The new iOS 15 software from Apple Inc. has extraordinary privacy features. It’s expected to be a turnaround for every iPhone owner. The new privacy features have their roots in Apple’s iOS 14 on the previous year. The Mobile App Development Company New York aims to reduce the collection of user data and tracking by firms like Facebook. The earlier knowledge remained on the privacy menu which provided the app-collected data details. The feature applies on both app privacy labels of iOS 14 that enlists collecting data apps and the iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency feature.

Apple considers its users’ privacy and security issues seriously. Once the iOS or the iPad OS obtains a Wi-Fi connection, it begins to back up its information on the Cloud platform. Thus, if the owner loses the device or purchases a new one, he/she does not have to worry about losing their data. The transition between devices is also simple. All the user has to do to access his/her data is to sign in to the iCloud from that device. iCloud comes with a two-factor authentication feature which is an additional security layer. The two-factor authentication involves the user sharing their (i) password and (ii) verification code of six digits that appear either on the phone or on other devices.

It allows only its user to access the account over their devices like Macintosh, iPad, or iPhone.    

The App Tracking Transparency feature asks for an authorization request from its use for tracking apps. It also helps to offer the status in tracking authorization. 

The privacy dashboard of iOS 15 will display the permissions that the user has given to the app. For instance, they might reveal the number of times apps have accessed the microphone or camera of the device. Hence, it can enable the user to either block those permissions or, if all else fails, delete the app.

Apple has also decided to curtail email tracking. In light of current circumstances, once a recipient opens their marketing mail, its sender obtains information like the time the mail was opened or the location of the recipient. But Apple aims to prevent such disclosure in the Mail app within the iOS 15. This move of Apple will force email marketers and newsletter publishers to adjust their marketing strategies. Apple has also taken steps to process the data provided by its A.I. Siri over the device than on the Internet. It will improve both – functionality and privacy while boosting the speed of the voice assistant Siri.

Every Apple device consists of an iCloud that stores its user’s resources like notes, files, and photos or videos in the Cloud. Owners can access their files from iCloud.com, iOS and iPad OS Files app, Mac’s Finder, or even Windows File Explorer. The user can access his/her resources at any time from anywhere through their Apple device. The automatic storage is available to all its users with a storage space of 5GB. The user can even share their photos with their friends and family.

However, the user’s purchases over Apple TV, iTunes, or other apps do not affect the storage capacity in the iCloud. People who have their accounts on iCloud Drive can rename their files or tag them with colors. Any alterations on the iCloud implements that update across other iOS devices. Users can access their contents in the Mac Desktop and Documents from within the iCloud Drive. All the messages get stored over iCloud so the user can access any messages across all platforms and devices.

File sharing becomes simple as the owner has to share a private link for the other party to access them. However, the owner retains the control of whether or not the clients can see, share or even edit. The proprietor of the device possesses the right to alter the settings any time they want. The file-sharing feature ensures complete participation for anyone as it can operate on any device including the Web.

Another benefit of iCloud is that it automatically updates all the crucial apps over the various devices. Thus, the owner does not need to worry about making consecutive changes over multiple devices. The user can work with their colleagues over documents, spreadsheets, or live presentations.           

Improved iPhone Security Over iOS15


The Apple Authenticator App can protect the user from SMS that involves reduced security. The owner can also choose to separately download security updates for feature upgrades. Apple also revealed fresh security measures available in the iCloud+ service in its Safari browser. However, this feature would be available for paid subscribers of iCloud. The feature includes a VPN-like private relay and a service where Apple creates for its user an email address when they sign up over new websites.

Some of the additional features of the iOS 15 which Apple failed to mention are – 

  1. Safari changes
  2. Improved Spotlight
  3. Fresh new widgets
  4. And lots more.

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1. Safari Changes

Safari has faced multiple minute alterations which, if summed up, could account for more than its sum parts. The tab bar in Safari is undergoing a vast change. The bar is placed at a more convenient spot and consumes less space. The tab bar temporarily moves away during scrolling which then reappears with just a tap. Swiping left to right and vice versa on the tab bar can enable the user to shift swiftly between the tabs.

To open a new tab, the user has to swipe toward their right. Safari has the “pull-to-refresh” feature as it is in its Mail app or the Chrome iOS app. Users can either add or remove new sections like Shared With You and Privacy Report. The start page facilitates setting up a background image. Like the macOS Safari, its iOS cousin can now update HTTPS-supportable websites automatically against vulnerable HTTP. Safari’s iOS version will now obtain support for web extension.

2. Improved Spotlight

Users can now access Spotlight from the notification center and the lock screen. In the earlier versions, Spotlight was accessible either on the widgets panel or the home screen. In case customers overlooked the presentations offered by Apple, Spotlight’s search results against user requests offer several enhancements.

App Clips Maps results can now reveal “action buttons” on reservations, tickets, orders, and/or menus. Consequently, users do not have to switch to the App Store since the system response for searches will include a button. If the user taps the button the apps get installed over the browser directly inside the device.

3. Fresh New Widgets

The arrival of the iPhone home screen widgets over the previous year included fewer widgets for apps developed for Apple devices. However, with iOS15 and iPadOS15, the list has been enlarged by Apple. There are Mail widgets that reveal the most recent messages within a chosen inbox. The asleep widget can help to schedule sleep and provide the necessary data on the quality of sleep.

Similarly, users can either call, text, or send an email to acquaintances directly from the home screen with the Contacts widget. The user can keep track of their vital personal contacts with the people sharing the location data or their devices. There is also a widget for Game Center that reveals the popular game titles played by friends. The App Store widget relocates collections, stories, and events into the home screen from its Today tab.

4. Lots More

Some of the additional new features in the iPhone device includes the following – 

  1. Users can swiftly skip over silent recording portions with Voice Memos.
  2. Apps now have new home screen widgets like Find My, Sleep, App Store, Mail, People, and Game Center.
  3. Integration between Mail, Find My, App Store Today, People get Family Sharing and Sleep.
  4. The user can request Siri to share their field of vision with others.
  5. On FaceTime calls, when the user shows people the view from their camera, they can now zoom with the rear camera.
  6. If the user is muted, FaceTime offers a warning when it detects that the person is trying to speak.
  7. Similar to AirTag, the phone will send its user alerts, if they left something behind that they are tracking with Find My, by accident.
  8. If the user wants to delay the update of a major latest release; they can still obtain vital iPhone security updates.
  9. In iOS 15, Apple has not only added new features but has also renovated its print panel.
  10. The user can receive early push notifications; if the area where they live is about to face rainfall.
  11. The user can adjust the date and time manually on a picture that is available over Photos.
  12. The owner can use the app switcher to drag and drop a file in between apps.         

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