Virtual Spring Picnic

The spring season brings a fresh and warm breath of air after the long, freezing winters. It is the best time to step out of home or workplaces and enjoy the blooming flowers, plants and soothing breeze. Picnics are quite common in the spring season. However, if your organization is practicing remote working, a virtual spring picnic is the best option for your workers.

Organizing a picnic for the employees after selecting a perfect spot is not something difficult; however, doing the same for the remote workforce is surely tricky. A unique point you can follow is to allow the workers to select a separate venue that is not far away from them and offers the perfect setting for a picnic and connect with other members.

Benefits of Virtual Spring Picnic

Virtual spring picnic for the remote workforce is an exciting experience that offers numerous benefits. Some of them include;

  • Boost employee morale
  • Provide a healthy break from routine
  • Refresh and reenergize creative souls
  • Promote organizational culture
  • Gather material for social media promotions

Keep scrolling down this article to explore how you can organize a perfect virtual spring picnic.

Top 7 Tips to Host Exciting Virtual Spring Picnic for Workforce

Virtual events have been the unexpected highlight of the year 2020. Although socially distant and hybrid events are also growing, virtual events special attraction and importance for the attendees. These types of events allow them to pick their venue, which can be their home or a park or any other place. Still, you need to put in a little effort to make it exciting and memorable.

Here are the tops tips for hosting an exciting virtual spring picnic for your remote workforces.

1. Plan and Spread the Word

The first step and tip for hosting the most exciting virtual spring picnic for your workforce are to plan the event and then spread the word. In the planning phase, you can work on the agenda and overall flow of the event, its stages, as well as budget management. Business organizations often hire event companies in Dubai to take care of the planning phase to keep the element of surprise for their workforce.

2. Set the Rules

The second tip to make your remote picnic fun and memorable is to set the rules. It can be about the timing of the event, venue selection, overall theme of the picnic and the dress code. If you have a large workforce, you can make the teams of five or ten members according to the total number and ask them to collaborate and pick a similar picnic point.

3. Get the Spring Baskets

One of the essentials of any spring picnic is the spring basket. It can include eatables, fruits, juices and other fun props. The organization can take on this responsibility as the picnic organizer and prepare the spring baskets with the help of professionals and send them on the way of their workforces, so they can enjoy fully without having to put in any extra effort.

4. Check Out Entertainment Packages

Any picnic is incomplete and unexciting without a little entertainment. Music is crucial to set the party mood; however, it is not enough. You can ask the event organizers about the entertainment packages that include a variety of fun, exciting, and team-building activities. You can also opt for the virtual games to include in your picnic and raise the bar of excitement and thrill.

5. Upgrade Your Technology

Technology is the backbone of a virtual spring picnic event. You need to pick the right virtual event platform for a picnic event so that all your team members are virtually connected and are able to enjoy. You can ask the professionals about the best platform, as well as upgrade and personalize it according to your need and requirements, so it does not interrupt your enjoyment.

6. Include Fun Activities

In case your remote workforce is attending the virtual picnic event separately, you can opt for the fun digital activities, or you can arrange quizzes, etc. On the other hand, if your workforce has developed teams and is visiting a specific picnic point, you can also include a few physical sports activities. The picnic event is incomplete without games, so do not skip them.

7. Share Surprise Swag Bags

The last tip and step of making your virtual spring picnic exciting are to share the surprise swag bags. Surprises create the best memories that are cherished for years to come, and you can provide this happiness and memory to your teams with the help of professionals. You can hire event companies in Dubai and let the experts prepare the swag bags and deliver them to the event venue at the perfect time.

Plan the picnic before it’s too late!

Spring season often feels like the briefest season of the year, and the weather gets too warm to step out. So, do not miss out on your time and get in touch with professional event organizers to discuss the plan and organize a perfect picnic for your remote workforce.


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