite close to each other. If one airport is significantly less expensive than another airport for a similar route, booking through it could save you hundreds on your flight ticket. When you check a Frontier Airlines flight ticket make sure that you’re choosing from multiple airports just in case one offers cheaper frontier flights than others!

Search with flexible dates

Searching with flexible dates makes it easier to find cheap fares on frontier air. If you know your schedule is loose, search multiple days around your preferred departure date, and then compares prices. If you see a good deal that’s cheaper than what you’re currently paying, jump on it! The best frontier deals can sometimes pop up at last minute—and every day counts when trying to save money on frontier airlines flights. Frontier Airlines are more affordable than some other carriers because they use smaller planes on their frontier routes, so that savings gets passed along to you and book frontier airlines Chicago. Frontier operates out of Denver International Airport (DEN) in Colorado; Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport (FLL) in Florida; and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) in Ohio.

Try different departure times

Frontier Airlines offers cheap deals on flights frontier, but you can shave even more money off your tickets by watching for special promotions that may pop up during certain times of year. For example, Frontier often runs Spring Break specials where one-way frontier airlines tickets between select cities are just $29 or $39. You can also watch for sales around major holidays, like Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. In other words, if you’re flexible when it comes to departure dates and times, you should be able to nab a frontier airlines deals. And if you’re looking at multiple routes, try searching different departure times in your flight search engine (for example: Tuesdays and Wednesdays) — sometimes that extra legroom comes at an affordable price.

Look out for special offers and promo codes

Frontier offers a special promotional code for a free companion certificate when you book two round-trip flights from frontier airlines within 21 days. The pass is valid for one year, and must be used with an itinerary that includes travel originating in both directions on Frontier, connecting through its Frontier flights Denver hub. This is an excellent way to get frontier cheap flights with Frontier Airlines. You can also look out for promo codes in Frontier’s online coupon section. There are plenty of ways to save money when you book your ticket with Frontier, so be sure not to overlook any of them!

Check their rewards program

Frontier Airlines has its own rewards program. And it’s pretty easy to use. If you book your frontier flight booking with them and then use their co-branded credit card, you can rack up miles easily. You get 3 miles for every dollar spent on airfare, 2 miles for every dollar spent on hotel stays, and 1 mile for every dollar spent on everything else. There are no blackout dates or seat restrictions with Frontier’s fly rewards program either; as long as you pay for your frontier tickets with their airline credit card or through their website, you can reap those rewards. To take advantage of cheap Frontier Airline tickets, check out their website for frontier airlines and see if there are any available frontier airlines flights booking going from where you want to go to where you need to be.

Use your miles wisely

If you’re a Frontier Airlines frequent flyer, you might be able to score frontier cheap flights by using your miles for paid tickets rather than frontier airline booking flights an award. When you use miles for a paid ticket, Frontier charges lower taxes and fees and often will offer better flight deals than if you redeemed miles for an award ticket. A flight might not seem like a great deal when it’s listed at $75, but that same frontier book flight can cost $200 with taxes and fees if booked as an award ticket. So before redeeming your miles, look into paying with cash instead—you may get more bang for your buck! Plus, paying with miles means your credit card won’t be charged until after you take off (another perk if there’s turbulence!).


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