Ecommerce Thank You Page

Most website owners didn’t even bother to think about eCommerce thank you page content or design; they use this page mainly for tracking purposes to count the source of the order in analytics. 

As an eCommerce website owner, you have started your store and made all your marketing and promotion efforts. And after all your hard work, you get your first sale after the customer completed their purchase. 

But it is not the end of your customer journey. Your customer relationship starts after post-purchase.

As soon as they complete their payment, they are redirected to your eCommerce thank you page or order confirmation page. Now what?

With a highly optimized eCommerce thank you page, you can do wonders with our marketing strategy.

A website eCommerce thank you page redefines your urge to connect with the customers and satisfy them in the best possible way.

Thus, it is imperative to build up a top-notch Thank you page for your web store to mark yourself as one of the credible sellers in the market and generate people’s trust.

Although, at times, things might seem to be hunky-dory, in the overly competitive market outside, there’s no scope to sit back and chill until everything is up to the mark.

So why are you waiting? Go, try and find unique ideas to optimize your thank you page as creative and simple as possible. Wait! What? Don’t have any idea yet? Well! Check out the tips below and shine on.

What are the essential elements of a perfect ecommerce thank you page?

As a prospective online store owner, a few things need to be kept in mind. These are:

  • Customers should be the topmost priority.
  • Don’t ignore your trusted customers.
  • Make sure that they come back to shop with you.

As a website owner, your first and foremost activity is to enhance the customer shopping experience. Thus, the post-purchase thank you page is of immense help in this regard. Here are the three crucial elements of a thank you page that can lead you through every thick and thin your business store.

  1. Show confirmation message – A confirmation page can work wonders in your business if implemented carefully. It so happens that most of the time, the customers remain unsure of their payment and purchase due to a lack of confirmation. Consequently, they tend to avoid shopping from those websites the next time. Thus, a confirmation page keeps your customers intact and ensures their satisfaction.
  1. Implement a call to action – A call to action is one of the ideal marketing tools designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage a quick sale. A call to action is a distinctive way to grab customers, and thus, it is essential to implement it on your order confirmation page.
  2. Give instructions on how to proceed further – Everyone out there looks for a comprehensive, user-friendly interface for online shopping or any other online transactions. Therefore, a user guide indicating step-by-step instructions helps users further build up trust in a specific website.


Tips for creating a useful thank you page for the eCommerce store.

As you learn the critical elements of a thank you page, it is also essential to use these elements effectively to get the best out of them. So check out these simple tips to make it possible.


Ask for a newsletter subscription.

A newsletter subscription is another right way to engage your customers. You can ask people to subscribe or sign up for your newsletter that is usually sent to a customer’s email. After that, you can inform prospective customers about the latest offers, deals, or updates, making them grab the request as soon as it is launched. 

You can use cold email outreach tools to acquire new customers, but you must use email newsletter platforms for engaging the existing customers.

Emails are highly effective when it comes to ROI, but make sure you use them properly. Do proper segmentation and sending only targeted and relevant emails to each customer is the key to success.

You can use automation to engage your customers from time to time without making them annoying. All this automation can be done quickly with email marketing software and is highly recommended for your eCommerce store.

A newsletter is your direct route to your customer’s inbox. Thus, the more subscriptions you get, the greater are the chances of your gain. Emails are ten times more potent in triggering a buying impulse than social media.

So, it is essential to make sure that your thank you page contains the newsletter subscription option.


Use a clean and straightforward interface. 

The first rule to minimize the chances of risks and problems and help your customers is to keep it simple. These days, simplicity is the best possible way to delight your customers. 

Amidst plenty of lucrative options, you can turn out to be the best business owner if you adopt the genuineness and simplicity policy without robust competition with tempting businesses.

Believe it or not, a cluster of discounts, subscriptions, and offers can be disastrous for your thank you page. Consequently, it might probably agitate and confuse people’s minds making you lose your customers in the end.

Thus, the best idea is to create a simple page with lots of white space and the ‘Thank You’ in bold letters so that the thank you does the talking and nothing else.


Implement social follow buttons 

Follow buttons can work wonders for your online store if added to the thank you page. Through a social follow option, customers can follow your store on various social platforms and learn about your store and products, which can eventually direct them to make a purchase. 

Once your page has a decent number of followers, you can use it further to leverage your content marketing efforts. If you can engage your customers on social media, then your brand recall value is highly improved.

Also, it helps you to expand your outreach and make your brand popular among the masses. Thus, a social follow button is a must-have for your thank you page.


Offer a referral program to join.

The next big thing can be a referral program. A referral program can be beneficial if you want to retain your customers. After all, gaining something requires investing a little, right? 

So, if you are desirous of getting new customers on your site, you need to devise a referral program that could be profitable to your customers and you. Say, for example, ask your customers to refer to your products through a referral code.

Once they use the code to refer, offer them small gift coupons or giveaways in return for each successful referral. This way, your store can be a popular site for visitors as they tend to get elated through your small giveaways.


Implement social sharing buttons

2021 is all about social media sharing. And what can be better if you automatically gain your customer base through your existing customers’ social sharing? Sounds good. It indeed is. 

A social sharing button allows customers to share and suggest their purchase experiences to their friends and acquaintances. Thus, keeping a social sharing button on your order confirmation page. It can be helpful for organically getting customers.

In a way, it’s a free advertisement and top marketing channel for your online store and products for which you don’t have to invest anything. All you have to do is implement a social sharing button onto your store’s thank you page.

After all, redirecting traffic from Facebook or Google ads isn’t cheap anymore. In such a condition, acquiring free traffic from social sharing is indeed a great delight.


Show helpful resources related to purchased items. 

Resources like aiding videos, blogs, or files can help the customers make a specific purchase. Thus, all associated resources, including product information, product unboxing, garment visuals, etc., are a must to be put on your thank you page. 

Such resources being more customer-centric and product-specific, add up a lot in building customer trust in the long run.


Show cross-sell and up-sell items. 

Another thing worth mentioning is showing your cross-sell and up-sell products to the customers landing on your “thank you page.” 

This way, you can read your customers’ minds by encouraging them to go for better products of the same genre or products that complement their existing purchase. 

And if they are convinced of the same, then it’s a win-win for your business. So, never let that go.


Give coupons for the next purchase.

Once a customer is done with his/her purchase, it’s an excellent idea to offer them discount coupons for their next purchase. 

This way, you can keep your existing customer intact and trigger them for the next purchase in a healthy manner. So, never skip this for your “thank you page.”


Ask for a small survey.

Another potential activity is to conduct a short online survey. It’s indeed a great idea to learn about your customer’s preferences and their buying strategy. 

Although it’s tricky as you need to be specific and to the point, it’s a great one if conducted skillfully and wisely. 

Getting a small survey about your products and features will help you fix bugs and build a refined product as per market needs. 


Implement proper navigation to proceed

Since a thank you page is the endpoint of a customer’s single-round purchase, it is essential to add appropriate navigation to the page to enhance your customer experience and site’s retention. 

Proper navigation to the end page makes your customers stick around for some more time and explore other things that might seem to be interesting. So, navigation to your thank you page is something that should be considered a top priority. 


Bonus Tips: Don’t ask too many things at once

Remember, a thank you page is the one that is meant to wow your customers and greet them in a unique style. So, never go for too many things at once. Be precise, follow neatness, maintain decency and be lovable. Don’t try to overdo things that might turn your tables.


Final Thoughts

As a goodbye is never a goodbye in a real sense; similarly, a Thank You page is never the end to your customer relationship. 

It’s the beginning of a strong and healthy customer-owner relationship that emerges from a Thank you page and lasts until the inner shopping spree in you remains alive. 

So, dear store owners, make sure that you make every thank you count. After all, the key to your customer’s heart is through your overall website shopping experience.


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