How to Hide Pinterest Profile and Private Post
How to Hide Pinterest Profile and Private Post

Pinterest is the professional social media account where we can create profile for self-introducing in the public. Fill all the details in your Pinterest profile and upload picture on Pinterest.

You have both options for your profile that is first you can show or hide your profile on Pinterest. This is the simplest choice to become a Linkedin Video downloader invisible on Pinterest. But I’m not recommending that option, especially if you don’t want to miss an excellent job offer from various bog companies, a suggestion that would change your life.

If you want to post any content on Pinterest and you want hide for some people then Its very easy process for showing and hiding any post on Pinterest, Follow all the points:

Point 1: Login your Pinterest Account.
Point 2: Go to Profile Setting.
Point 3: Select the Private post and profile.
Point 4: Refresh your page and check.

Features of Pinterest:

Pinterest is a hub of professional accounts for study and jobs. Candidates can check information according to your need and watch online video on Pinterest but one thing is most important for the Pinterest user which we should know about that is Pinterest never gives permission for downloading Pinterest video but you don’t worry because I will tell you about Pinterest Video Downloader which helps to download Pinterest video and images from Pinterest. So don’t waste your time and use it from now and enjoy offline videos.

Pinterest is a very well and reputaed social media platform or you can also say it is image search engine where we search and find images high quality

How to create beautiful Pins in Pinterest

Create High Quality Images first
Use canva and other photoshop for creating images and videos and you also create a video for pins
Then open pinterest and go plus icon and pin then write title and decription after that your images in upload

How to drive traffic from Pinterest
Pinterest is a great social media platform, people are use Pinterest for drive traffic and also use for personal branding, because there are millions of users are active in pinterst , so this is an opportunity for you to grab this and drive traffic on your website and also brand yourself,

Why Pinterest ?

Pinterest is Top 3 Social media platform there are more then 2 billion user use pinterest so that’s is the reason pinterst is a great social media tool


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