How to Improve PPC Campaigns

Over the past years, PPC or Pay-per-click has turned out as one of the best online advertising solutions for all types of businesses. In this digital era, PPC campaigns play a major role in making your online business successful and boosting your sales.

According to Google, search ads keep the potential to raise your brand awareness by 80% with ppc marketing. If you have already drive a PPC campaign and it was not effective enough, you have landed on the right page. In this post, we shall share amazing tips to improve your PPC campaign.

What is PPC?

Before you jump on the best tips to improve your PPC campaign, let’s know what it is. It stands for pay-per-click, is a model of internet marketing in which a business pays a specific amount of money each time its ads are clicked. In simpler words, you can buy visits on your website by paying some amount rather than earning those visits organically. PPC also allows you to check your ad performance in real-time.

Best Tips to Improve your PPC Campaign

  • Make a Specific Goal

Without having a clear and measurable goal, you can’t drive your PPC campaign appropriately. Keep in mind that your goal acts as a baseline for your optimization process. Without having a good road map, you can’t reach your destination. The same applies to your PPC campaign. You may have different goals for your business. For example-

To get subscribers

-To improve your sale

-To get traffic on your website

Hence it is important to create a clear and realistic goal before start working on a campaign. Your goal should inspire your team and should be inclined towards the accomplishment of your business’ goals.

  • High-Performance Keyword is Important

In any PPC campaign, the right keywords play a major role in making your campaign successful and inspiring. Google offers you a tool through which you can create keywords, but to ensure the success of your campaign, you should always go with the keywords with high CTR.

Before including keywords into your ad copy, make sure you check their performance. After analyzing the performance, choose keywords with supreme performance. You can also use a VPN to find out the keywords of different regions if your target audience is scattered and belongs to different countries.

  • Note Down the Negative Keywords

By using negative keywords, you can prevent your ad from displaying on irrelevant searches. These keywords also help you save money on wasted clicks and produce more opportunities to show on relevant searches.

For example, if you deal with android only, but your ads are being displayed to smartwatches and more, you can add those keywords into negative keywords.

  • Create an Effective Ad Copy

Ad copy plays a major role in determining the success of your pay-per-click campaign. Hence, it would be best to put all your effort into making your ad copy engraining and effective. As you can write limited characters in your ad copy, you should mention USP and why customers should choose you over other brands.

You should always write relevant content in your ad copy and line up all your ads with keywords and their respective landing pages. Furthermore, a creative headline can help you in grabbing the attention of a surfer. At the end of the ad, you can choose power words to encourage the customers to click on it and visit your store. For example, you can use words like an instant, today only, exclusive, heavy discount, and more.

  • Optimize the Quality of Keywords

One of the major reasons most PPC campaigns don’t get successful is that they use more than enough keywords. Digital Marketing Institute says an average PPC campaign boosts your sale by only 12% of its keywords. Hence, instead of overloading keywords in your campaign, aim to improve your keyword quality score.

Three major factors that determine your keywords’ quality are- click-through rate, the relevancy of keywords to your ad copy, and landing page experience. Therefore, if you are looking to optimize your keywords’ quality score, you should focus on these three factors.

  • Use Remarketing

A high bounce rate is one of the most familiar scenes in pay-per-click marketing. Well, you can recapture the missed opportunities through remarketing. You can use it for recapturing the attention of prospects that are still in the awareness phase.

Remarketing allows you to display your ads to the users who have already seen your services and products. There are many ways through which you can boost the performance of your remarketing to get a good return on investment. For example, you can work with popular influencers in your specific market.

  • Optimize your Campaign for Mobile Users

Ignoring mobile users will be a blunder for your PPC campaign, as around 45.12% of the global population uses a mobile phone. Make sure to create mobile-friendly landing pages so that you can get the maximum output from your PPC campaign.

A mobile user doesn’t prefer to type long queries in the search bar. Hence, if you want to attract mobile users, make sure to give more attention to short-tail keywords.

  • Keep a Tab on your PPC Campaign

To make your PPC campaign successful, you should monitor your campaign regularly. Some beginners don’t believe in tracing their campaigns regularly, and sometimes, it becomes the major reason behind the failure of some PPC campaigns.

The Final Words

It doesn’t matter whether you are an owner of a huge online store or just launched you’re a mini-store on the internet; PPC advertising helps you to increase the visibility of your brand. However, to create a successful campaign, you need to follow the specific steps that we have already mentioned above.

To increase your campaign’s efficiency, you can also invest in an automation solution that offers you closed-loop reporting and keeps you updated about your campaign. Now that you have known all the tips, it’s time to create a robust campaign and grow your business.


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