How to write an Amazon Appeal Letter to recover account

amazon appeal letter

When your Amazon Seller Account is suspended, there is a very specific set of steps and intricacies that are needed to reinstate your accounts using a correctly written amazon appeal letter or plan of action.

While the record is growing at a considerable pace, there is indeed a limited list of reasons an Amazon Seller could be suspended. That list would include:

  • Late Shipment Rate
  • Pre-Fulfillment Cancellations
  • Linked Accounts
  • Forged Documents
  • Safety Complaints
  • Inauthentic Claims
  • Counterfeit Claims
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Copyright Infringement
  • IP Counterfeit Infringement
  • Review Manipulation
  • Amazon Flex Issues
  • Seller Account Hostility

Every one of these reasons holds its own weight and significance in Amazon’s eyes, and they ought to be dealt with satisfactorily. This means every suspension is unique and needs to be addressed as such. We Amazon Sellers Protection, ensure that every one of our allure is written bespoke to every case we carry on. We also ensure that we use our experience and expertise to not only take care of the first plan of action but also assist you to get through the full appeal process and follow-up appeals.

# 1: Suitable Plan of Action (POA) Structure:

The arrangement for your plan of action (POA) should follow this simple criterion:

B) That which we have done to fix the problems (in an immediate sense)

C) What we have done to prevent the issues from occurring again in the future

#2) Key Items to Include:

Make sure you address all issues Amazon had with your Seller account.

Make sure your plan solves each of the issues they mention.

Be TRANSPARENT – Amazon has key info on you and your Amazon Seller Account. They understand all of the pertinent facts surrounding your situation and it is only beneficial to include all advice about your case. Getting truthful helps in several ways and none more than the fact that you’re able to address your issue adequately and get in front fo what you’re doing to protect your business from these issues later on.

#3) What NOT to Include:

Don’t include a bunch of extraneous verbiages.

Do not talk about yourself or your business unless it is requested. Amazon wants the simple facts and to the point fixes.

Do not address issues that Amazon did not bring up.

#4) Other things to do and not to do when drafting your Amazon Plan of Action (Amazon Appeal Letter)

Be patient.

Do not bombard Amazon with status requests. This will not only take it more for you to receive a response but also reduce the possibilities your seller account is reinstated.

Don’t make things worse than they already are, e.g. by refusing to send open orders before Amazon reinstates you. By continuing to meet your orders punctually and establish good customer service will reveal Amazon you’re serious and show as an act of great faith. It goes a long way and Amazon will weigh that heavily in their decision on your appeal choice.

Make actual changes in how you operate so you aren’t suspended. This means that if you write it or you hire us to write your amazon appeal correspondence, make the changes we outline in your appeal and suggest that you create on your account. We have had enormous experience in this field, reinstated thousands of Amazon Sellers, and therefore are Amazon Sellers ourselves. We understand what Amazon is looking for and the sustained success of our customers is our goal.

And should you become reinstated — congratulations — but do not simply say”Hey, I got back on, no need to change anything”… or one day you’ll be back again. Becoming successful on Amazon is a continuous battle of making improvements and sometimes that even means expanding and diversifying your business/store to multiple marketplaces and platforms.


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