If you are planning to appear in the GRE test, you must know that there’s a section in GRE called AWA or the Analytical Writing Assessment section. Under this section, a test-taker is required to showcase his analytical and writing skills simultaneously. This section is as significant as the verbal and quantitative sections. The GRE AWA is categorized into two terms: GRE Analyze an issue, and GRE Analyze an Argument. Both the categories provide 30 minutes with each. In the first category, i.e., GRE Analyze an issue, you are given an issue and asked to display your arguments and favorable opinions. Find out Difference between GMAT and GRE to know the best exam for you.

Further, in the next category, i.e., GRE Analyze an Argument, you are provided with an argument and asked to justify the same. Both types test different skills. However, the GRE AWA is imperative as the scores obtained in this section are used to evaluate the test taker’s logical reasoning skills, critical thinking and writing ability. In this article, we learn some ways through which we can develop the required skills for GRE AWA. Find out GRE Mock test for more info.

Practice, practice, and practice!

Practice is the key to success. You have to write at least three essays every day. Try to finish your essays within the limited time frame of 30 minutes. The only way to be able to write within the time is to practice as much as possible. Even if you are a good writer, it is recommended that you should not attempt the GRE AWA without practicing before. The major reason behind this is that the issue essay differs from what you wrote in school earlier. Therefore, do not miss out on daily practice sessions. Forming a habit of writing a minimum of three essays every day will reward you with good scores on the test.

Select Real-world examples 

Choosing a hypothetical topic over a real-world example will not yield the required results. In hypothetical models, it becomes difficult to reach an accurate point as there can be several arguments against the title. Therefore, always go for a real-world example to get better results and point out straight practical arguments. For instance, you can opt for direct topics such as The War of 1812, Mitt Romney, etc.

Provide relevant examples 

A huge range of topics is available to choose an example from. However, make sure you don’t over-stuff the essay with your example. For instance, if you have selected a historical topic, ensure your example doesn’t overtake the essay. You only need an example to prove a point. Therefore, an example should be relevant and mentioned within the limit of the essay.

Prevent self-reference 

Preventing self-reference implies that you should avoid writing things like ‘In my opinion’ or ‘According to me. The reader of the essay is already aware that you are writing the essay per your perspective. So, tend to avoid first-person references anyhow. Using first-person pronouns occurs when you are talking about your personal experience. Ensure you do not use ‘I’ in the introduction and conclusion.

Avoid waffling

You can’t argue from both sides of the argument. Therefore, avoid mentioning information that is not required and pay more attention to defending your side with accurate statements and examples. Choosing which side to support is trivial. Rather decide how to protect it so that it appears to be convincing.

Now that you know the tips and approach for GRE AWA, you should create a schedule and begin working on it. You can clear the GRE AWA through good practice and dedication. Abide by all the tips in this article and get ready to see a drastic change in your GRE AWA section. Also, the score ranges for GRE AWA ranges from 0 to 6, where 6 is the maximum score, a student can obtain. The average score in this section A score of 5 or 6 implies that the student possesses great writing skills and critical thinking ability. However, a score of 2.5 or less won’t guarantee admission into a top business school.


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