How to Manage Lighting in Workspace Perfectly?

Manage Lighting in Workspace

Lighting in the workplace is one of the most important features that impact not only the mental health and wellbeing of the workers but also their productivity. It is often taken very lightly, due to which the workers suffer and fail to give their best to work. Proper lighting provides strength and energy to people. On the other hand, sharp and too bright lights can also cause migraines and other eye problems.

Traditional workplaces in developed countries like the United Arab Emirates use the fixed lighting without paying heed to concerns like if it is too dim or too bright. On the other hand, the coworking spaces are taking the initiative of paying proper attention to adjusting the lights according to the need and requirements of workers to boost their productivity.  Learning about perfect management can ease the process of its implementation.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn about design thinking strategies and how you can perfectly manage the lighting in your workplace.

Top 7 Types of Lights Used in Workplaces

There is a general misconception in society that poor lighting hurts the eyes. In reality, poor lighting hurts the eyes, mood, productivity and mental health, but so does too bright light. Finding moderation and balance in lighting is the key to achieve the perks of productivity. Exploring the types of lights can help you identify which is the best one at what time.

Here are the top types of lights that are commonly used in workplaces.

1. Natural Light

Natural light is the light coming from the sun. It is the most effective in terms that it boosts the energy and productivity of the workforce. In this modern era, most traditional workplaces are too congested and do not get any sunlight, which makes the workers lethargic. Too many workers are now opting for coworking spaces in Dubai as they are designed to make the most of natural lights and boost mood and productivity.

2. Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is one of the most commonly used lights in any setting. The fluorescent lights usually contain low-pressure mercury vapor gas that actually produces the light. These often produce warm or too bright light, which at first pinches the eyesight but later gets adjusted. Although it is cost-efficient, it is not an ideal choice for workplaces.

3. LED Lighting

Light-emitting diodes, commonly known as LED lights, are the most widely used lights in this era, without the distinction of home or workplace. These lights are cost-efficient, in addition to being energy efficient, which is the major reason for their popularity. The light density is also effective enough to regularize mood and productivity instead of impacting them negatively.

4. Circadian Lighting

The concept of circadian lighting is not new; however, it is not widely used and implemented due to numerous challenges. Circadian lighting follows the circadian rhythm of the human body. It means that in the morning, the body needs more light to wake up and stay active. In the afternoon, a bit dimmer light is needed to showcase the end of work and day. While at night, almost dark light is needed to fall asleep. The circadian also follows the pattern of sunlight in the life of an average human being.

5. Cool White Lights

The color and temperature of the light play an important role in impacting mood and productivity. In that term, the cool white lights are the best, which gives off bright and slightly blue hues. These lights are a bit brighter, which helps the workers stay active and alert. These are perfect for meeting rooms and conference rooms.

6. Warm Lights

In contrast to the cool white lights, the warm lights promote relaxation and comfort. The light temperature and hues are set on the warmer sides to let the workers relax a bit and not be on their toes. These lights are ideal to be used in the break rooms, lobbies and waiting areas. These are necessary to enjoy a little break from the work atmosphere.

7. Natural White Lights

The last type of lighting used in the workplace is the natural white light, which is a perfect and soft combination of cool and warm lights. This type of light is ideal for the working atmosphere where a bit of creativity, brainstorming, and artistry is required. If your workplace is not providing this ideal lighting setup, you can explore coworking space Dubai based rentals and pick the best one to start working from the perfect setting.

Pay attention to workplace lighting to boost productivity!

The productivity of the workforce is directly linked with their atmosphere, and lighting is one of the most crucial parts of the atmosphere, which is usually ignored. If you are unable to make changes in your workplace layout, it is better to check out the coworking spaces that take care of all such little details and help the workers focus on work more efficiently.

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