How to Select the Right Car Transport Company in India

While moving to a new city or car transport, things can get out of hand. With so much to plan, pack, and move, it can get tricky. Especially the vehicle.

People buy their vehicles and maintain them in good condition. This makes them sensitive towards their ride. When people move they get extra conscious about moving their vehicle to another city.

Will it be handled properly? Will it be delivered carefully? And so many other questions start revolving in your head. If you are worried about transport safety, then you need to start looking for a Car Transportation Services Bangalore. Before you set out to choose the best car transport company you need to know that all companies are different from each other.

Performing good research for choosing a good transport company will make things easier for you. In Bangalore, you will observe many vehicle transport companies. Are they right for you? To find the answer to this question you need to go through some tips mentioned below.

Tips to find the right car transport company in India.

Ensure the company is registered

  • No matter how much you have to pay, just remember to transport your car through a registered company. All the authentic Car Transportation Services Delhi should be registered with the Department of Transport or DOT.

If the company is offering international transport services, then they should have cross state lines. To move your vehicle to a new place you need a car transport company that has their own Motor Carrier number. To check their reviews and records you can check with FMCSA.

To screen the best car transport company in Bangalore, you can check out with:

  • Ratings and reviews on a different website to get the actual record and opinions submitted by the customers
  • Trusted sources such as families, friends, colleagues, etc.
  • Famous online portals that can help you find and connect with top-grade transporting organizations.
  • Asking companies for the reference of past customers and contacting them on social media.

Confirm if the company is bonded and insured

Once you have checked the registration, now it’s time to check if they are insured and bonded. This will help you stay covered if the driver, car, or third party gets involved in an accident.

Most of the car insurance agencies don’t cover transported cars. So, it is best to know their insurance policies in advance to know whether your car will be insured or not while you transport it to another place. If you know you are getting your car insured, you won’t have to worry about the whole ordeal.

Check their website

While checking the official website of the car transport company you need to look at a few points:

  • Appealing homepage
  • Professional looking website
  • Lots of wrong spellings and grammatical errors are a sign of a bad, unprofessional company
  • Information shared has to be relevant and helpful

Websites are the digital face of any company. Looking at them carefully tells you more about the company itself. You can also check Google reviews for helpful reviews online.

Pay extra attention to testimonials and reviews

Whether it is a car transport company’s website or the Google reviews, take out time to go through them. As everyone is trying to improve their digital presence, it is important to look for feedback from trusted customers.

You can also check their social pages if they have any. You can also find negative reviews that can’t be removed so you get reliable suggestions. It may not be necessary that all negative ones are correct so, follow your gut and then choose.

Check the type of services provided by the company

  • You will find that most Car Transportation Services Hyderabad operate regionally whereas, others have limitations for different kinds of vehicles that need to be moved. All companies are different and operate differently. So, it is important to discuss with your car transport dealer how they plan to get your car transported. Check out if the company is offering an enclosed one or open transportation.

Talk to the car transportation company if you need to transport your car beyond the state lines instead of exposing the car to various types of damages.

Talk about the cost

Cost is a factor that needs to be dealt with in the very beginning. After they survey your car ask for the estimate to shift it to another place. Get quotes from at least 3 different companies. This will help you:

  • In understanding the competitive price of the market
  • Get the best quote
  • You will be aware of the latest car transportation trend.
  • You will be able to pick the best out of rest.

Ask the company personnel in detail about the cost to avoid any hidden charges. You don’t to be shocked by those lengthy bills in the end. You can also negotiate with the company about the price and if they are offering any discounts.

Ask about their protection protocol

Your car is one of the best possessions. You don’t want to get it damaged while transporting it to a different place. Do you?

  • If you are dealing with a reputable company, they will ask you to take picture of existing internal and external damages. It is important to inform the driver about these defects before-hand. Hand them down all the needed documents before the driver comes to pick your car. Let the company evaluate the car thoroughly before getting it ready to move. This is the protocol followed by the established Car Transportation Services Gurgaon.

Final word

  • Once the car gets delivered to you, run a thorough check on your vehicle. If you find any damage or scratch on your ride, make sure to inform the company about them on time. This will help you claim insurance or compensation. Be smart while hiring a Car Transportation Services Mumbai or you may have to bear heavy losses.


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