In-Depth Beginner’s Guide to Recurve Bow

In-Depth Beginner’s Guide to Recurve BowIn-Depth Beginner’s Guide to Recurve Bow
In-Depth Beginner’s Guide to Recurve Bow

A Recurve Bow could be an ancient sport bow crafted with three key parts- a bowstring, a handle, and limbs (upper, lower). they’re deliberately designed to be lightweight and shooting from a curve Bow is very simple.

A curve Bow will come back either in ‘One-piece’ or have a ‘Take-Down’ style. A take-down bow is nothing however a bow that enables you to detach each of the limbs from the handle.

Take-Down Bows area unit simple to maneuver around. The broken part of the bow may be repaired simply, while not having to send the whole bow for repair.

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Are you a Novice Archer trying to find a Guide to urge started with a curve Bow? Below given comprehensive info can give out a lot of tips and tricks on a way to use a curve Bow properly.

How To opt for Your initial Bow And Arrow

A. distinction Between curve Bow and Compound Bow

The only side that’s common between a curve Bow associated a Compound Bow is that they each use a bowstring and an arrow.

Apart from that, each of them has a completely different|a special|a unique|a distinct} structure and uses a different technique for acting sport.


Compound Bow could be a modern sports gear that uses the latest bow technology and thus delivers a lot of precise results.

A compound bow typically has a longer string, permitting you to tug back farther. this can produce a lot of power and can lead to an extremely precise shot.

A compound bow uses cam on either side of the bow and also the string is skilled them many times. this is often what causes the bow to come up with a strong force as you pull it back.

At first, you would possibly notice it arduous to balk the string, however, when an exact purpose you may notice that the resistance has been reduced and pull back the bow has become abundant easier.

And hence, {you can|you’ll|you may} be obtaining a lot of dominance over the force of the bow and also the generated force will assist you to shoot farther away than a curving bow.

How To opt for Your initial Bow And Arrow
How To opt for Your initial Bow And Arrow

On the opposite hand, in an exceedingly curve bow, you may notice that each end of the limbs is bowed back within the inner direction. one string is hooked up flat against these ends. This bowed style of a curve bow is what helps in generating force whereas drawing a bow.

Compound or Recurve?

Recurve bows were antecedently made up of wood. However, currently, you’ll notice them in fiberglass or carbon material moreover, to market light-weight and sturdy style.

Compound bows area unit made up of aluminum or carbon material. Their construction is sturdier than a curve bow.


The compound bow is wide used for looking adventures attributable to its ability to shoot at farther distances and supply high exactness.

Also, diffuse nebula doesn’t expertise fast fatigue with a compound bow, because it eases the force needed to tug back the bow. it’s the capability of taking down massive games

Recurve bow is employed in sports competitions to hit targets, additionally popularly utilized in athletics. you’ll additionally use a curve bow for looking at smaller prey.


A compound bow permits the shooter to require an effort at bigger distances while not stringent abundant effort.

This is what provides a lot of management to the archer associated ends up in a correct shot. once combined with completely different essential accessories sort of a sight scope, you’ll enhance this accuracy level.

Recurve Bow

Recurve Bow needs the archer to be a lot of technically robust. Here, the archer has to use his strength to tug back the bow, with none ease within the resistance.

At full draw length, you would possibly expertise fatigue, particularly once you still ought to hold the bow for a few times.

You can still take fairly precise shots with a curve bow, you only ought to aim and shoot quickly, while not holding the bow for too long.


You can use several of the accessories for each curve moreover as a compound bow. However, several shooters like a curve bow that’s minimally accessorized.


Recurve bow is deliberately designed to be lightweight; thus this feature comes in handy once you area unit trying to find an extended amount.


A compound bow uses the ratio of storing the energy; thus it will shoot the arrow abundant quicker than a curve bow. attributable to that, you’ll use a heavyweight arrow with a compound bow to hunt a bigger animal. it’ll offer higher penetration and accuracy.


Recurve bow is slightly affordable than a Compound Bow, thanks to their less complicated style. However, the value should vary as per the options and quality of the bow.

It utterly depends on your kind of application, talent level, and preference. each of the bows has its own professionals and cons. several archers still like a curve Bow because it will challenge their skills.

Draw Weight For A curve Bow

While choosing a curve bow, one of the foremost vital factors to contemplate is its draw weight. it’s nothing however the quantity of force that the archer has to apply for totally drawing the bow back. The bigger the draw weight, the more practical are your shots.

Choosing Draw Weight

Archer’s weight, gender, and age play a major role whereas choosing the draw weight.

Children that weigh but one hundred pounds ought to elect the draw weight of concerning ten to fifteen pounds. Children that weigh somewhere around one hundred thirty to a hundred and sixty pounds, will use a draw weight from twelve to sixteen pounds.

Medium-sized mature females World Health Organization weigh quite one hundred thirty pounds will aim for twenty to thirty-five pounds of draw weight. And, adult men with regular weight will elect forty to fifty pounds.

Large-sized men World Health Organization weigh quite a hundred and eighty pounds ought to choose the draw weight from forty-five to sixty pounds.:

Choose a draw weight you’ll hold for a minimum of sixty seconds while not shaking.

If you are planning for hunting game, it is highly recommended to use a draw weight of more than 40 pounds. Or else, you might miss the shots and not be able to take down targets that are at a distance of more than 15 yards. Also, the penetration power of the arrow will be less.

If you are a novice hunter and find it hard to handle the draw weight of more than 40 pounds, practice with a lighter one. With consistent practice sessions, your back muscles will become stronger, and eventually, you will be able to work with heavier draw weights.

If you cannot handle the above-mentioned recommended draw weights, always practice with a lighter weight and then gradually increase it.

Choosing a draw weight should always be a personal choice rather than going for predetermined values. Recurve bow requires your arms and back to be fairly tough.

Beginners should always start with lightweight bows so that they can get used to the gear without experiencing fatigue very quickly. With lightweight bows, you can also practice your shots for an extended period of time.

Also, at full draw, lighter bows are easier to hold and aim. Hence, the stability and control of the bow are much more enhanced.

As a beginner, if you are over bowed, you will not be able to concentrate on your body alignment and the process of shot execution. Moreover, your body will not be able to handle the draw weight; you will not notice the misalignment of your body posture and gradually will feel dispirited.

On the other hand, heavyweight bows have a flat trajectory, thus, aiming a target becomes much easier. Penetration offered by heavier bows is also stronger than the lighter bows

How To Aim A Recurve Bow?

Once you have decided on the draw weight, the next thing you want to learn is how to aim a recurve bow? Aiming a Recurve Bow mainly determines which technique you will be using to hit the bull’s eye.

Basically, there are 3 main approaches that help you shoot your target accurately

The Gap Method For More Consistency!

Gapping is an extremely conscious method of aiming your target. What is a Gap? The trajectory of the arrow is not flat; it is somewhat elliptical in shape.

When the arrow reaches its peak point, it descends rapidly. The descent of an arrow is much shorter as compared to its ascent.

The heavier the draw weight the faster will be the speed of the arrow. Hence, the trajectory of the arrow will be flatter. For lighter draw weights, the speed of the arrow will be slow and the trajectory will be more pronounced.

A Gap shooter needs to find out the trajectory of his arrow and compensate with it to hit the bullseye accurately. The gap is nothing but the distance between the trajectory of the bow and the aiming point.

Using a split-finger will cause larger gaps, so it is better to use three-finger techniques. This will create shorter gaps, as your arrow will be much closer to your eye in the 3-finger method.


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