How to Prevent a Presentation Folder Design Disaster

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Let’s face it, while there may not be a need for you to be a complete design genius in order to create arresting presentation folders, however, you should ideally have the vision to know how to make a visual impact in the right manner. Even though everyone gives the advice that judging a book by its cover is not the best practice, on the other hand when you talk about clients, first impressions definitely can be the last impression. So when it comes to your a5 presentation folder design, if you end up creating something that is extremely off-putting, chances are that your clients will definitely not take you seriously. This means that all the time and hard work you spent on creating valuable information that is contained inside your folder, will be wasted.

The Importance of Presentation Folders

Presentation folders come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit one’s purposes. They are produced by a folder printing company to provide marketing for service and/or products. The most common example would be of a company launching new products or service and wanting to show their clients/customers/audience about all the benefits in an organised fashion.

The personalised folders not only boosts the organisation skills sets of an employee but also elevates the branding of a company, unlike other marketing tools. Presentation folders are used for distribution to delegates at a conference, give-aways to clients, and are handed to whenever someone new joins the company.

Types of Presentation folders

Based on finishes

There are multiple finishes available for a presentation folder like:

  • Matt
  • Gloss
  • Satin

Each of these makes use of different materials like silk and will guarantee long life. Also, they can be square and landscape, each for different occasions. Besides those, a wide range of templates and lamination can also be included while designing a presentation folder.

Having said all this, let us tell you that most of the time you can improve upon the design of your custom a5 folder simply by having the knowledge of things that you should avoid doing regarding folder printing.

Tips that will help you in preventing a folder design disaster


Talking about designing your a5 folder well, this means that you shouldn’t over-complicate your design with too many elements visually that are clashing. For example, having a single image that is bold is better than having an entire collage of clashing images. Too much cluttering of your folder, with visual elements, will end up leaving and not so great an impression on your clients. It ends up sending a message that you are not sure about the theme of your business. However, if you do have to go for multiple images, then make sure that one image is primary in the entire lot and draws attention to itself. The rest of the images should just be complementary and draw attention towards the image that is the main image.

Colour Coordination:

A lot of times people do not pay attention to colour coordination and let us tell you that it is a very important aspect of designing your folder well. For example, a really bright neon coloured folder would look very out of place, if your business is serious let’s say like a funeral home. It however might be the perfect colour to be used for beautification services like a salon. According to the nature of your business, it is important to select your colour palette accordingly so that the design and colours of your folder complement your business as well.

Stock Choice:

Another  point you should pay special attention to, is choosing the right kind of stock for your presentation folders. You can actually end up ruining your design if you do not choose the right stock. Many a time you’ll find that the stock availability is quite attractive in terms of options, but it might not end up suiting the design you have in place. For example, while a stock that is dark in colour or linen-textured might seem really attractive to look at, but it will not fit well if your design is light and colour. Similarly having too much texture can also end up ruining the design, hence on the basis of whatever your designs, it is important that you choose your stock accordingly. Always ask for samples and in that way, you will be able to select whichever suits your design the most.

Concise Content:

While it is really tempting, to cram up all the information about your business on your presentation folders, however, it is a practice that is best avoided. Yes, you need to contain information regarding your business, however, it should not be too much. Make sure all the important points are included, however, you are not over-explaining yourself. What you need to think of your folder is like a newspaper, where there should be an attention-grabbing headline that will make you pay attention to the rest of the content.

Leverage Features:

Once you have decided upon the design that is going to go on your photos and the climate conference order you can look at other special features that could come in handy for your marketing material. For sample presentation, interlocking folders could help you in leveraging its design and presenting your materials in a better manner. Similarly, there are other features like window folders, etc. that can give the viewer a peek into what kind of material effect is on the side. Of course, all of this needs to depend upon the kind of design you have chosen for your folders, however, if there is something exciting that you want to present, look into leveraging these features and setting your business apart.

Lastly, after we have enumerated all these points as above, one thing that can really help you in avoiding any sort of disaster is asking for samples before you finalise the design. Many times there could be some design flaw that is only apparent when you have a final product in your hand, so it is best that you take a sample and make sure that all the things that you wanted out of your a5 folder printing are there. This will also help you in making sure that there are no flaws that you cannot take care of, the worst feeling is to realise that there is nothing you can do to fix some mistake.

Always take a second opinion, when you’re in doubt otherwise you might end up making the wrong choice. So if you follow the aforementioned points for raining your custom a5 folder, you will be best protected against any kind of design disasters which will really have an impact on the marketing of your business. Getting the perfect folder can be achieved if you are a little careful about the said points and rest assured you will be able to design folders that are bound to grab the attention of your clients both potential and existing.

Presentation folders have many benefits than meets the eye. Embracing them and crafting them to suit your exact needs will help your company grow like never before. They will prove to an effective material not only for your sales and marketing team but also for your clients and potential customers. With so many folder styles, sizes, shapes, designs, artwork, finishing, and lamination options to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice to get the one that matches your requirements.


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