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In 2021, the major change in SEO is performance. 

For those of you who don’t know about the major change, they should know that it is all about the performance of the website and its user experience. 

Today, people want to find information on the internet faster. If they are not sure how to go about it on a website, they simply close it and move to another website. You don’t want that to happen, right? 

That’s why core web vitals are important. If you are still unsure, what are core web vitals and how WordPress website developers can improve the performance of their website, then read on. 

  • What is Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals is all about improving site performance. The performance metrics are measured through three metrics, these are FID, CLS, and LCP. 

Core Web Vitals were initially introduced by Google to analyze the performance of any website. In the beginning, it was only a performance measurement metric. But recently  the weightage on user experience has increased a lot. The only reason behind it is because Google is now a mobile-first search engine and for mobile phones, user experience matters a lot.

Core Web Vitals are the speed measurements used to measure Google’s experience page. The measurement measures Large Contentful Paint (LCP) visual load, Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) visual stability and First Input Delay interactivity (FID).

These are the three foundations of Google updates to the experience of the page speed, reactivity and visually stable. Continue to focus on users and create a fantastic site!

  • Why is Core Web Vitals Important

When a user is visiting your website, he/she has an intent in mind. If that intent is not fulfilled then that is because of Core Web Vitals.

Core Web Vitals refines user intent. It is one of the best ways to check how the website is working and what you should do about it. Core Web Vitals in its truest form is a way for digital businesses to improve user experience, get more order volume, and double their profit.

In a nutshell, Core Web vitals is a subset of variables that will make up the “page experience” of Google (mostly the method that Google sizes up the UX total of your website).

Core Web Vitals Becomes a Ranking Signal

Core Web Vitals are an essential adjustment in how rankings function. Core Web Vitals Now, your user experience plays a significant part in reaching the desired number one place on your website. A website that is badly designed and doesn’t focus on user experience won’t cut it.

While all Core Web Vitals assess efficiency and speed, all have unique interactions, on which their score depends. Reviewing the three key websites may offer us a better concept of how each assesses your website and therefore how better SEO is produced for a website

You need to score ‘good’ for all three core web vitals—the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)—based on field information in order to pass the evaluation of Core Web Vitals. Is your website evaluated by Core Web Vitals?

Why is LCP Important?

One of the core Web Vitals of Google is Largest Contentful Paint (CWVs). LCP is a key user-centric metric of how quickly a Web page displays the biggest image or text block.

Why is FID Important?

First input Display (FID) is an essential user-centered metric in the measurement of load reactivity, as it measures the user experiences in interacting with non-responsive pages. A small FID helps make the page useful.

Why is CLS Score Important?

In simple terms, when rendering the page, CLS monitors the unexpected changes of web components. This metric is then measured as a summary of all the alterations in the layout on your website. CLS is also one of the web vital components of Google.

CLS Score is mostly dependent on the fluctuations that are introduced on the site when a user is browsing it. These can be a popup, a headline, an intrusive ad, an interstitial, or something similar. 

The purpose behind the CLS score is to make sure that the site is working perfectly and offers the best performance to the user.

In essence, the CLS score measures how much time a user is willing to spend on a website. 

For example, if a user visits an eCommerce store and wants to buy a product. The user adds a product to the cart. However, when the user visits the checkout page, a popup appears. The user closes the pages because of the intrusiveness. This is something that you want to avoid to increase the conversion ratio.

  • Should You Worry About Core Web Vitals

Yes, absolutely. Core Web vitals is necessary for any website to rank on search engines. Core web vitals is not just about improving site performance, but it is also the future of how websites will rank. 

Test your corrections using the testing tool PageSpeed Insights (or the Chrome Lighthouse tool, if you want to use an in-browser tool). Click Start tracking in the Search Console Core Web Vitals Report when you think a particular issue will be corrected. Follow your procedure of validation.

Factors Affecting Core Web Vitals:

Here is a list of factors that influence the Core Web Vitals score of any website. Let’s see each of the factors in detail. 

  • Performance: Speed or the time to first byte or a website on a client browser plays a crucial role. This can be tested using DOMCOntentLoaded on your browser or using any other website speed testing tool. Make sure that the website loads under 3 seconds.
  • User experience: Another important factor where Core Web Vitals play a crucial role is the user experience. User experience is the overall user journey through your website. If the experience is positive, you get a conversion. If the experience is negative, the user bounces off the site. Core Web Vitals help check the user experience through CLS score.
  • Server cache: Third and one of the most important factors in Core Web Vitals is the server response and server cache. If your website has a slow response time, then most of it depends on the server that you use. Core Web Vitals makes sure that your website has a better response time.

Tools for Core Web Vitals

Here is a list of tools that you can use to check the Core Web Vitals score of your website.

  • Gtmetrix

First and the most used metric for Core web vitals is GTMetrix speed testing tool. It is one of the most famous performance testing metrics and it allows users to easily check their websites for performance.

  • Google page insights

Next we have the official Google performance testing tool. The Google Page Insights tool is specifically catering to websites by providing them with tips to improve their performance.

  • Lighthouse

Google has also offered Google Lighthouse plugin to the users to check the performance of their website. The Google Lighthouse plugin makes sure that all the websites get the recommendations that can help them improve overall performance. If you are using Google chrome, then Lighthouse comes pre-built.

  • Search console

Finally, the tool that you can use to check your site’s performance in search engines is by Google Search Console.Google Search console offers a comprehensive way to audit your website. You can also use the search console to see Core Web Vitals.

In the “enhancements” area of your Google Search Console account, you can see Core Web Vitals data for your site.

Key Takeaways:

  • Core Web Vitals consist of CLS, FID, LCP, and everything else that helps a website improve site performance and user experience.
  • If you want to increase your site rankings, or if you want to get more keywords to rank on keywords, then Core Web Vitals will help you do all that.
  • The most important Core web vitals factor in 2021 is CLS score. CLS score checks for disturbance or variation of elements on the website. If you want to improve the overall performance of a website, then Core Web Vitals is all you need.
  • The best tools you would need to check core web vitals are Google Page Insights, GTMetrix, and even Google Search Console also called as the Google webmaster toolkit.

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