How To Save Us From (COVID-19 - Couponorcouponz


Just like other pandemics diseases, coronavirus is a related virus that causes fevers, mostly in mammals and birds. Coronavirus belongs to a family of zoonotic viruses that cause illness and also damage the respiratory system. This type of infection is easily able to transfer from animals to humans. COVID-19 was first outbreaks in Wuhan, Hubei province China in December 2019. And now it has spread over around six continents and more than 100 countries. And it doesn’t stop here; it is still spreading over the world.

How To Save Us From (COVID-19 - Couponorcouponz


Before developing the signs, the person may be sick with the virus for 1 to 14 days. Symptoms are in the following:

⦁ Cough ⦁ Fever ⦁ Tiredness ⦁ Difficulty breathing

The people who have a weak immune system may develop a more serious immune system. Like pneumonia or bronchitis. Most of the confirmed cases are in adults, and children also get affected by this virus.


How To Save Us From (COVID-19 - Couponorcouponz

At this time, corona virus is not treatable, but it can be prevented or avoided. The prevention methods are mentioned below:

⦁ Use of gloves ⦁ Use of masks ⦁ Use of soaps ⦁ Use of hand sanitizers ⦁ Use of tissues ⦁ Stay in quarantine ⦁ Washing hands ⦁ Maintain social distancing


How To Save Us From (COVID-19 - Couponorcouponz

To prevent corona virus, wearing costumes is very necessary. These masks used to save one’s or other’s life. There are generally two types of covers used in COVID-19 prevention mentioned below:

⦁ N95 respirator masks ⦁ Surgical masks ⦁ Simple cloth masks

Surgical masks are loose, adjustable, comfortable to wear, and disposable masks. These masks used to cover the nose and face adequately, so while coughing, sneezing, the dust particles would not spread in the air. These masks protect the person from sprays, large particles of dust and also protects from infected particles. On the other hand, N95 masks are tight-fitting masks. These masks not only just prevent from sprays, but droplets also filter 95% of the bacterial particles.

Masks availability in online stores:  In online stores, covers are available, and one can get quickly. In local markets, costumes are not available, or if possible, then the prices are very high. So in an online store, masks are available all time. They also provide coupons to the customers, so it would be straightforward to get masks at affordable prices.


How To Save Us From (COVID-19 - Couponorcouponz

Gloves play a significant role in preventing the virus. The use of gloves prevents the person and others from corona virus transmission. While shaking hands or touching other things can cause the transmission of corona virus bacteria from one to another’s hands. So, gloves play a very vital role and stop spreading the virus. So, while going outside, one must wear gloves and, after using it, dispose of the gloves with care. There are types of gloves mentioned below:

⦁ Cotton/fabric gloves ⦁ Coated fabric gloves ⦁ Leather gloves ⦁ Latex gloves

Gloves availability at online stores: There are many types of gloves available at online stores. At this crucial time, online stores offer discounts and coupons, so it would be easy for everyone to get disposable gloves.


How To Save Us From (COVID-19 - Couponorcouponz

Washing hands is one of the essential steps in preventing COVID-19 pandemic. Hand sanitizers help to avoid corona and also reduce the risks of catching infections. There are two types of hand sanitizers:

⦁ Alcohol-based sanitizers ⦁ Alcohol-free sanitizers

Both are effective, but alcohol-based sanitizers play more effectively than the other one. Hand sanitizers availability at online stores: Some sanitizers are available at online stores at low and affordable prices with discounts and deals. Everyone must have a pocket-size sanitizer with him/her all the time.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a severe disease. Everybody has to face it with courage. Staying at home and maintain a social distancing is very necessary. Washing hands with sanitizers or soaps is very essentials. Touching face again and again also transmits the virus efficiently. So, there is no need to fear everybody just has to face this issue with unity and courage.

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