Are you looking for courses about Instagram promotion? Or maybe you are watching tons of videos on YouTube to learn IG marketing? We explored all these materials for you and systemized them in Inflact guides.

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Stop hesitating. Start learning and practicing. Guides are supplied with downloadables that will stimulate you to take action along with reading. Let me provide a quick review so you can understand what tutorials you should begin with.
Content creation – in this section, you will find guides about all content pieces that exist on Instagram – feed aesthetics, videos (IGTV, Lives, feed clips), stories, captions, and the Highlights section. After reading these guides, it will be much simpler to produce valuable and eye-popping content.
Promotion – this section will help you get your content discoverable so that many people join your community and become your clients.
Sales on Instagram – with these guides, you will learn working techniques for launching your shop, using DM as a sales-booster, and managing orders.
Instagram by niche – these guides contain systemized knowledge for those who want to become influencers or start a business.
When you see such a large amount of data, you might be confused – what guides should you begin with?
If you aim to start a business or a blog, I advise you to begin with niche guides – How to Become an Instagram Influencer 2021 or Instagram for Business guide. These guides are beneficial even if you are not 100% confident about your idea. They firstly will help you to identify the industry and specify the niche. Secondly, you will learn to build content around this idea and bring it to more people. When the community is gathered, you can easily monetize your Instagram.
Afterward, you can get more granular knowledge about content, promotion, and sales in other guides. At the same time, if you intend to enhance sales and your business niche is clarified, I suggest you study sections Promotion and Sales.
Notice: Don’t be afraid that some guides are lengthy. You may read them as a book for several days. It’s important to practice in parallel to see the maximum result.
To help you better understand the guides’ content, I provide a quick overview in the section below.
Create a visually Aesthetic Instagram in 2021. This guide will help you get the basics of Instagram aesthetics even if you are not a professional designer. You will learn how to generate ideas, sources to get images, and ways of editing them to grab more views.
Post Instagram Stories Like a Pro in 2021. This tutorial is a clue to producing fresh and super engaging stories that will strengthen your community and increase sales. You will learn to promote stories to gain even more than you’ve imagined.
Guide to Copywriting Instagram Captions. Captions in 2021 are essential, and even if you are not a copywriter, you should be descriptive and meaningful. In this guide, you will learn to produce informative texts that sell.
Instagram videos: minimum investments and maximum ROI. A good video can help you sell your products and drive more viewers from Explore. Many people think that production is costly, but this guide proves you can film like a pro with just your phone camera and several apps.
Sales-boosting Instagram Highlights Guide. Well-organized highlights can help users find answers to common questions, read reviews, and know you better. Find perfect ideas to uplift your business with Highlights in this tutorial.
1M Followers in 12 Months on Instagram – with Just a Calendar. This guide will teach you consistency based on Kaizen philosophy. You will learn essential and easy actions for every day that will take just 10 minutes. But they lead to proven progress – the growth of your Instagram community.
Mythbusting Instagram Hashtag Guide. Hashtags are free Instagram ads, and it’s silly to ignore them if you aim to grow your account. Learn proven strategies for using these Instagram SEO keys for your business.
Instagram Ads: All You Need to Know to Convert on a Budget. When you aim to promote your account with ads, you take a risk – you invest money. In this guide, you will learn how to make the most of it, even if your ad budget is relatively modest.
Beginner’s Guide to Using Inflact to Gain a Massive Following. In this tutorial, you will learn how to apply Inflact tools for your digital strategy. These tools will help you to attract target clients, use DM as a CMS, and promote posts via hashtags.
Full Simple Guide from the First Shopping Tag to $Millions. Instagram with shopping tags has turned into a promising marketplace. If you want to check the full potential of e-commerce, read this tutorial.
How to Sell on Instagram with DM for Brands and Influencers. Even one message in Direct to your customer base can boost your revenue in seconds. Explore specific techniques to manage sales in the IG messenger.
Instagram Client Management: From Leads to Loyalty with an Automated Tool. To have a successful business, you need to respond to clients’ requests and questions proactively. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for social client management.
Instagram by niche
How to Become an Instagram Influencer 2021 ( a complete guide from finding your niche to monetizing, divided into three parts). It’s never too late to show your expertise and passion in a specific field as an influencer, even if this market is saturated. Practice by doing exercises in these guides to finally become a self-employed blogger.
Instagram for Business Guide (the one and only updated manual for 2021). Many businesses in 2021 are exclusively based online or only on Instagram. Read this tutorial if you want to earn from this social network.
All in all, every bit of the material provided will boost your knowledge as if you completed a costly marketing course or spent years finding YouTube tutorials. Begin learning right now and ask your questions in the comments so we can provide more exclusive content.
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