Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: Gorgeous Flagship Packed With Features


Huawei Mate 20 Pro review: it’s a smooth, elegant, and feature-packed powerhouse that you’ll definitely want to buy.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro seems to be a masterpiece of technical prowess and unmitigated passion. It has too many high-end specifications to compete with the latest handsets. It’s a versatile device with a triple camera system and a unique but confined look. Its stylish trademark is a slew of cool practices, all of which are gradually making their way into traditional smartphones.

Specs-wise, on the other hand, seems to be very fresh. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a fast processor along with one of the highest capacity batteries we’ve seen before in Huawei’s flagships. Moreover, it also comes up with a slew of future-facing capabilities like an in-screen fingerprint sensor and an instantly beautiful design at least from the front.

Above everything, the Mate 20 Pro shines because it’s just a smartphone that you can hook up with. The entire system is really elegant, polished, and perfect, with the device withholding nothing at all from you. That you’ll never wonder what might have been.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: Design

When trying to compare with Huawei’s most recent P30 Pro, the Mate 20 Pro is the company’s best phone. Although the roundness of the Galaxy S-series is clearly a source of motivation. It seems to have enough charm to make it apart. For this, I will rank it up there among the greatest smartphones in the market.

Focusing on the Mate 20 Pro shows two aspects: first, it’s probably to be pricey, and second, it has a distinctive style, but from the rear. That’s not to say the high-resolution, curved display and thin notch aren’t impressive; we’ve had them before.

Differentiation is expected in the upper echelon of the mobile industry, and Huawei preferred to just let the camera do some negotiating. Both three backside cameras and the phone’s flashlight are housed in a slightly elevated block on the device’s rear end. As its fingerprint reader on the back is removed, the phone now has a clear, beautiful appearance that looks better in real life than in images.

Huawei is a huge fan of playing with color schemes, so the Mate 20 Pro comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Not only it looks gorgeous, but it also has some texture thanks to raised lines that extend from one direction to the other. These are nearly difficult to see in images. But if you scrape the surface with your fingertips, you can see them.


The Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s display leads the industry’s engrossing standard of the past few years, with a wide 6.39-inches OLED panel.

The OLED display with a 6.39-inch size on the Mate 20 Pro is simply stunning. The Mate 20 Pro’s smooth display is aided by the removal of the Mate 10’s lower part key. Its bezels are very small, particularly with no bottom speaker grille, voice came from the USB-C socket on the bottom.

Image Credit: Trusted Reviews

The panel has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and a 2K+ resolution of 3120×1440 pixels per inch (approximately 537 PPI). This places it on top of the Google Pixel 3 (439ppi) and just ahead of the Galaxy Note 9 (514ppi). Although there isn’t much material that takes advantage of such a resolution. There’s also no way to break the display into two windows, it’s really a strong and colorful show. There’s not much to condemn, but the negative aspect is that curved edges are not so appealing. If you really are interested, Huawei Mate 20 Pro sim free UK deals are available here.

Huawei has retained the textures reasonably realistic, with inky blacks and endless contrasting. More, reds that have a great poke of vigor despite being overproduced, and greens that just don’t probably look bright. Also, there are various opportunities for adjusting color efficiency, such as making it warmer or colder or allowing the ‘Vibrant’ mode to increase intensity.

Battery Life

You can possibly know how well this segment goes because the Mate 20 Pro has a massive 4,200mAh capacity battery. It kept throughout continuous usage such as web surfing and playing music in our monitoring while seeing or streaming video depleted the battery.

There are many ways to boost your battery performance. For that, you’ll have to sift through the Mate 20 Pro’s extensive list of options to find your perfect battery-saving configuration. The Operating system recommends activities like promising to avoid any power-consuming apps from running in the background. But you have the ability to personally adjust things such as updating the resolution or turning the mobile to monochrome.

The Mate 20 Pro alongside its stunning look finally allows for Qi wireless charging. This is the feature we’ve been hoping for in a Huawei device for quite a lot longer. However, there’s really no wireless adapter included in the pack. It also gives us the opportunity to power up other Qi devices directly from the mobile, we call this feature Reverse Wireless Charging.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: Camera

When you’re thinking of buying a high-end handset, you have great hopes for the camera system and no empathy for low performers. The real kicker is that the Mate 20 Pro will quench your photographic desire.

Image Credit: Trusted Reviews

The Mate 20 Pro acquires the P20 Pro’s 40MP broad f/1.8 camera and 8MP, f/2.4 3x telephoto with Image stabilization from the P20 Pro, which brought on the age of fantastic Huawei shooters. The camera setup on the back, like the P20, each has Leica sensors, and the front selfie-camera does not.

A range of DSLR-level massive support technologies backs up this rather spectacular camera hardware. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s camera arrangement features autofocus, phase focus, laser and contrast focus, and automatic image stabilization. It also enhanced double tone flash and 3D focus detection from the front camera lens.

The Mate 20 Pro’s low-light result is better compared to many other devices. Particularly when you are using the Night Mode for exposures within seconds. Considering how often the Huawei P20 Pro’s sepia scanner enhances in low-light shots, that’s not really shocking.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Performance

Huawei’s Kirin 980 chipset, which was built in-house, powers the Mate 20 Pro. Having the freedom to create your own processor, similar to Apple’s A-series Bionic silicon, means you’ll not need to wait for Qualcomm to announce the next version of its Snapdragon chipset.

The chip Kirin 980 is developed on a 7nm structure, that enables shorter transistor spaces across each chip. As a result of shorter distances, you will get better results and, most importantly, reliability. The processor, like the Kirin 970 before it, is an eight-core beast. Now it has 4 low-power, two medium-power, and 2 large efficiency cores, each of which is relevant to a particular function.

However, in terms of overall efficiency, the Kirin 980 chipset seems to have surpassed Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor. In a Geekbench 4 review, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro scored 9,792, almost a thousand points higher than the Samsung Note 9. But still, it is falling short of the iPhone XS’s 11,000-plus scores.

The Mali G76 MP10 is in charge of graphics, along with 6GB of RAM. This device is really an incredible player when it comes to playing games. There are decent gaming smartphones available to choose from which are specially dedicated to games. But if you’re a mobile games lover, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is really a great choice.

Final Thoughts

The Mate 20 Pro solidifies its place across premium flagship devices by merging the best quality layout, the finest camera setup, and excellent battery life. In current times, it’s always a good bargain.

And it’s simple to see how Huawei Mate 20 Pro stands well above when it comes to the world’s fastest CPU. Not only this but some really genuine stand-out features including a fabulously designed in-display fingerprint sensor and revolutionary reversible wireless charging capability.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is an absolutely amazing flagship model that outperforms and out styles any handset on the market. If you can bear a four-figure asking price, the device will not hesitate you.


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