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In this digital age and given the pandemic situation, having an online business presence has become a must. Online Small Store Customer behavior has changed, and now they are more into online buying than ever before.

Online Small Store


To make use of the online marketing opportunities, it is the best time to start a small independent online store.

With so many eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, anyone can start and scale an online store, no matter what their professional background or entrepreneurial experience is.

In addition to this, individuals can also approach an eCommerce website development company that can understand their business requirements and get a website developed accordingly.

Yet, there are many other barriers that can make your entry and success of the business on the virtual platform a bit challenging. Therefore, you have to figure out everything to make your online business survive and succeed.

To help you out, here are some steps you can follow to start a small independent online store.

Determine Your Niche and Business Idea


When we use the term niche, we refer to the “focus area” of your business. It includes the market segment and audience to be targeted. The target audience can be anyone, ranging from industry professionals to sports enthusiasts to laymen.

Before setting up the foundation of your business, you must decide the niche for your new business. To know which niche to pick, check that your target audience has:

  • A problem for which no one else is providing a good solution.

  • The will and ability to pay for the solution.

Don’t pick niches that are not meeting the above two criteria. Selecting the right niche will help your business grow as it becomes easier for you to get customers who want your products and are willing to pay for them. Selecting a niche where the audience isn’t interested or can’t afford your products will make things hard for your business.

Don’t choose niches that don’t fulfill the first two requirements. Choosing the correct niche for your business can help it grow since it will be easier to find people who desire your products and are willing to pay for them. Selecting a niche in which your target audience is uninterested or unable to afford your products will make things difficult for your company.

Products you will offer


You may have already got a concept of the form of product you need to sell, or perhaps you understand precisely what your enterprise specializes in. Either way, choosing your product or specialty is a critical step in growing your online store. When choosing your product is it essential to suppose through

On an eCommerce platform, or we can say online store, you can sell three kinds of products:

  1. Tangible Goods: As the name says it all, these are objects that are manufactured, stored, and shipped to customers. Selling physical goods can help you earn good profits if you manage your operational costs well.

  2. Digital Products: Digital products like eBooks, audio courses, online courses, etc., can help you get your business going in the competitive market. They can help you have higher profit margins but price them cautiously as they sometimes tend to be perceived as lower value than tangible products.

  1. Services: The best way to pace up your online business’s growth is by delivering exceptional services. Here, the earning potential will be limited as you are selling the finite hours of your day. The business will deliver more profits if it is expanded into an agency.

Learn about laws that surround your business


No matter whether you are conducting an offline business or an online one, business laws will apply.

Although, as compared to the brick and mortar ones, an online business will require a few licenses and permits, depending on:


  • The kind of business you want to start

  • The inspections you need to pass

  • Any special permit to require to run the business

  • Sales tax license

  • The regulations applicable to your online business


Every state and country has its set of laws and regulations. Please contact your local authority to get all the licenses required to run the online business.

Market research is a must


Before setting up your online business, know the market you are stepping into. Conduct market research yourself or hire an eCommerce website development company to determine the depth, competitiveness, complexity, and profitability of the picked business vertical. Additionally, the research will help you validate your business idea, products, and pricing.

Here is how you can conduct successful market research:

  • Check the SERPs: Find what are the variations of your product’s keywords and check how search engines rank them. What content is getting the spotlight, and what is the most effective way for marketing. Using the best strategies will help you get an edge over the competitors and turn more prospects into customers.

  • Get an eye on competitors: You also need to keep a close check on your competitors. What businesses are giving you tough competition, what other products they are offering, how much money they make, what are their strengths and weaknesses, get answers to all these questions. By keeping an eye on your competition will help you develop better strategies and outrun them.


Define target audience


To boost sales and expand your business, you first need to completely understand your target audience and learn about their needs and preferences. To do so, work on their psychological and demographic data.


  • Psychological data: The data consists of a number of psychological characteristics, like values, beliefs, opinions, interests, etc. By combining these things, you can peep into your customers’ mindsets and understand their preferences and things that trigger their buying behavior.


  • Demographic data: The data includes basic socioeconomic characteristics, like age, gender, income, job position, ethnicity, etc.


Design a website that makes a difference


Once you have finalized your products and did all the market research, the next step is to build a website that will help you sell. You can either go for an eCommerce website development company or DIY with the help of various eCommerce platforms.


Make a web design that is simply because you only have a few seconds to grab a visitor’s attention and provide them what they need easily. To create an effective website, here are some tips you can follow:


  • Choose a maximum of 2-3 plain fonts on a plain background.

  • Make navigation simple and clear on every page.

  • Use videos, audio, and graphics only when needed.

  • Make the sales funnel easy to flow.

  • Collect email addresses of visitors.

  • Make it user-friendly.


Perform SEO


Your website is up and running on the digital platform, but what good it will do for your business if your customers can’t see it. Therefore, you need to perform SEO to climb to the first page of SERPs, so whenever a prospective customer looks for products and services you offer, your business comes into the picture.


As per research, 96% of customers don’t go past the first page of SERPs to buy products, making it crucial for business survival to show up on the first page.


Grow your business


Once you start getting traffic, you can help other marketing tactics increase traffic, conversion rate, sales, and revenue. Some of the best marketing tactics are as below:


  • Paid ads: Get your budget sorted for PPC (Pay-per-click) ads on social media platforms to boost brand awareness and get the attention of your target audience.


  • Influencer marketing: Get in contact with social media influencers and ask them to promote your products in exchange for a price. The tactic will help you get in front of your target audience.


  • Social media marketing: The best way to promote your products and services in a witty and innovative manner. Let your fans on Instagram and Facebook know about your online store and how your products can be useful for them.


  • Email marketing: Capture the email addresses of your visitors and promote your products to your email subscribers.


Wrapping Up


Starting a small independent online store doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By taking all the steps mentioned above one by one, you can make your small business successful. Determine the best niche for your business and see what products are more in demand. Figure out your business model and what strategies will work best for you.

Starting a small impartial online keep would not be overwhelming. By taking all of the steps noted above one through one, you could make your small commercial enterprise successful. Determine the nice area of interest on your commercial enterprise and spot what merchandise is extra in demand. Figure out your commercial enterprise version and what techniques will paintings nice for you.

Choose an eCommerce platform, design your website (keep the design simple and site easy to navigate), and list all the products you have to offer. Focus on getting more customers on board.

Don’t worry about strategies; if one doesn’t work, try another. It’s not possible to know everything at the start about eCommerce. No one does. You will learn and grow in the process.

if one fails, attempt another. It’s not possible to understand the entirety approximately eCommerce proper away. In the process, you may research and grow.


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