How to put your skateboard on your backpack
How to put your skateboard on your backpack

The Best Electric Skateboard Backpack

Choosing the best backpacks for your electric skateboard can be a daunting task. Knowing your personal needs and preferences will always be key. In this regard, we take a closer look at the growing market for electric skateboard backpacks. At the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of how best to carry your skateboard and which backpack is best for the task. And with that said, let’s get straight to the point!

 After all, a backpack for an electric skateboard will come in handy not only while riding. It should act as a reliable companion for carrying your other belongings. It should have enough buggy to accommodate everything you need for the day.

Also, there are so many options for electric skateboard bags that it can be difficult to choose the right one. Please look forward to it. Here are some tips to help you find the electric skateboard backpack you’re looking for.

How to make a skateboard strap for a backpack

Skateboard straps are indispensable for the curb on the go. Making an external strap to secure your board is quick and painful and requires only cheap items. There are temporary ways to attach your board to your backpack without buying any materials or individual stitches, so think about what works best for you before you start.

Step 1

Wrap a piece of string or yarn in the middle of the skateboard, leaving a few inches for flexibility. Cut the cord accordingly and then measure the length with a ruler; This will give you the dimensions you need for your two Velcro fasteners.

Step 2

Place the backpack next to the strap with a flat surface. Place the skateboard on your backpack with the handle down and the trucks facing you. Adjust until the board is in the center of the backpack. Mark the spot just above the lower cart and just below the upper cart.

Step 3

Take the skateboard out of your backpack and slide the Velcro straps over the chalk-marked areas. Sew the front parts of the straps to the backpack with a needle and thread; Keep the hinged sides free.

Step 4

With the skateboard facing up, place the handle under the backpack. Lift up the loose looped sides of the Velcro straps and tighten them all over the board. Attach the hinge parts to the hook parts.

 Take your best skateboard backpack and bonus board with you

All skaters who carry their boards will tell you that this can be annoying. Being able to easily carry a deck or in a backpack is a great idea. However, this is not easy to achieve. Wheels, trucks, and skate decks of different sizes make backpacks and skateboards not working together.

Fortunately, there are many new models on the market that you can clip, clip or carry on your board. 

Why are skateboarding backpacks better than regular bags?

Properly sheltered, it will withstand many adverse conditions. Whether you want to carry your skateboard or skateboarding gear in your bag, a skateboarding backpack is a must.

First, they are specially designed to securely hold the backpack and ensure that your backpack or other personal items do not fall or get damaged.

Second, they are designed with heavy-duty materials to withstand the excess weight and wear and tear, in addition to several other features to enhance your backpack. 

Quality skateboarding backpacks are a common feature

The common trait you’ll find in the highest quality skateboarding backpacks is the tough and durable material the bag is made from. Since a skateboard adds weight and the need for any bag, it’s important that the contents of the backpack can withstand whatever you throw away.

 Straps are always a key design element of a backpack and especially when skating.

You can find several separate sections so that you can carry a variety of items in your backpack, from headphones to wallets and skateboarding equipment.

What to Look for in a Good Skateboarding or Longboard Backpack

Carrying capacity

Obviously, with the added weight of the skateboard, you will need a bag that can support a lot of weight and not break under the pressure of any additional items. 

The last thing you want to do is hit someone by turning around.


Needless to say, a waterproof or waterproof bag is an absolute must when choosing a new skateboard or longboard backpack. You want a bag that will withstand all kinds of weather and won’t get weak or get wet when it starts raining.

If your bag is not waterproof, things like books, phones, or money you carry may be damaged. A 100% waterproof backpack is rare but available (see here). Waterproof bags are usually sufficient for everyday use.

Large storage

Of course, when investing in a skateboard or longboard bag, you need to make sure you have enough space to store the board, as well as other things you carry around all day.

A phone, laptop, book, or another item should fit comfortably in a skateboard or longboard, as well as in any quality bag. In addition, calculations need to be made for helmet cushions, shoes, and other skating equipment. The last thing you need to do is put it in a bag that won’t hold anything!

Laptop trolley

This is essential for any student or professional looking to use their laptop all day long. 

To properly protect your laptop, all laptop carts must have adequate zippers and be sure not to be damaged if dropped. This will keep you and your valuables safe from harm.


It goes without saying that if you are going to invest in something, you have to be sure that it will continue. Most high-quality bags come with a minimum 6-12 month warranty, and some high-quality bags come with a lifetime warranty.

This does not mean a lifespan (of course!), But rather a reasonable bag lifespan, which is usually around 4-10 years. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing.

Suitable and comfortable

Finding electric skateboarding backpacks should be your highest priority. You see, transporting thirty pounds of equipment on a bus or train is not the most convenient experience. Especially if you are planning to load some other heavy stuff, you will need a backpack with adjustable straps and lots of padding for your electric skateboard. Remember, there is no point in buying a bag that always hits your shoulders and back.


An electric skateboard backpack usually has multiple trolleys. To find out the exact capacity of a backpack, go to the official product page and look for any information on the fill. However, it should be understood that the number of liters usually represents the volume of the entire cart, not the head.

And if you’re looking to create your own electronic board, check out our list of the best electric skateboard batteries. Discover some of the best Power shackles to keep your board running fast!

Weight distribution

This is another important factor when choosing a backpack for an electric skateboard. Without proper weight distribution, even the softest padding will not save your shoulders and back from pain. So, you need to make sure that the backpack can distribute the load across your back area, especially if you plan to carry heavy things like laptops or extra pairs of pants.

What do you need to make your electric longboard?

Your first thing should be your longboard and since this board is long, it is suitable for an electric drivetrain which always requires space under the deck. But, if you choose Melo Drive Kit, this product is suitable even for small penny boards. Then, you need to choose the right kit for measuring the board and be sure to consider a few things at the same time:

The condition in which you skate

How many times do you skate?

What degree do you skate?

For example, if you live in a place with many hills, you should focus on something with more torque. In my opinion, it’s best to find an all-in-one kit because it saves you a lot of headaches or extra cash (most conversion kits currently don’t require a few screws or even anything). Finally, be sure to prepare some of the necessary tools or your own tools provided to start attaching the kit to the board so that you will have more experience while handling this board attachment.

How would you carry an electric skateboard in a backpack?

You will need a specially designed backpack to carry a skateboard. This type of bag has two strong straps to hold your board in place. Other than that, it usually provides a spacious main buggy to store your other essentials.

How do you travel with an electric skateboard?

You can contact the shipping company and ask them to ship your board to your desired destination. It would be a better option than flying on an electronic board on a commercial flight. In addition to dealing with TSA regulations, you may be at risk of damage while inspecting your skateboard baggage.

Looking for an e-board with a flawless design and incomparable features? Limit your choices by looking at our list of the best electric skateboard brands.

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