Do you planning How To Start A Blog in 2021

Right Decision

Why because you are on right path only few people are think about to start their blog but less people take action immediately.

So if you want to do big and so first be a action taker to achieve your goals.

So here in this article I will tell you how you can start your own blog in 2021 and make good money from blog.

So let’s Get Started.

How To Start  A Blog in 2021 From Scratch 

If you really have a passion + expertise in one particular niche, category so you can monetize your skill by starting a blog

Follow Below Steps To Start a Blog Under 30 Minutes.

Step 1: Choose A Profitable Niche For Blog

First Most important and crucial step is to find a niche for your blog I will recommend you to choose that niche or topic which you can create non stop high quality content that you most loved to do.

Because if you choose your interested niche so you won’t worried about money in starting you are just loved to write content that you most like

And that making money from blog is secondary thing and you can monetize your blog from many ways most popular way are Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense etc.

Step 2: Choose A Brandable Domain Name

After choosing a right profitable niche for your blog next step is to research on buying a right and brandable domain name.

A domain is your brand or identity of yourself so choose a domain name for your blog

  • Always Choose a .com TLD domain which is most suitable for every online business
  • Choose A short domain name like backlinko, neilpatel etc. which is easily remember.
  • Include Your Keyword in domain name related to your niche.
  • Don’t Copy other professional blogger domain make your own identity in online world.

Step 3: Choose A Affordable Fast Web Hosting

After Buying a domain name for your blog next step is to buy a affordable web hosting to host your blog.

And don’t go for any Cheap web hosting option that will harm your blog at least buy a decent web hosting

I Use Hostinger for a long time ago and it is the best affordable web hosting company with amazing support.

Step 4: Setup Your WordPress Blog 

After purchasing a hosting for your blog login to your cpnel account mostly hosting company provide CPANEL.

First login to your cpanel account and update nameserver to connect your domain to hosting.

After that go to cpanel and you can easily find WordPress option and you can easily install WordPress in one click.

Step 5: Choose a Light Weight and Fast Theme For Blog.

After setting up your blog login to your admin panel by just typing URL like this (www.yourdo

After install WordPress the next step is to install a good mobile friendly theme for your blog.

I will suggest you GeneratePress Premium Theme that will cost you around $49 but it is the best #1 Theme for WordPress blog that mostly bloggers use that theme.

Step 6: Install Some Essential Plugins For WordPress Blog.

After choosing and install a light weight, fast and mobile friendly theme like Generate press next step to install some essential plugins for your WordPress blog.

That will help you to grow your blog to next level.

  • Rank Math Plugin For SEO
  • Contact 7
  • Table of Content
  • WP Smash for Image Optimization
  • Social Share Plugin
  • Elementor for Design Beautiful Landing Pages

Step 7: Write Your First Amazing Blog Post

Congratulations for your first blog after installing necessary plugins for your WordPress blog next step is to write some amazing content for your blog to give value to your blog readers.

If you are a newbie first you have to learn about how to write an seo friendly or seo optimized article that can rank on google

So after writing your first blog post learn and research on it and then implement it on your blog.

Final Verdict on How To Start A Blog

So first be a action taker we daily observe many content form of text, video etc but we can’t take action on it immidiate.

If you thinking about how to start a. blog so hope this step by step detail guide will sure help you to start your first successful blog.


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