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Dubai is considered to be one of the best places to start a new business. Seeing this as a constructive opportunity, many foreign entrepreneurs continue to take their chances within the region. This resulted in the enormous growth in the real estate sector of Dubai. Accordingly, this has aided to stimulate other businesses as well. It was during this time the furnishing enterprises started to gain enough popularity and success rate. The flourishing lifestyle of the people in the UAE and Dubai influenced the furniture industry as the demand for interior embellishments surged. Besides they were required for the establishment inside every workplace. Thus, starting a business in Dubai is an excellent choice to gain a huge success rate economically. However, if you are intending to start a furniture enterprise in Dubai, you have to learn about the industry and validate the market to be targeted.

Have you ever wondered about what makes Dubai different from other countries for starting a business? Especially in the field of furniture? Let’s take a look at the reasons in the following passage.

Why is Dubai different from other countries for beginning your furniture business?

 There are many advantages that you will be reaping once you begin the process of establishing your furniture business in Dubai. You can deliver a vast range of furniture, appliances, and embellishments for decorations to all sorts of customers for their particular needs. There are a lot of benefits from starting this business in Dubai. They provide a growing market as it is an international business location. Here, the cost of labor is always cheap. There are additional benefits for the entrepreneurs as the nation helps to connect with other Gulf cooperation council countries. Also, there are different types of zones for operating your business in Dubai such as Mainland, Free Zone, Offshore, which empower you with huge benefits for your business. Lastly, there isn’t a need to pay corporate taxes.

However, there are a lot more advantages than the ones we discussed above. Let’s discuss those extra benefits through the points labeled below.

  • Free of Taxes
  • Absence of minimum capital requirement
  • There aren’t any prevailing restrictions on trading locations
  • Dubai is a rapidly thriving economy
  • There are many benefits attainable from the Free zones
  • Top-quality infrastructure
  • Able to work alongside the government bodies
  • No constraints are imposed for currency limitation
  • Low import and export duty
  • Additional available choices for business activities

Now we have an idea about the boons of starting a furniture business in Dubai. Next, let’s look at the procedure to start a business of furniture.

How to start a Furniture Business in Dubai?

How to open a furniture business in Dubai?

 Before Dubai was recognized as a substantial business hub inside UAE, the furnishing business never appeared as a profitable market. But, after Dubai became popular enough to be recognized as one of the most active countries in the area of business, gradually, the furnishing companies began to gain popularity. Dubai operates as a significant export platform for the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe. This has topped off its peak in imports and exports. However, launching a furniture business in Dubai is an easy task and has a very precise procedure.

Let’s take a look at the procedure:

  • First of all, you may have to assign a local sponsor based on where you are planning to set up your company (such as, in the mainland, offshore or free zone).
  • Next, you have to choose an appropriate location for your business.
  • Collect business licenses and get the registration from the necessary authorities and the Department of Economic Development.
  • Understand the laws and regulations based on furniture businesses.
  • Complete other important formalities assigned to start a business in Dubai.

Thus, with the above steps of formalities, you can start your furniture business in Dubai. Now, let’s talk about other things to consider before starting your business.

What are the things to consider before starting a furniture company?

 Before initiating all these procedures, there are a couple of vital things that need to be kept in mind to prosper in this field. At the beginning itself, you have to research the extent of a furniture market. It is important to know whether your products will be holding a huge demand. Then you should fix a reasonable selling price for your products. Thirdly, estimate minimum how much of your products would be purchased by each of your customers. Next, you have to calculate your annual sales income. For that, you will need to figure out the number of customers you are likely to have and how much they would pay. Then, decide who is the target audience for your business and classify them based on the ways you have decided to allocate your furniture rate. Here, you can include Local, Regional, and National furniture dealers including professional internet retailers.

Other than all these procedures and requirements there is a crucial thing to understand before stepping into this field of business. It is about the total budget and additional cost that you are about to pay in different stages of your mission. So, let’s go through that topic and learn the possible expenses.

What will be the total cost for setting up a furniture business in Dubai?

 Dubai is a global business destination and furnishing installations are needed for the potential of every workplace. The lifestyle of people living in Dubai is exceptionally shifting from earlier. Thus, new interior decorations are in great demand now. Therefore, starting your own business in the field of furniture will enable you to rapidly grow your business and earn you profit.

The cost for starting your business furniture will depend on the zone that you have chosen in Dubai. Anyway, it may cost you at least Dh34,340 for setting up your business. This includes the cost of the general trading license in Dubai, fee for Dubai municipality, fee for Ministry of Economy and to pay Dubai Chamber of Commerce. However, other than these, there might be a lot of additional expenses that you have to handle while dealing with your business. This can be classified as your two biggest segments of expenditure.

The first one is frequently based on the raw materials that you use for the production of your furniture such as timber and other upholstery substances. The second form of expense is the mode of payment for your employees. This also includes the expense of appointing specialists like external polishers. So, it is very important to oversee your raw materials costs and to assure that your workforce stays efficient and the excessive cycles are reduced as much as possible. It is also important to note down the number of returns to be kept to a minimum. You should also consider the possible unexpected expenditures that can occur from replacing items if they had reported damage during delivery. This can even happen regularly.


 For setting up a company in Dubai, many entrepreneurs confront difficulties between the process of opening their company as this involves a tiresome procedure and many regulations. Nonetheless, if you have any questions or confusion about the legal procedures in regards to opening your furniture business, it is best to consult a professional service company. They will help you with the business setup and other legal formalities.





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