How to Get YouTube Premium  — Youtube is the largest and most popular streaming media in all corners of the world today. This streaming media giant now has two versions, namely a free youtube version and also a premium or paid youtube version. And of course, youtube premium is different from free youtube.

On youtube premium, we can get interesting features that we will not get from the free version of youtube. YouTube Premium is a must-try. To get to know more about what youtube premium is, in this post, we will review a little about youtube premium.

What is the Youtube Premium Version?

Youtube premium is a paid version of youtube. In this version, we can get a streaming service without ads on all videos without exception. In addition, YouTube Premium also has a video player feature in the background so that we can watch videos while doing other activities from our cellphones. Not only the player feature in the background, but by subscribing to YouTube premium we can also get easier video download options.

On youtube premium we can find more original series or series, of course, we won’t get this feature other than youtube premium. Paid YouTube has actually been around for a long time, but it was once known as Youtube Red. This time paid youtube was born with the name Youtube Premium, of course with newer features in the YouTube Premium Apk version.

By paying a little more expensive we can get Youtube Premium service. We don’t need to use additional applications, just use the regular Youtube application that comes pre-existing on Android and iOS devices.

Advantages of Youtube Premium

So far we have only used Youtube services for free, of course, when using free Youtube, sometimes we get obstacles that make us less comfortable using it. With Youtube premium, we will get several advantages or advantages, including:

1. Video No Ads

By subscribing to Youtube premium we will get ad-free features. When watching streaming we will not be disturbed by advertisements that appear, so we can be more comfortable when watching streaming videos.

2. Playing in Background

When using a smartphone we tend to do multitasking. One of the obstacles when using free Youtube is that we can’t multitask, but with Youtube premium, we can play videos in the background, and of course we can do multitasking.

3. Offline Access

With Youtube premium, we can download all kinds of videos to watch offline. Of course, we will not get this feature on Youtube for free.

List of Youtube Premium Subscription Packages

To subscribe to YouTube premium, we can choose one of the three packages available, namely the regular package, the family package, and the student package.

1. Reuler Package

This package is the most widely used, by paying Rp. 59,000, – every month we can enjoy premium Youtube features.

2. Family Package

The family package can be used by up to 5 people, by subscribing to this package, of course, we can save more costs. The fee required to subscribe to the family package is Rp. 89,000,-.

3. Student Package

Good news for students who want to try the premium Youtube feature, because, for those of you who are still students, you can get a discount for subscribing to YouTube premium. The fee to be paid is Rp. 34,990, -, of course with the terms and conditions that apply.

How To Get Free Youtube Premium For 3 Months

For those of you who want to try youtube premium but are reluctant to pay, here’s how to get youtube premium free for 3 months. Here are the steps:

  1. The first step is to open the premium youtube site with the link.
  2. Then on the site click “Try Free”, then select one of the packages to be used. There are 3 package options, namely the regular package, the family package, and the student package.
  3. After that, we will be asked to fill out a payment form. Fill in everything completely and correctly, then click “Buy”.
  4. Thus we can try Youtube Premium for free for 3 months. After 3 months of use, we can cancel the payment, so we don’t have to spend money to pay for it.

How To Get Youtube Premium For Free Without Subscription

To get Youtube Premium for free, here are the steps:

  1. First, you have to open the link
  2. Then click the Sign-in option located in the upper right corner.
  3. Then log in using a Gmail account.
  4. Wait until the google for non-profit account page appears, then click “register now”.
  5. Then click on the Enroll/Register option.
  6. Next, enter our YouTube channel ID.
  7. After that click Register, then our Youtube account has become premium.

How to Install Free Premium Youtube Application | Watch Videos Without Ads

Free Premium Youtube Application – This article was specially made by me to provide information on how to watch videos without ads like on Youtube Premium. Of course, without having to subscribe and create an account as in the previous article.

As we know that Youtube has 2 versions, namely premium and regular. Based on the name alone, maybe you already understand that the two are like the earth and the sky. So the regular version is the one we know today and is used to.

As for the premium version, it is a paid or subscription version and gets various special features. Like watching ad-free, being able to play videos in the background, there is a picture-in-picture feature, offline mode, and much more.

All these special features can be obtained if you use a premium account. If you want to try to create a free premium account, you can see the tutorial in the following article: How to Create a Free Premium Youtube Account Forever.

But did you know that you can actually watch YT videos without ads and other premium features just by using the Vanced Youtube Application? It’s free, so you don’t have to pay a subscription fee or anything like that.

Oh yes, this application can only be installed on Android devices, while for iOS or iPhone it is not supported yet. Curious how to install it? Check out the following guide.

How to Install the Free Premium Youtube Application

Before starting the installation of the application, I will briefly discuss what needs to be prepared. In this guide, you need an application called Youtube Vanced, an application that is 99% similar to Youtube because the engine is the same. But what’s interesting is that Vanced has an Ad-block feature that blocks ads while watching videos.

The format of the Yt Vanced application is APKs, so you can’t install it like other APKs. To install APKs formatted applications, you can use the Split APKs Installer (SAI).

Then so that Youtube Vanced can be integrated with a Google/Gmail account, an additional MicroG APK is required. So when installing the Youtube Premium Vanced application, it is recommended to install MicroG as well.

Download Youtube Vanced + MicroG

The first step, please download the application on the official website ( If the Android device you are using is still original and has not been pressed at all, simply download Vanced and MicroG as shown below.

How to Install the Free Premium Youtube Application

Install Youtube Vanced + MicroG

Next, please also install the Split APKs Installer (SAI) application from the Google Play Store. After that, follow these steps:

  • Open the APKs Installer application.
  • Select the Install APKs menu option.
  • Find and select the Youtube Vanced file that was downloaded earlier. (Usually in the download folder).
  • Then Select and the installation process will run.
  • After successfully installed you can open and use it. However, it has not been able to log in or connect to a Gmail account.

To be able to connect to a Google account, please install the MicroG APK as usual. Don’t forget to permit to install from unknown sources.

Premium Youtube App Ready To Use

After you install like the guide above, it means the application is ready to use. By using Vanced you can watch YouTube videos without ads like the premium version.

Youtube Premium Price

The price of Youtube Premium is Rp. 59,000 per month. You can also try it with a trial version for 2 months.

If you add the Premium Family Plan and Youtube Music Family Plan features, you can create 6 accounts to register. and the price offered starts from Rp. 75,000.

How, interested in trying to subscribe?

Actually, there are other ways to be able to enjoy Youtube that not many people know about. Here’s how to get a Premium account for Free forever.

How to Get a Premium Account For Free Forever

How to do it? Is there a way? OK, let’s see how!

The Trial Version of the Premium plan is Free.

While the duration of the Trial only runs for 1 month (30 days instead of 31), and after that, you will be charged a fee of 59,900, UNLESS if you cancel your subscription then the funds, credit, or money will not be sucked.

Well, to outsmart the trick, we have to Cancel or Cancel the YouTube Premium subscription maximum on the 29th or 28th day, (recommended D-2).

Then you wait until the trial period runs out, and H + 1 aka the day after tomorrow where you are required to pay, please change your account to enjoy the Trial again for free.

  • The first step, How to Get a Premium account for Free Forever is to create multiple Google accounts. You simply open the Gmail site, select register (Create New Account), fill in the requested data according to the form during registration.
  • Next, connect to YouTube or Android users, please log in via Smartphone settings. The trick is to go to Settings, select Account, scroll down, tap the “Add Accounts” button, and log in using the account that was created earlier.
  • Next, open a YouTube account, do a Change Account or Change Account to the account you just created and subscribe to YT Premium for a 30-day free trial (Free Trial) make sure the fee is IDR 0.00. Remember, you must use an account that has never been used for a trial of the Premium plan because if you use one that has already been used, it will fail.

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