Dreaming of becoming independent, starting a new business or updating your current logo? There are many ways to create a logo for your company. For example, you can enlist the help of a design agency that helps brands come up with an impactful logo that represents their core values, products and services.

Such organizations know how to make a pleasing impression with a logo by strategically placing it on branded materials, case studies, website, advertisements, and so on. However, such services can cost you money. The best way to create a logo without investing money is to use Turbologo’s service.

Ways to make a logo for free

Below we look at the most popular methods of making a logo for free.

Using a graphic editor

Using a graphic editor will be a good option if you have an idea and an excess of free time. In addition, skills in programs such as:

Adobe Photoshop;

Adobe Illustrator.

Otherwise, this solution is not for you. It is worth noting that you can find a lot of training videos that help you learn the basics of such programs. Keep in mind that it will take you a long time to master the process of using a graphic editor. If absolutely necessary, you can edit the company logo on your own at any time.

Using online logo designers

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to create a memorable logo design that is guaranteed to attract many new customers and stand the test of time with dignity. Using an online logo designer, you can forget about expensive designer and freelancer services. Turbologo is a free online tool, which allows you to create bright, unusual and effective logos in minutes, taking into account the needs of a particular business.

Thanks to artificial intelligence options, the service allows you to quickly and efficiently create your own logo without resorting to the help of a professional designer. Turbologo offers simple and easy-to-use design tools. They are sure to make your brand known.

How to choose the right logo design?

A logo is commonly understood to be one of the prerequisites for a company to thrive. Accordingly, the choice of its design should be approached with great responsibility. Pay attention to the fact that the logo should in some way correlate with its actual name.

A text logo is suitable if the name of your organization consists of no more than 2 words. Abbreviated logo will be acceptable, provided that the name of the firm has a “complicated” words, terms. A symbolic logo will be a good solution if your promoted brand has a clear positioning. Abstraction can be chosen as a logo if you intend to get a unique logo without a hint of plagiarism. As a rule, mascot logos allow you to successfully promote a company if your organization’s target audience is predominantly families or children.


When choosing how to create a logo, you should consider the fact that online generators provide a rich selection of different logos for every taste and color. Moreover, you will be able to control all the stages of creating your company logo. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of free time, and a great desire to learn how to work in a graphic editor, go ahead, but remember that a really great logo may not turn out the first try.


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