Damascus Steel Knife Set
Important Tips of how to choose right Steel Knife Set

Many of us have at least a vague idea of the importance of knives. Choosing the right set of Damascus Steel Knife for our kitchen needs is not easy. We struggle with lofty claims, huge sets, and a whole lot of questions. 

The first step in choosing the right Damascus Steel Knife Set for your kitchen is to set a budget. If you’re careful, you can buy knives on a budget, but the more you can spend, the better quality you’ll find.

Tips to choose right steel Knife set


Next, you should consider how many knives you will need. It’s often tempting to opt for a larger set. While it may seem cheaper for most people to buy a 23-piece knife set than a 14-piece set, that is not the case. 

Most people won’t even touch half of the knives in a set and won’t know how to use many of them. Therefore, when choosing a knife set, you should think about what kind of work you regularly do in the kitchen and choose a set that meets those needs. This might mean that you only need three knives. 

Next, you need to consider the quality. 

  1. This part is often confusing, as all knives claim to be “good” knives in hopes that you will buy them. But not all knives are create equal. 
  2. The first thing you should look for is the hardness of the knife. This is indicate on a Rockwell hardness scale, or HRC. Your knife should fall in the 55-60 range.
  3. Next, you should look for a good steel blend. There are a few options that are worth buying. SG-2 knives are a great value. VG-10 is a great product that stays sharp longer than many other knives. You can also find VG-1 knives that are good knives, but not as good as VG-10. 
  4. There is also a group of steels known as 440. Most of them are 440 or 440a, which are not very good knives. However, 440b are good knives and 440c are high quality knives.
  5.  Finally, there is a group of knives mark X50CrMo15 and other variants. The X represents the percentage of carbon in the knife. The higher the percentage, the better. The letters after the X represent the other components of the knife, and the number is the percentage those components take. However, you only need to worry about the percentage of carbon in the steel.

Benefits of steel knife

After you have check the hardness number of your knife and the type of steel blend, you need to look at how knives are made. Knives are either forged into the shape of the knife or stamp into shape from a sheet of steel. Forged knives are of higher quality than stamp knives.

High quality knives make a big difference in your kitchen. It is important to choose a knife set that meets your needs and is of high quality. This way you can enjoy your knives for a lifetime.

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Types Of knife

There are several types of knives.

  1. Fine ground knives are the classic style. Chefs and serious cooks usually choose fine edge knives because of the weight and feel. 
  2. The blade is very sharp and allows for precise cutting. However, fine edge knives require some maintenance, such as sharpening. 
  3. Knives that never need sharpening are a good choice for most people who cook for themselves and their family every day. 
  4. Knives that never need sharpening don’t cut as precisely as knives with fine grinds, but they retain their sharpness over time. 
  5. These knives are nice if you’re searching for sensible quality at an affordable worth.

What type of steel is use in knives?

The type of steel employee in knife blades is one in all the foremost necessary factors in selecting a knife set. 

  1. The bulk of knives are factory-made with a mix of high carbon chrome steel that may resist rust and corrosion.
  2. The tang is that a part of the knife during which the metal is hook up to the handle. 
  3. The simplest knives can have a tang during which the metal extends to the top of the handle. Knife blades are a unit commonly taper at the perimeters to permit for easier sharpening. Quality knives are unit balance and feel smart within the cook’s hand. 
  4. The knife ought to be straightforward to handle and feel solid. a decent knife ought to desire an extension of your hand and permit adequate house between wherever your fingers grip the knife and also the surface on which you’re cutting.

What should you consider when buying a knife?

When buying a knife set:

  1. You need to know the difference between stamp and forged. 
  2. Forging involves grinding a heat piece of metal into the shape of a blade. 
  3. Stamp blades are cut from a single piece of metal and press into a blade. 
  4. Forged knives are generally heavier than stamp knives and offer better quality. 
  5. Several types of knives are include in each knife set. 
  6. Identifying the individual knives include in each set is very helpful in selecting the set that best suits your needs.

Purpose of steel knife

Steel knife blocks protect the metal better, because they are solid and non-porous, so moisture can not penetrate. They are also less prone to breakage and retain their appearance longer, because the blades can not leave “accidental” dents.

Most knife sets include a chef’s knife with a triangular blade that is between six and twelve inches long. 

  1. The knife includes a blade that is three inches long and 3/4 inch wide. A serrate knife is use for cutting bread and vegetables that should be easily pure. 
  2. Utility knives have a blade that is about four inches long and are use for a variety of functions. 
  3. Boning knives are use to cut meat from bone, so the blades are sometimes quite narrow. A slicing knife has a long, thin blade and is use to cut up meats such as hams, roasts and turkeys. 
  4. Butcher knives are sometimes heavier than the other knives in the set and have blades up to eight inches. 
  5. Cutter knives are use to cut steaks at the table, but can also be use as utility or paring knives.

Shape and size of steel knife

When buying kitchen cutlery, you can choose between different materials and looks. 

  1. The blades are usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel or high carbon stainless steel. The better blades are made of high carbon stainless steel with other alloys mix in to increase strength and edge retention. 
  2. There are a few titanium knife sets, but they are expensive, and you can get a much better high carbon stainless steel knife set for the same price.
  3. Handle styles are as varies as the materials use to make the blade. 
  4. Exotic woods look nice but should not get wet as they tend to crack and swell. 
  5. Plastic handles are cheaper, but prone to cracking and chipping. 
  6. A good compromise is a mix of wood and resins. My personal favorite is the Damascus Steel Knife Set with stainless steel handles. 
  7. They often have a modern look, and the handles are usually one piece.

How to properly care for a knife?

It’s simple: wash, dry and store properly. Wash each knife with the proper detergent after each use. Dry the knives with a terry towel (or other dishwashing cloth), preferably right after washing to avoid rust and water spots. Finally, be sure to store them properly.

  1. Remember that your knife spends most of its time in storage. During storage, time takes its toll.
  2. To ensure that your knives are not subject to further stress, store them properly, blade side down, without putting pressure on the blade. This is made easy by using knife blocks.
  3. A knife block is basically a knife holder in which the blades are inserter downward (sometimes at an angle) into slots. 
  4. The blades are house in the block. This serves two main purposes to protect the blades from the elements and to keep the sharp blades from accidentally cutting someone.
  5. Knife blocks are usually made of wood or steel. However, wood is porous and therefore susceptible to moisture. Moisture can keep the blade damp and make it susceptible to rust.
  6. Damascus Steel Knife Set blocks protect the metal better because they are solid and non-porous, keeping moisture out.
  7. They are also less prone to breakage and retain their appearance longer because the blades cannot leave “random” dents.


You’ll also get a set of kitchen shears to help you get heavy cutting jobs done quickly. The Premio series features a full bolster, balance blades with a full tang construction and three rivets that hold the handles together.

One thing I want to make clear about this series, Although they are made of American steel, this set is made in China. This nuance has even confuse some sellers, as there are listings on Amazon.com that state they are made in America.

Final Words

The steel is still of good quality, it is just assemble in China. It’s only with the more expensive sets that you can find ones that are made in America.

If you want a set that is actually made in America, you will have to go for the more expensive Twin Signature Damascus Steel Knife Set. This set is made of stainless, high-carbon steel and has laser-cut edges to ensure a consistent blade angle. After laser cutting, each blade is hand hone to ensure it is as sharp as possible. They are ice-hardens, which protects them from stains and discoloration. 



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