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Is Web Hosting Important For SEO?

In oppose to the old believes that web hosting and SEO are not connected, many SEO specialists have found that actually, both these parameters are equally important to run an online business.

SEO plays a vital role in ranking a website on search results and gathering heavy traffic on it. However, initially, people were not associating web hosting with search engine optimization, until they found the truth.

In reality, the SEO performance of your site highly depends on the web hosting you are using and its provider.

Let us explore some important reasons showcasing how unlimited web hosting is liable to increase or decrease the SEO performance.

1) Website Speed For SEO

Major search engines pay close attention to the site’s loading speed into their overall site ranking algorithm. Web pages that load faster perform better on search engines, and thus, web hosting is considered a vital factor for SEO, to load a site quickly.

If a site takes a long time to load, then it simply won’t receive more traffic. This can happen when a bulk of traffic is trying to access a site via mobile’s data of different standards.

So, while selecting a web hosting provider or a cheap reseller hosting, make sure that the company is reliable and considers all the measures that accelerate a site.

There are web hosting companies like MilesWeb, which has gained good reviews from the customers with over years of experience.

2) Server Performance

There are various factors, due to which server can get crashed, few on them are :

(i) Due to heavy traffic server may get overloaded

(ii) Some servers have old hard drives instead of SSD

(iii) Old servers, that may get infected due to malware or viruses

Thus, in the end, it is your wise decision to choose a valid server.

Additionally, one should consider the fact that the server location should always be near to the business website.

As, this eliminated the troubles for the website loading, due to sudden traffic spikes. So, choose the provider that allows you to choose the server location as per your requirements.

3) Optimizing Website Features

Optimizing simply means, putting on the things together with proper structures. There are so many companies available on the internet, but to make yours the best among them you have to maintain it clean. There are some helpful tools available that can optimize your files fit for SEO.

Everything that goes on a website like images, videos, text, etc need to be optimized properly so that the site won’t get stuck at any point. SEO experts are well grounded in this field and can make your work easy by proving a site, exactly what it needs.

4) Uptime and Downtime

Uptime is an amount of time that your website can be accessed on the internet. Downtime is the opposite of it. Any online business cannot afford to have even a slight downtime, as the visitors can come to the site at any time.

Not only visitors, but also search engine spiders are trying to reach your site 244hours, and if they observe, that your website is down during their visit, then there’s a high risk that the website gets ban, and the spiders will move directly to next one.

If this occurs frequently, then the site will no more be accessible on the internet, that may flop the SEO performance. So, make sure you choose at least 99% uptime for running a website.

5) Protection from Malware

The cyberattacks have been increased, any type of virus or malware can infect a site within a fraction of seconds. The trusted web hosting company promises to keep their servers secure from all such threats and protect a site. Make sure, the server on which your site is hosted gets scanned for viruses daily.

There are some other parameters, that are useful for SEO performance :

(i) Website backups :

Miss happens doesn’t come at any particular time. The website’s data is very crucial and losing it can cost a heavy burden. For an E-commerce site, having a website backup is a must.

You might be using the traditional way of taking up a backup using Pendrive and a hard disk, but how safe or feasible is it?

 Instead, go for the automatic backups options, that can store the information on the cloud.

(ii) Website integration in webmaster

To analyze the overall performance of the site, you need to integrate it into the webmaster. This helps you to understand in which location the site is performing well and why it is lacking. Also, you will be able to understand customer behavior through the webmaster tool. Reach out to the MilesWeb team, to integrate your site to the webmaster in no time.

Many people fail to consider web hosting importance while working on SEO, and this can be their biggest problem. So, make the right decision and work for it.

Conclusion :

Is web hosting important for SEO?

 Well, yes, it is very important.

Web hosting can make or break your site’s performance.


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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

Copyright 2020 SEO SAKTI. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2020 SEO SAKTI. All rights reserved.